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Crypto Trading Bot Development Company: Automate Your Crypto Platform

By Suffescom Solutions

May 10, 2023

Crypto Trading Bot Development Company: Automate Your Crypto Platform

Cryptocurrencies have become a household name in the recent past. A few years back, people were uncomfortable trading cryptocurrencies because of the risk attached to them. But with the massive revenue generation in a short time span, it has attracted the attention of crypto enthusiasts. People initially feared investing in crypto, but now everything has fallen in the right place. Crypto trading is enjoyable, but it's equally frustrating for crypto experts to stay active non-stop on the window. Crypto trading bots are the solution to that.

Don’t hold yourself from missing out on any opportunity that could lead you to the potential profits. For doubts, contact our team, and you will get perfect guidance on the crypto trading bot development process..

What Is A Crypto Trading Bot?

A crypto trading bot is a software program that executes trading facilities without human intervention. This is based on the already-defined strategies and the current market conditions. Here, the algorithms play the real game by observing market trends more precisely. Due to this reason, the profits and the revenues are significantly increased. Developing crypto trading bots is slightly complicated; only a renowned crypto trading bot development company can help you out.

Suffescom is a leading trading bot development company that will help you build the most robust crypto trading bot. We follow a step-by-step crypto trading bot development process that is appropriate for every type of crypto project..

Crypto Trading Bot - Types

Depending upon the market trends, and market making, the crypto bots are classified into the following types;

Market-Making Bots

Here, the buy and sell orders are kept at contrasting prices, and the capital is made from the variation in the buying and selling prices.

Arbitrage Bots

Crypto arbitrage trading bot capitalize on the cost difference between various exchanges and purchasing assets when sold at affordable prices.

Trend-Following Bots

These bots buy at low and sell at higher prices to gain profit. For this, high-tech analysis is required.

Scalping Bots

They perform a set of trading at the same time to gain profit from every transaction marginally.

Sentiment Analysis Bots

Such bots have the potential to carefully analyze market trends and then make the decisions accordingly.

Portfolio Management Bots

They help in the smooth management of the cryptocurrency portfolios by readjusting the assets.

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Crypto Trading Bot Development Process

Crypto trading bot development is not an easy task. There are a series of stages that need to be followed. Our pool of experts will help you in every phase and make the process smooth.

Requirements Gathering And Analysis

Our team will have a discussion with the clients. This step is necessary as it helps collect information about the desired requirements. After collecting the information, it is properly analyzed. One should know about the project's needs, without which practical execution is impossible. The project deadline estimation is dependent on this phase.


After all the analysis, it’s time for the planning. Our talented strategists will create a road-map based on which the whole crypto trading bot development depends. The entire process is effectively documented. The ideas are evaluated carefully, out of which relevant information is extracted. Depending on that, an effective blueprint for the development process is made.


Planning is followed by incorporating the appealing features in the crypto trading bot. Most of the features need to be included in the dashboard. It should be intuitive and interactive so that users find it fascinating and uncomplicated.


Development is a crucial step that needs proper attention. Our blockchain developers are skilled in developing reliable bots. First things first, the programming language should be chosen. Certain coding languages such as Perl, JavaScript, and Python are apt for crypto trading bot development.

API integration is also necessary as they enable developers to develop complicated functionality more conveniently and also quickly transfer between the systems. They enhance the customization by enabling the developers to access the functionalities from different apps. This makes the user experience awesome.

The back end and the front end are the two important pillars of the development procedure. Here the focus is majorly on the visual aspects and the data, logic, architecture, and more.

Product Testing

When the product is developed, it is not launched directly for the customer's usage. It is subjected to testing. During this process, the product is tested for bugs and errors. These are removed successfully by our QA engineers so that they are free from any defects. The flawless crypto trading bot is absolutely secure and scalable.

Launch And Maintenance

When testing is performed, the product is then launched in the market for consumer consumption. If any issues occur, we also provide post-maintenance services, including updates, maintenance, repair, etc.

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Features -Crypto Trading Bot Development

Market Analysis

This feature is extremely important as it accurately analyzes the market trends responsible for making precise decisions. There are top-notch analytic tools like “charting” for real-time access to all the information available in the market.

Real-Time Alerts

It keeps the traders well-informed about the market activities. So, technically all the relevant signals are sent to the traders to perform trading. Such alerts are sent with the help of SMS, emails, or push notifications.

Customizable Trading Parameters

This allows the users to customize the bot strategies that meet their requirements. This attribute helps in altering the trade sizes, explaining trading intervals, etc.

Risk Management Tools

Risk management tools are helpful in limiting losses and managing risks due to the volatile crypto market.

Trade Tracking

The trade tracking accurately identifies the patterns and calculates the performance by tracking the older trades. These are best for generating trading reports and having a summary of the trade history.


This feature enables users to check the trading strategies with respect to the previous data. With the help of this, the performance is calculated along with improving the trading characteristics.

Multi-Exchange Support

Multi-exchange platforms are suitable for enhancing the crypto trading bots' liquidity. This is a wonderful feature as it seizes the top prices from the given samples present in the market.

Crypto Trading Bot Development- Cost Estimation

Multiple factors decide the crypto trading bot development cost. It depends on the development time, project complexity, features to be included in the crypto trading bot, level of customization, tech stacks, etc. The company's location and UI/UX design are the other factors influencing costs. The development process plays a pivotal role in deciding the cost. Sometimes there are issues related to scalability, reliability, and security and the prices may vary accordingly.

Here we are representing certain values, which is a rough estimation. For every client, the prices will fluctuate as per the client’s needs. The un-predicted cost can be eliminated with a lucid road-map created by our top-notch product managers. We always strive towards completing the projects on time which also influences the crypto trading bot development cost.

Process/StagesDevelopment CostDeciding Factors
Development Team$5,000 – $50,000+Knowledge, Experience, & Relevant Skills
Data FeedsAPI Access: $120 – $3,000+ per month, Exchange Access: $10 – $100+
Data Provider, Number Of Data Points Needed, Exchange, Level Of Access Needed
Cloud Hosting$50 – $500+ per monthNo. Of Resources Required & Cloud Provider
Security$1,000 – $10,000+Project Scope, Compliance Costs

The development stage is not that easy. A substantial amount of time is invested in hearing what the client wants to share fruitful ideas for the project. After that, the necessary steps for the crypto trading bot development take place. This is extremely time-consuming, and it's quite understood that the more time is invested in the development, the more will be the development cost.

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We have a skilled team of experts right from the analysts, developers, testers, and the strategists that take care of the entire development process.

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