Blockchain in Oil & Gas | Blockchain Use Cases in the Oil and Gas Industry

Blockchain in Oil & Gas | Blockchain Use Cases in the Oil and Gas Industry

By Suffescom Solutions

July 14, 2022

Blockchain in Oil & Gas | Blockchain Use Cases in the Oil and Gas Industry

No sector can ignore the power of blockchain technology! The Oil & Gas industry is the next name on the list that wants to leverage the potential of this compelling technology. The oil & Gas industry understands that blockchain allows new approaches for price discovery, cost-saving, improving the transaction processes, etc. Therefore, blockchain technology in the oil and gas industry is the latest buzz in the market that will entirely reshape the company’s working culture and improve the business outputs.

A survey was conducted by the Founder and Executive Director of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, which featured around 800 executives. Of these, 58% believe that more than 10% of the total GDP will be reserved for blockchain technology. And 55% of the gas industry executives agreed that blockchain technology is a must to attain a competitive advantage. At the same time, 47% accepted that the blockchain carries disruptive behavior for various industries.

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Considering the pressure on this industry by the shareholders to cut down on the expenses while raising their income is quite high. That’s why the industry under this enormous pressure wants to consider the automation of the supply chain and transparency & security in the other operations to improve the system’s efficiency. And it ensures that the future of blockchain in the oil and gas industry is bright for sure!

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An ideal example of the IT giants that launched blockchain-powered solutions in the US for crude oil deals based on the smart contract written platform.

5 Blockchain Use Cases in Oil and Gas Industry

  1. Blockchain for Financial Transactions
  2. Smart Contracts
  3. Blockchain for Regulation and Compliance
  4. Waste Management & Recycling
  5. Blockchain for Performance-Based Contracts
  6. Blockchain for Energy Supply Chain Security
  7. Blockchain for Recording Land Use Rights

Challenges Oil & Gas Industry Face Currently Blockchain Can Mitigate Are:

The industry applies advanced technologies for executing mechanical operations. Examples are hydraulic fracturing,3D seismic extraction methods, etc. The supply chain & finances come under the back-office operations and are still suffering from the high cost and less transparency.

So consequently, these unresolved issues/challenges hamper the business processes :

  • The outdated platforms and unreliable tools are still in use for resource trading and final products.
  • Manual entry and supervision under the data management process are still popular in the oil and gas industry. It can lead to high chances of human error and security threats.
  • Transactions involve sharing valuable documents, invoices, shipping documents, bank releases, etc., across various database collections.
  • The companies face difficulties working in accordance with the global regulations and are still unsure whether the security needs are followed by the parties involved in the supply chain management. And blockchain in the oil and gas supply chain needs time to mitigate these issues.

Quick Review Of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a decentralized network that stores a shared, immutable ledger on numerous nodes. It is most commonly used for conducting out transactions and tracking assets throughout the activities of a corporation. On the blockchain network, anything of value may be recorded, traced, and traded. Blockchain technology provides excellent security and transparency by utilizing the most acceptable cryptographic standards.

Blockchain Technology in Oil and Gas Industry

Globally, Blockchain has recently experienced unprecedented growth as a result of rising cryptocurrency demand and increased digitalization.

It is no surprise that Blockchain is gaining traction in the oil and gas industry, given the wide range of applications and areas in which it may affect and impact the industry.

As the industry embraces sensor technology to its full potential, Blockchain enables the storage of transactions and accounting data directly on these devices. Blockchain substantially saves process time and ultimately transforms contracting by allowing secure cooperation by connecting assets directly to service contracts. While adoption is still in its early stages, the potential of Blockchain in the O& G sector is poised to soar once organizations discover its genuine potential.

Can Blockchain Prevent Oil and Gas Incidents?

The use of blockchain in emergency management and prevention provides more efficient and cost-effective methods of dealing with these hazards and decreasing casualties. Businesses can employ a decentralized network of IoT devices to generate alerts and promptly notify the appropriate personnel.

Blockchain technology can enable centralized storage for compliance documents and emergency response activities. Regulations can be implemented at any point in the technical process. Immutable proof reports keep the organization informed and allow it to track how safety measures are implemented. Seeing when an emergency alert was received and how quickly the team responded enables the improvement of fail-safe approaches and the prevention of repeat incidents.

Finally, blockchain emergency control applications in the oil and gas industry can help you save money on fines, prevent legal issues, cut costs on damage repair and cleanup, and enhance your company's environmental imprint.

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The Different Blockchain Oil and Gas Use Cases

Digitalization of Crude Oil Transactions

The oil and gas sector is complicated, with various stakeholders and partners, and each supplier keeps its ledger in accordance with its policies. Because each member in the supply chain duplicates a single contract, the transaction processes become wasteful. It is costly because the replication of work and the requirement for third-entity transaction validation raises the administrative expense for business and makes it powerless against cyberattacks because suppliers keep their own records.

