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Zed Run Clone

Launch your blockchain-powered digital horse racing game platform with our NFT-based Zed Run Clone Script. Build a virtual stable of champions with our 100% whitelabel Zed Run game solutions to showcase your collectibles as horses.

Get your hands on an NFT-based digital horse racing betting platform to let your users compete globally for big blockchain rewards.

Zed Run Clone Script

A whitelabel Zed Run game clone script assists the digital horse racing game platform development. Each horse users purchase on the platform is a breathing NFT, and the platform lets them buy, sell, or breed these digital racehorses with unique DNA. Whitelabel Zed Run game clone script mainly focuses on the players willing to make money with racing platforms. Take physical horse race bidding to a virtual horseracing game with our NFT horse racing game platform.

Suffescom, a top P2E NFT game development company provides you with fractional ownership of digital racehorses. Our blockchain-based digital horse racing game is a digitized game similar to real-life horse racing where people bet on their horses, and the winner gets the rewards. All the horses are unique, with proper training and breeding to increase their racing performance.

Launch Whitelabel Zed Run Clone App For New-Gen Users

Reach out to your potential players with our feature-rich Zed Run clone using social media, internet advertisements, and app store optimization. We Build a virtual horse racing game with the concept of real-world NFT horse racing, providing a distinct, intriguing, and enjoyable experience that appeals to various users.

  • Collect Racehorses

    NFT-based digital horse racing betting platform lets game players borrow the horses for free or buy unique racehorses in the game.

  • Discover Their Talent

    The players can check race data to know where the racehorse excels. They can train the horses to compete against game players worldwide.

  • Create A Champion

    Further, after checking all the racehorse details, players must breed the horse to pass on strong genetics to win the next big race event.

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Whitelabel Zed Run Game: NFT-Based Digital Horse Racing Betting Platform

The digital horse racing game clone script provides a unique identity for every horse with a different specific value. Blockchain technology provides horse ownership safety while maintaining full transparency. Whitelabel Zed Run clone development process offers a promising opportunity to explore this lucrative business opportunity in the digital space.

There is huge popularity among young gamers for digital horse racing games, and people with horse riding hobbies are showing more interest in the Zed Run game. Nowadays, people are enjoying bidding online with no location constraints. This popularity has created room for the NFT-based Whitelabel Zed Run Clone gaming business.

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How Does An NFT Marketplace Like Zed Run Work?

Consider these steps to check the working process of the white-label Zed Run clone platform.

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Buying Racehorses
Identify Business Niche

The players buy the racehorses from Platform Drops or secondary OpenSea marketplace by integrating a wallet and adding an account.

blue-processLine grey-processLine
Create A Stable
Blockchain Business Consultation

The game players create a Stable name and check connectivity with ETH. Their Zed Run NFT wallets are compatible with the MetaMask wallet.

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Horse Breeding
Proof Of Concept Creation

Horse breeding improves the quality of your horse to win the race. Send your horse for racing classes to carry forward bloodlines with inheritance.

Backend & Frontend Development

The player's earnings depend on the winning of their digital horse. If their horse wins the race, they'll have the winning amount in the wallet.

blue-processLine grey-processLine
Race Participation
Consensus Mechanism Selection

Players must convert Ethereum (ETH) to Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) and participate in the Griffin race. Further, players can start the horse race.

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Horse Racing Levels
Blockchain Integration

You must buy a new horse using your NFT game wallet to join the race. Zed Run clone have different levels like beta format, racing format, etc.

Zed Run Clone App Development - Promising Opportunity For Businesses

Make your NFT horse racing gaming business profitable with our Zed Run clone app development. Launch your NFT digital horse racing game platform with our top-notch Zed Run clone script solutions. Hire our developers to build a digital horse racing game. Join the race with our outstanding NFT horse racing gaming solutions!

  • Less Capital Investment
  • Instant Payment Option
  • 100% High-Security
  • Customizable Platform
  • Market Acceptance
  • Advanced Attributes
  • Token Scarcity
  • User Gaining
  • High ROI

Features Included In Our Zed Run Clone Game App

Our NFT-based Zed Run game clone involves intuitive and innovative features, making horse breeding NFT exchanges more seamless.

  • Zed Breeding Chart

    The breeding chart offers minimum breeding cost, bloodline, breed type, and offspring by using “Z XXX of a stallion + Z XXX of a mare = new genotype's Z type."

