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The USA-based client aims to boost existing users and engage more with software solutions. Jean Gilles Capital - Capital & Crypto Management software connects several crypto currencies to engage multiple users for the best deal.


To enable every user to enjoy crypto trading experience, the company was looking to engage two customer categories.

  • People with zero experience.
  • Retailers looking for long-term lucrative investment decisions.

The biggest challenge for us to bring two different worlds at one place, and design

  • Authentic KYC Verification System.
  • Dual Payment Method.
  • Various Investment Plans at single location.
  • Locked Deposits.
  • A tap away Earnings Scenarios.
  • All Cryptocurrency Listing.

Advanced Features

  • Robust

  • Transactions

  • Dual

  • Multi-Level

  • Powerful

  • Cross Platform

Our Solution

For Jean Gilles Capital

To build state-of-the-art solutions, we embedded;
  • While registering, users must upload identification and address identification documents for KYC verification.
  • Enabled debit/credit card and coinbase payment method.
  • Investment plans define Interest rate and Deposit scale.
  • Locked deposits ensure the minimum amount required in the action plan.
  • Earnings details involve Principal repayments, Interest & Referral earnings.
  • Users can view several cryptocurrency categories.
  • like

    Portfolio Tracker

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    Crypto Charts

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    Trading view

Tech Stack

Used To Build Jean Gilles Capital

  • Swift

    The most trending programming language used for iOS and Apple Products

  • WebSockets API

    An advanced technology opens a duplex communication between the browser and a server.

  • TradingView

    Allow traders, investors, educators, and market enthusiasts to connect with the market.

We’re looking for a reliable partner to build our app and website. After discussing our project requirements with Suffescom Solutions experts, they guided us for advanced technology and built our trust. We are grateful to Suffescom Solutions for the amazing outcome and are ready to launch the platform soon.

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