The blockchain enables the contract to be included in the transaction database for asset transfer. The contract is considered done only after it has been validated and deployed by all parties. Blockchain facilitates information flow and automatically tracks each transaction.

It automates various accounting, financial, and compliance procedures, lowering operating costs and the frequency of transactional errors.

Data Storage & Management

The O & G industry is of a complex nature, and it is quite challenging for the companies to effectively manage records and coordinate the whole data at the site and between the stakeholders. With the integration of blockchain technology, data storage and management can become easy and well organized as all the information can be maintained in a single repository. Also, implementing smart contracts makes the whole process more automatic and eliminates the need for manually reorganizing the data into digestible chunks.

Implementing Smart Contracts

This industry handles the millions of oil tankers and millions of cubic meters of gas when sold and bought across the world every day. This humungous volume of oil and gas is being distributed at different locations globally. Therefore, the companies have started implementing smart contracts and blockchain platforms for cross-border delivery. Incorporating smart contracts can reduce paperwork, increase efficiency and save on expenditure.

The EVM(Ethereum Virtual Machine) and the smart contracts get the transaction requests and have the potential to start the new transactions by running the code in advance. Smart contracts immediately update the ledger status on the ethereum blockchain network and restrict data manipulation after confirming the operation. Also, it is entirely free from the interference of any third entity.

Waste Management & Recycling

Proper management of waste is still the biggest concern in most prominent industries. When it comes to the oil and gas businesses, the waste generated can be dangerous for humans and the environment too.

Therefore, the right way is to handle the waste management process with blockchain-powered solutions. These solutions make possible the optimization of the waste products, which promotes recycling in return and adds to the economic incentives. Through performance-based Contracts (PBC), the companies can improve the daily operations for waste management. Also, it can help the businesses in the long and short terms to align with the stakeholders to facilitate a more beneficial, safer, and better way.

Financial Rectifications

The transactions are confirmed at the end of the reporting period when the companies use the traditional systems. However, when the fusion of blockchain with the O & G industry happens, the auditors quickly receive the immutable records of the transactions in the financial territory, which assists the uninterrupted auditing for the companies.

The need to access multiple databases ends with the blockchain introduction due to the distributed ledger technology, which also saves time and decreases the chances of human errors.

Commodity Trading

Trading oil and gas products can be challenging because crude oil is one of the most widely exchanged commodities in the modern economy. Currently, businesses collect, manage, and record data using proprietary systems to carry out these exchanges. Oil & gas corporations maintain several intricate and segregated ledgers to track commodities trading. These decentralized systems are challenging, expensive, and frequently vulnerable to manipulation and threats.

Commodity traders benefit from greater dependability and auditability, improved access to data, and increased exchange speed when they trade physical commodities on a Blockchain solution.

Automatic payments occur at the time of delivery as per the agreed-upon contract. The distributed ledger makes the transaction data accessible to all participants and the system operator. Few companies are already developing a platform for trading energy commodities to make use of the blockchain's potential.

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Supply Chain Transparency

Blockchain in the oil and gas supply chain is another major use case that can bring unparalleled transformation in the company’s supply chain management operations.

Suppliers, producers, and distributors on the physical side are all involved in oil and gas operations. Support streams are necessary for the logistics chain's billing, paperwork, and regulatory needs. Due to these problems, companies are now looking for strategies to improve transaction processing and the supply chain.

IoT devices, combined with blockchain and smart contracts, have the potential to transform the current oil and gas supply chain. Distributed storage and embedded smart contracts enable transparency. High security can be added to the oil supply chain with the help of smart contracts and IoT devices.

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Regulatory Compliance

Every country has strict and bulk rules/regulations for the oil and gas industry to save the environment and malicious activities. Therefore, the usage of blockchain technology in this field will bring maximum transparency as the transactional details are stored on the blockchain networks and offer real-time access to the participants on the blockchain network.

Enhanced transparency and better management align with the reporting frameworks that come under the regulatory compliance of the countries. Blockchain incorporation can prevent the companies from getting into the hardships related to compliance by supporting sharing of the attestations, certifications, and reports on time and without errors.

Land Record Management

Land investments are worth millions of dollars in the oil and gas industry. So, managing the land sale records is a daunting task. Manually or with the existing technology, handling the records is prone to errors and forgery. However, with blockchain integration, the data can be stored safely on immutable records showing the ownership of the land, land value, and transfer details. The examples of high land forgery cases are in Ghana and Georgia, per the studies and history. To make this condition better, blockchain solutions are the most feasible choice.

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Ending Note: Future of Blockchain in Oil and Gas!

The most trustworthy platform for the industries right now is none other than “blockchain.”The energy companies choose it over any other emerging technology due to its unmatchable benefits. In other words, we can proudly say that the new age O & G industry will catch success with the fusion of blockchain technology with their business processes. The rising acceptance of blockchain technology in the oil and gas industry to increase the quality will surely make your mind adopt this trend.

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