  • Zed Coat Chart

    Our Zed Run clone script solution involves seven Zed coat colors: Neptune, Earth, Wild, Moon, Fiery, Classic, and Mystical, classified into color groups and rarity tiers.

  • Virtual Horse Racing NFT

    The platform offers users engagement in virtual horse racing experience to build a virtual stable of champions by allowing breeding for collection of strong genetics.

  • Zed Run Color Chart

    Multiple Zed Run coat color variations reflect unique genetic makeup and breeding outcomes used to identify and describe the appearance of game’s breathing NFTs.

  • Zed Run Breeding Calculator

    The game players calculate breeding costs using information on bloodline weighting, breeding with their stable creation, breed type weighting, and base price.

  • Schedule Zed Run Tournament

    Let your users engage in horse racing tournaments or schedule them with famous horseplayers in the platform. They can conduct weekly, premier, or maiden leagues.

Our Zed Run Clone Script’s Salient Features

Our whitelabel Zed Run clone script involves advanced features that make the NFT gaming platform stand out and give you a competitive edge

  • Attractive Game Features icon
    Search Mechanism

    It involves recently listed, highest price, lowest price, and expiring soon, making it easy to find horse's types, stable name, and stud cost.

  • Quick Payment Options icon
    Commercial Trading

    The horses are purchased to make trade better. The horse demand depends on how many races they win and how fast they are growing.

  • Reward Management icon
    Racing Section

    Get updates about live and upcoming races, racing track locations, prize pool amount, winners' names, horse lists, racing points, and dates.

  • End-To-End Security icon
    Horse Segregation

    Become horse owners by selecting male and female horses based on their generation, bloodline, gender, horse breeds, skin color, etc.

  • Decentralized icon

    Analyze the leaderboard, racing date and time, bloodlines, and horse performance, and analyze the weak or strong horse points before the race.

  • Transparency icon
    Digital Wallet

    With a digital wallet, transfer funds to process transactions quickly, pending transactions, and win claims without paying platform gas fees.

Experience Real-time Digital Horse Racing With Zed Run Clone Components

Launch a new-fashioned NFT-powered digital horse racing platform with our Blockchain NFT-based digital horse racing betting platform services

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User Features Of Our Zed Run Clone Script

Our pool of developers adds exciting and initiative features for users that catch the attention of a global user base and help you earn massive profits

  • P2E portal development company in USA
    Make An NFT

    Create an NFT of virtual horses to sell, race, and breed. Each NFT horse would have its own distinct attributes, such as breed, color, speed, and stamina.

  • P2E portal development company in USA

    Earn a percentage of resale value when the NFT horse is sold to other players, a great way to earn huge revenue from creating and selling horse NFTs.

  • P2E portal development company in USA

    Compete using NFT horses and design tracks, determine race distances, and incorporate attributes like speed, stamina, and agility into the races.

Benefits Of Our Zed Run Clone Script

As NFTs have gained popularity, developing a marketplace for NFT gamers to trade virtual goods like horses and jockeys is possible. One such marketplace is Zed Run.

  • zedrun benefi icon
    Bundle Of Rewards
  • zedrun benefi icon
    Stored In-Game Elements
  • zedrun benefi icon
    Long-Run Game Platform
  • zedrun benefi icon
    5 Horse Grouping Categories
  • zedrun benefi icon
    4 Genesis Horses Categories
  • zedrun benefi icon
    1000 Simulation
  • zedrun benefi icon
    Odds Creation
  • zedrun benefi icon
    Lucrative Reward Spot Holders
  • zedrun benefi icon
    900+ Horses Open For Sale
  • zedrun benefi icon
    42,000 Genesis Horses Listings

Virtual Horse Racing NFT Platform Like Zed Run Components

Creating an NFT game like Zed Run is an investment with many opportunities and advantages. We build the most suitable web3 game development solution and unlock numerous benefits.

  • Free 30 min Consultation icon

    Our NFT-based digital horse racing betting platform like Zed Run offers a marketplace where in-game purchases are posted and made.

  • White Paper Creation icon

    It involves the development of a new breed of horses. The performance level of horses can be raised through breeding win races.

  • Pre-Production icon

    The virtual horses are prepared to race other horses, and the racing components save information about the digital horses and races.

