Creating A VR Game In Unity | Unity VR Development

Creating A VR Game In Unity | Unity VR Development

By Suffescom Solutions

October 12, 2022

Creating A VR Game In Unity | Unity VR Development

Traveling to another world and losing in the best actions become a modern reality. It opens up opportunities for developers and the entertainment industry to keep users engaged with glorified tech demos. Fortunately, in this race, affordable and powerful VR game engines like Unity greatly took full advantage of this unique medium.

Unity Gaming Report 2022, also revealed that more than 230,000 developers who make and operate over 750,000 games based on Unity. Unity game engine, even while comparing it with Unity vs Unreal game engine for game development, is trendy amongst mobile game developers. If you are one who wants to take advantage of advanced technology to build a quick solution for your business needs, then considering the blog could be helpful.

Immerse Yourself In A New Reality: Creating VR Games With Unity Game Engine

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What is Unity 3D?

There are two types of technologies used to develop modern Virtual Reality (VR) gaming platforms - Augmented Reality (AR) and mixed reality. Several programming languages, such as Java, HTML, C, C#, Unreal, and Unity 3D, are used to operate them. Among all, Unity has gained massive popularity in the last few years. So, let’s understand what exactly the Unity 3D gaming engine is.

Unity is a cross-platform gaming engine that supports more than 25 platforms. With the unity gaming engine, developers can build both 2D and 3D games with unlimited options of assets creations. In addition, a plethora of interesting features and active community on the unity platform enable a great learning experience for beginners. Metaverse game development with unity engine is also providing a much larger-than-life exposure to the users. You can also seek quick assistance from professional gaming platform development companies to build mobiles, PC, desktops, or gaming console platforms.

Stats Revealing VR Platform Significance

  • In 2021, virtual reality statistics showed that the VR market size was valued at $21.83 billion.
  • VR statistics from 2017 suggest that 78% of Americans are aware of virtual reality.
  • 45% of America’s Gen-Z population uses VR technologies.
  • The global VR market is expected to be worth $34.08 billion by 2023.
  • Pokémon GO received a staggering 250 million downloads in its first quarter.
  • VR Gaming Revenue Went from $400 Million in 2017 to $1.1 Billion in 2020.

Why Unity Game Engine Only For VR Apps?

Before developing a gaming platform in unity, you must look at the amazing facts that VR technology fills in your cup.

Developer-Friendly Platform:

Using C#, the main programming language, the platform is a perfect fit for developers who want to create mobile applications. Besides that, SDKs and various tools make it a more stable and accurate platform.

Decent Quality:

The gaming engine is an amazing choice for easily building complex to extraordinary gaming applications. It provides extended-quality images and visuals to make your platform stunning.

Cross-Platform Development:

If you are seeking applications both for Android and iOS platforms, Unity is a one-stop solution for all your needs.

All-in-One Solution:

Choosing Unity for Mobile VR app development allows you to perform all essential tasks in one place. You can create state of art gaming assets, 2D/3D images, visual effects, and more with in-editor capabilities.

Out-of-the-Box VR Support:

The engine is designed to simplify VR designs with HD rendering pipelines, spatial audio capabilities, interactive toolkits, and more. It’s the ultimate VR experience for your every need.

Robust Asset Store:

In order to save users time and effort, the Unity assets store offers fully customized content from 3D models to the entire location.

Broad Documentation Base:

The platform is full of documentation, guides and manuals that help in the development process. It helps in reducing clue time on the internet.

How to Make a Mobile VR App with Unity?

Before embarking on the VR app development process, first, you must consider whether you want to develop an app for Android or iOS platforms. Let’s check out the basic details of both use cases;

Developing a VR App for Android

When developing an application for an android device, the most daunting thing is to understand the wide variety of Android devices and your application size. If you check, you will see there are hundreds of smartphones, tablets, and more devices on the market. Meeting every device requirement is a little hard for beginners. Further testing part also becomes challenging and expensive. You need a powerful stimulator to check application results and flaws before launching.

In addition, VR mobile apps should be of high quality and require solid skills to handle complex techniques. For this, the right size of different devices becomes an essential choice.

Leverage The Power Of VR Game In Unity

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Developing a VR App for iOS

Unlike Android devices, you have to deal with a variety of devices. Application development for iOS involves limited options to test results but bears its own quality standards. These standards are challenging too from the first mentioned platform. As iDevices are known for regular updates and exclusive OS. Further, it is embedded with strict policies and plenty of rules and publications. While designing, the platform offers fewer options for customization, which saves time on app design. But it is essential to pay attention to the latest device update and design your solution accordingly.

