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Which Game Engine Is Best For 3D Games? Unreal vs Unity Engine Comparison

By Suffescom Solutions

July 15, 2022

Which Game Engine Is Best For 3D Games? Unreal vs Unity Engine Comparison

In 2015, Unity and Unreal were the most talked about names in the gaming industry, overflowing with comparisons and discussions everywhere. People in the gaming industry always come up with different ideas for developing a video game but are confused about choosing the correct game engine.

Before you think of choosing a game engine to develop your game for users, make sure you keep the following points in your mind:

  • The kind of game you want to build: 2D, 3D, single-player, multiplayer, web or console, mobile or web
  • The platform you desire to launch your game on
  • The amount of cost and time restraints you can afford
  • The methods you will adopt to gain profit through your game

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Key Features of The Unity Game Engine

In 2005, Unity Technologies introduced the Unity software making video game development easier to access for a variety of game developers. Unity is the world's most widely used game creation platform, accounting for 50% of all mobile games and 60% of AR & VR app development content.

Unity game engine, even while comparing it with Unity vs Unreal for game development, is trendy amongst indie developers and mobile game developers. If you are pushing yourself towards a more puzzle-based or 2D game, Unity, undoubtedly, is the best for you.

Why do the Majority of Game Developers Prefer the Unity Game Engine?

As a client, you don't need to be concerned about licenses because your developers will almost certainly have them; it's also worth noting that Unity has a free version. Moreover, you don't have to pay royalties when your game starts making money.

Unreal Engine vs Unity 3D Games Development: What to Choose?

We at Suffescom Solutions, know how to develop games with Unity 3D or Unreal Engine. So if you are planning to hire 3D gaming developers, we can provide you assistance at a low cost.

Pros Of Using The Unity Game Engine

Talking about the pros of using Unity while debating on Unity vs Unreal Engine, let us see some of its advantages.

Both 3D and 2D Graphics Support

It gives the game developers the freedom to select the desired art style they want to serve their users. Every graphic style comes with its own set of tools and has its script APIs for different physics options that suit well for each type.

VR & AR Capabilities

Unity is the key developer for working with AR and VR technologies that offer the game developers the opportunity to experiment with gaming and the virtual world. Unity supports almost all the VR headsets that are constantly updated and made flexible with the change in technology related to Unity game development.

Rendering Pipeline Options

It is not an easy feat for computers to render graphics to the screen; how the rendering occurs can affect your game's performance. Unity provides the game developers with several render pipeline options even when the game developer keenly searches on Unity vs Unreal Engine.

It is Suitable for Beginners

While understanding Unity after surfing on the web for content related to Unity vs Unreal for game development requires some practice, after that using Unity is a breeze. As previously stated, Unity's architecture is straightforward to grasp, and adding objects is as simple as right-clicking in the appropriate location.

Furthermore, with the Unity Inspector, most properties are easily exposed and can be adjusted directly from the Engine - no need to start from scratch if you don't want to.

Now Let Us Put Some Light On the Cons of Using The Unity Game Engine:

The Source Code

Unity includes a search function for finding linked scripts. Sometimes you must manually search through all of the elements in a scene to find related scripts. Although this does not occur frequently, this task is laborious and time-consuming, which should be avoided.

The Use of Mono

The Mono is getting on in years. It's out of date and frequently causes problems for game developers, especially when projects reach a specific size.

Lags in "World" Editing

When it comes to editing the 'world' with terrain and placement tools, it lags behind other mechanisms like Unreal. When it comes to a big game with large open worlds, you should be prepared for a lack of assets and do a lot more work on your own.

Even with some issues, the Unity game engine is still widely used for game development.

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Key Features Of The Unreal Game Engine:

Unreal Engine, released in May 1998, is a free-to-use game development engine owned by Epic Games. It can generate various 3D, 2D, and VR game styles. The platform is well-known for its outstanding graphic and lighting capabilities. It includes material, object, and character libraries.

In addition to the supported coding languages, Unreal Engine consists of a visual editor called Blueprints for creating game rules with no coding experience that, for sure, transforms the game industry. Also check the cost of unreal engine game development to know more.

Developed initially for PC first-person shooters, it has since been used in various game genres. It has seen adoption by other industries, most notably the film and television industries. The Unreal Engine, written in C++, is highly portable, supporting a wide range of desktop, mobile, console, and virtual reality platforms.

Unity Or Unreal Engine Game Development Services

If you are thinking, Unity Vs Unreal, which game engine is right for your game, Suffescom can help you make the right decision. Contact our gaming experts now!

While the Unreal Engine is entirely free to use, if your game generates more than $3,000 in revenue per quarter, you must pay Epic Games a 5% royalty.

Using a real-time 3D creation tool Unreal Engine, the game developing team at Suffescom Solutions can create a VR Game In Unity for real-time experiences in your game.

Pros Of Using The Unreal Game Engine

Let's talk about some pros of Unreal Game Engine!

Realistic Graphics

Unreal is ideal for high-tech AAA games with large budgets that require the highest quality. So it takes the lead in terms of graphics. For example, if a game developer chooses Unreal for some of his recent VR projects, it will be because the client must have requested that the demo presentation be as realistic as possible.