  • Design And Prototype icon

    The attribute component includes the data on digital horse availability and rarity, the scarcity of its bloodlines, and the Zed habitat.

  • Production icon
    Horse Racing

    Four breeds of digital horses perform game races - Nakamoto, Szabo, Finney, and Buterin - and a recently bred horse named Griffin.

  • Implementation And Testing icon
    Next To Run

    This includes the availability and rarity of the horses and racing. It reveals the horse specifics prepared to compete in the upcoming race.

Tech Elements & Payment Configuration In Our Zed Run Clone

Helping organizations tap into a decentralized ecosystem and create NFT horse racing gaming platforms, too by crafting contemporary solutions that comply with the regulations.

Tech Part

Technicalities we use in our Zed Run clone script solution.

  • Website/Front End
  • Unity Part For The Game
  • Smart Contract With Mint Feature
  • Admin Panel
  • Fresh UI, UX
  • Truffle Report


Build a digital horse racing game with these modules.

  • NFT Marketplace
  • Breeding Protocol
  • Racing Game Floor For Rarities
  • Retirement Feature
  • Attributes
  • Lavish Traits

Supported Wallets

Our Zed Run clone script supports wallets for native tokens implementation.

  • Ronin Wallet
  • MetaMask Wallet
  • Trust Wallet
  • Atomic Wallet
  • MyEther Wallet
  • Trezor & Ledger

Development Process To Launch Zed Run Game Clone

Suffescom, a prominent blockchain game development company, helps gaming businesses transform their ideas into useful and trustworthy gaming platforms.

  • 01


    In this process, we listen to your ideas and find ways to use these ideas to create a unique NFT platform.

  • 02

    Road Mapping

    This step depicts the detailed plan of building your product at a particular time by sticking to our goals.

  • 03


    We offer a huge scope to create a unique and exclusive user interface design that attracts all the players.

  • 04


    Our dedicated developers facilitate you with the algorithms to create a user gaming platform like Zed Run.

  • 05


    Our testers check the project performance by ensuring users have a bug and glitch-free platform.

  • 06


    We launch your gaming platform to help you take your business to new heights and generate high revenue.

Suffescom Solutions - Megastars In The NFT Based Gaming Industry

We implement and create various NFT marketplaces like SuperRare clone, Rarible clone, Binance clone, and Zed Run clone in various blockchain platforms. Our expert designers, developers, and other talented professionals provide top-class solutions in various sectors like real estate, e-commerce, finance, and many more.

  • Web3 development firm

    Pre-Tested Products

    After passing different tests, the Zed Run Clone is deployed in the servers. We ensure the seamless performance of the final product.

  • Web3 development firm

    Adaptable Solutions

    Our team is fully dedicated to creating an NFT gaming platform that fulfils all requirements and is easily adaptable to the market

  • Web3 development firm

    Customized Product

    Our product is fully customized so that there is easy updation for new ideas or innovations. Any new changes are done perfectly.

  • Web3 development firm

    Non-Disclosure Agreement

    We take full responsibility for the safety of your idea and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before the development process.

  • Web3 development firm

    On-time Project Delivery

    We never run out of the estimated product delivery date and complete the project within the given time with full customer satisfaction.

  • Web3 development firm

    Extensive Experience

    Our extensive knowledge allows us to quickly grow enterprises by providing applications based on cutting-edge technologies.

FAQs Related to Whitelabel Zed Run Clone Development

Answering the most commonly asked questions about Zed Run clone game development solutions.

  • How much does whitelabel Zed Run clone development cost?

    The whitelabel Zed Run game clone development cost ranges between $25,000 - $40,000. This cost fluctuates as per the app's complexity, additional features, and other development factors.

    How Much Does Zed Run Clone Charge Cost For Players?

    To play the Zed Run clone game, the players must pay around $1 to $10 to participate in a race.

  • How To Transfer Money From Suffescom's Zed Run Clone?

    Click on the transfer button, select Earn rewards and fill in the required amount of crypto. Transfer the Polygon ETH to the Ethereum Mainnet.

    Where To Get Zed Run Clone Demo?

    You can get a free readymade zedrun clone demo from Suffescom. The Zed Run clone script replicates the digital horse racing platform, Zed Run. Contact us and get the NFT game Zed Run clone demo ready.

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