How to Develop a Virtual Reality Video Game in Unity 3D?

Developing a VR Game in Unity 3D Involves the following Steps:

Download The Latest Version Of Unity

First of all, you need to download the platform to build professional games. It comes with outstanding features and functions. To avail of them, you need to pay additional charges.

Download Required Plugins

When starting with the project, you must ensure you will have Android or iOS models. For this, you need to download the Google VR SDK plugin for Android, and the Xcode plugin is required for iOS.

Set Up A New Project

The next step in the Unity Project is to give it a name. Once you create, you will need to add an environment package and make necessary amendments to the settings. If you are preparing for VR Android, you need to import Google VR SDK for Unity package from Assets.

Make The Scene VR Enabled

To enable settings on the scene, you need to click on the file, then build, and then Android. After this, select Landscape Left and switch platforms from the bottom section of the window that might end up getting errors. Further, you need to enable VR support under the project setting tab by selecting the SDK.

Fine Tuning The Environment

Once you have completed all the above settings, it's time to fine-tune the project by deleting, adding, or modifying scenes as per requirements. In this hierarchy, you can select gaming-related objects such as land, mountains, water, and more elements.

Add Hardware To Test

VR controllers will be required at this stage to find out how the players and gaming environment will look and behave in the gaming world. You can also change actions at this stage and modify the platform as per your business goal.

Test the Game

Once everything is settled, it’s a perfect time to test your game and see how it works.

Hope you have understood everything about creating a VR game in unity. But do you realize it’s not as easy as it seems? There is lots of technical knowledge required to deal with minor issues. For that, only a professional Unity game development company can help. You can get everything with ease. Here are some reasons that motivate you to go with a professional unity development company.

Hire Unity Game Development Company - Go With Sure Short Solution

Ease In Game Development

When you choose a professional blockchain game development company, the entire process of development becomes easy. Clients can get the best abilities of software to build a pretty powerful gaming platform. You can ask any type of gaming character, weapons, backgrounds, accessories, and more to create. Best of all, the platform is the most effective and cost-friendly for making next-gen games.

Experts Start From Developing Idea

Every platform requires human effort. From developing ideation to generating solutions, experts are always required at various stages, such as sketching, prototyping, brainstorming, brainwriting, and other ideation techniques.

Expert Takes Less Development Time

Creating simple designs, layout scenes, inserting objects, light effects, script, and more with a unity gaming engine is not everyone’s cup of tea. In contrast, professionals with significant development experience and app development skills will take less time to create anything in C# and Javascript.

Development of Cross-Platform Games

Experts have the skills to create platforms that work around multiple players and multiple devices. It makes users crazy to check out the next-gen solutions on any platform, such as Android or iOS. In short, it's a perfect way to complete half of the business success journey and create a consistent digital experience over other devices.

Back-End Development

There are lots of titbits in the development process that require an expert approach for handling from the back end. Managing them with zero coding language knowledge will be a daunting task. Sometimes it can create a mess. Experts with strong background knowledge can assist you in building mobile gaming platforms in Unity.

Collaborating With Cross-Functional Teams

No one can be perfect in all phases of life. The same lies in game development. Collaborating with various teams such as business development, marketing, designing, developing, testing, and more helps you to complete projects while maintaining reliable and reusable codes. Experienced developers can also help you to complete projects within the stipulated time.

Testing Codes and Fixing Bugs

Before launching, the primary goal of the business is to find bugs and glitches in the gaming platform. More testing cannot prove the product flow effectively in all conditions. Therefore hiring experienced unity game development developers can identify bugs and bottlenecks for every unexpected hiccup.

Increasing Business Visibility

A dedicated app embedded with advanced features and functionalities lets you gain users' trust and confidence. Most importantly, you can keep players updated with recent platform updates, products, services, and more features that increase sales and boost revenue. At every step, experts will be there to enhance business appearance.

Post-Production Assistance

This is the final stage of game application development and involves code testing, finding bugs, screen testing, character checking, and releasing a beta version for gaming enthusiasts. Developers redesign and fix the issue at this level. Just like game development is important, post-production assistance is more significant to judge applications compatibility and support to different platforms. Professionals provide support and maintenance to keep the flame burning in gamers.

Experience Gaming Like Never Before With Unity Game Engine in VR

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Sum Up!!

Today VR games are bringing more exciting opportunities for players than ever. Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a top Oculus game development company that will build engaging games as per your needs.

If you have knowledge and experience in developing Unity games and have the skills to handle back-end coding, then go ahead. Otherwise, do not take a chance and hire industry gaming professionals to build top-notch gaming platforms for gamers.

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