Time-efficient rendering with features like motion blur

Because of the ability to render movies and stills with accumulated anti-aliasing and motion blur, Unreal Engine can create high-quality media for cinematics, marketing materials, and linear entertainment directly from Unreal Engine without post-processing. With tiled rendering support, the game developers can create high-resolution images, such as those for printing.

Outstanding blueprints for improved prototyping

It has excellent blueprints that function as building blocks, allowing even artists with no programming experience to use the Engine to assemble and adjust basic objects. This feature is also excellent for prototyping. However, completing serious tasks requires at least some programming in C++.

Unreal Engine has an extensive tool-set and a powerful editor

Unreal's use is also supported by a diverse set of features and tools housed within an intuitive editor that is accessible to users from various disciplines. It enables a large portion of the game development team to extend systems and create game-play that would otherwise be impossible, such as providing solutions for almost every macro task you'll have to address: scene layout, including landscape and foliage, cinematics, visual scripting, animation network, light-mapping, asset management, performance, and memory tracking tools for optimization.

The Cons of Using The Unreal Game Engine

Here are some cons:

Unreal isn't suitable for making small games

Making small games with this game engine is pointless. When our clients choose Unreal, we usually talk about a large project with a large budget. Such projects typically have longer estimates and, as a result, cost more making small games.

Much simpler asset store

Unreal has a much simpler and smaller asset store through which the game developer can select from the submitted assets in the store more carefully. The asset you might upload to the Unity game engine's store might not be accepted to the Unreal store.

Unreal Engine requires a lot of modifications to meet specific requirements.

Because Unreal caters to a wide range of projects and platforms, game development can be challenging if you have particular requirements. A lot of work is required to get the settings to align correctly. There are numerous configurations and configurations available. When looking for a specific or small set of platforms, most of the available options are unsuitable in terms of performance.

Unity Vs Unreal Engine: Comparing The Two Game Engines


Unreal Engine is for artists, while Unity is for coders. Unreal Engine has handy tools, and you can achieve better visuals in your game, which is much quicker. But game developers could still achieve AAA quality outcomes in Unity though it might take some time.


When compared with Unity vs Unreal, both engines in terms of feature sets are highly competitive. For example, if the game developer wants to make a 2D game, Unity is a better option, while for 3D, Unreal is a better option due to tools like the material editor.

Target Audience

Unity is prevalent among indie developers; Unreal, on the other hand, is known for being the Engine of the big studios and the AAA giants, but it is slowly gaining ground among indies. The Unreal Marketplace is brimming with assets for prototyping and additional plugins, and the community is rapidly expanding.


Unreal Engine optimizes draw calls, and as a game world grows, this optimization becomes visible. On the other hand, Unity steadily and proportionally increases its execution time, whereas Unreal Engine does not. Its performance superiority becomes clear as the game scene complexity increases.

Asset Store

What's great about video game development nowadays is that you can quickly download many assets to make your life easier. Unity 3D and Unreal Engine provide a wide range of free and paid assets in their respective marketplaces or asset stores to provide a play to earn game platform. The distinction between the two asset markets becomes essential depending on the project.

Unreal Engine assets are more focused on finished game productions. Many of them had previously appeared in AAA games. This explains their superior visual quality.

Castles, cutting-edge technology, and monsters are some of the assets. If you're making a game with a realistic fantasy or science fiction setting and find that some UE assets are ideal for your project, this could be a determining factor.


While studying Unity vs Unreal Engine, Unreal is written in C++, a more complex language for beginners to learn. However, one of the significant benefits of Unreal Engine is that it includes a visual programming system called Blueprints, which eliminates the need for game developers to be code experts.

Blueprint, UE's visual scripting system, is the primary reason an Unreal Engine is an excellent tool for prototyping and iteration. Blueprint allows you to connect nodes by dragging and dropping them and adding wires. This node-based interface enables designers with no technical background to experiment with their ideas without knowing how to code.

Get Started With Unity Or Unreal Game Development!

Need a reliable game development partner? You choose the game engine - Unity Or Unreal, and we will push your project forward at full speed! Just contact us, and we can begin discussing how to make it happen.

Last Thought

Blockchain development is the most recent technological trend to take the gaming world by storm. This type of ledger technology is helping to create a reliable and transparent gaming environment by altering the way games are developed and played on both Unity vs Unreal Engine.

If you are starting in the game development industry, Unity 3D is the best way to learn to code and create various games. However, if your video game has excellent graphics and you want to work with a more experienced team, Unreal engine game with advanced 3D graphics may be the best option. There can be a lengthy debate on Unity vs Unreal for game development where it is hard to conclude which one is better as it depends on the game you wish to develop and its specifications.

Want to create your game with some attention-grabbing graphics and art? We at Suffescom Solutions create our visuals using a meticulous process that begins with concept art and ends with animation. Our game art expertise shines through in 2D, 3D, P2E game development projects.

Hurry up! We await you to develop your dream game. Get in touch with our expert game developers now!!!!

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