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Telemedicine App Development

Healthcare app development services by top rated Telemedicine App Development Company. Build a Telemedicine App like smart medical application to schedule access real-time health data, track their health, and much more with just a single click.

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Telemedicine App Development

Who All Can Stand To Gain With Our Telemedicine App Development Services?

Hospitals, healthcare startups, and clinics can use our smart Telemedicine App Development services to provide a one-stop telehealth solution to all patients. Start your medical app today!

  • Doctors & Healthcare Specialists

    Doctors & Healthcare Specialists

    Doctors, physicians, and healthcare professionals can use Telemedicine applications to provide virtual visits, increasing their productivity and practice efficiency.

  • TeleHealth Service Provider

    TeleHealth Service Provider

    Telemedicine is an important part of Telehealth because it promotes the use of remote clinical services. It is a suitable and effective method of improving one's health.

  • Hospitals, Clinics & Laboratories

    Hospitals, Clinics & Laboratories

    A well-designed Telemedicine app can assist hospitals, clinics, and laboratories in streamlining their processes and improving patient satisfaction.

  • Custom App - Based On Demand

    Custom App - Based On Demand

    Suffescom creates a custom Telemedicine app to meet the needs of the end-user (doctor, patient, or service provider) without taking any additional steps.

Reasons To Pick Us As Telemedicine App Development Service Provider

  • Efficient Monitoring System

    Efficient Monitoring System

    Telemedicine app development will primarily assist patients with chronic disease monitoring, follow-up consultations, and prescription updates.

  • Smooth Availability

    Smooth Availability

    With telehealth app people who live in remote areas can use video calls to connect with specialists without having to travel long distances from their homes.

  • Eliminates the Waiting Period

    Eliminates the Waiting Period

    Patients can book an appointment online via telemedicine application, bypassing the traditional appointment booking process of waiting in a long line and using a token system.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    Cost-Effective Solution

    It will be less expensive to develop a White label telemedicine app solution than it will be to develop everything from scratch. It also aids in the reduction of launch time.

  • Record Keeping

    Record Keeping

    Telemedicine apps assist patients and healthcare providers in storing patients data in the cloud. As a result, it will be easily accessible and secure.

  • Flexible and Robust

    Flexible and Robust

    Our telemedicine on demand application services have the highest level of flexibility, with the ability to upgrade capacity as needed.

Our Telemedicine Software Development Process

  • Telemedicine Software Step 1 Icon

    Step 1

    Patients will get registered on the app

  • Telemedicine Software Step 2 Icon

    Step 2

    Search for their illness or health issue

  • Telemedicine Software Step 3 Icon

    Step 3

    Browse the list of doctors available

  • Telemedicine Software Step 4 Icon

    Step 4

    Pick the relevant doctor by specialty

  • Telemedicine Software Step 5 Icon

    Step 5

    Make a quick online appointment

  • Telemedicine Software Step 6 Icon

    Step 6

    Start consultation via call/video/chat

Improve Acessibility And Affordability With Our Telemedicine Software

The staggering figures show how health and telemedicine apps save money, improve quality, and make treatment more convenient.

  • Patient Satisfaction

    Patient Satisfaction

    Telemedicine software follow-up visits are more convenient for 79 percent of patients than personal follow-up.

  • Employer Savings Per Year

    Employer Savings Per Year

    A healthcare professional's net cost savings per telemedicine visit is estimated to be $19-$121.

  • Care of High Quality

    Care of High Quality

    Healthcare services are of the same high quality as in-person consultations without any changes.

Improve Acessibility And Affordability With Our Telemedicine Software
  • Employers


    90% of healthcare executives & companies are working on or have implemented telemedicine apps.

  • Expenses in ER

    Expenses in ER

    Treatment costs for non-emergency conditions (such as dizziness or flu) can be reduced by $2032.

  • Preventable ER Visits

    Preventable ER Visits

    According to UnitedHealth Group, two-thirds of ER visits are avoidable, costing the system $32 billion.

Telemedicine App Development Service For All Need

Create a virtual clinic app that is accessible at any time and from any location!

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Digital Ways Helping Patients & Doctors Stay Connected Remotely

Live Video Consultation - Telemedicine App

Live Video Consultation

  • Patients can have a live video consultation with experienced healthcare providers from anywhere, anytime.

  • Doctors can better serve the patients by providing the best advice or prescription via video conferencing.

Voice Consultation

  • Without stepping out of the home, patients can discuss their health-related concerns with doctors.

  • Medical professionals with a voice calling feature can better assist problems of patients at any time.

Voice Consultation
In-App Chat Consultation - Telemedicine App

In-App Chat Consultation

  • With in-app chat, patients can connect with a specific doctor for medical advice, prescriptions, etc.

  • Doctors can provide patients with prescriptions and reports in digital form to avoid unwanted follow-ups.

Ready-To-Deploy Tech-Suite For Telemedicine App

Advanced and fully customized solutions for Telehealth app development, ensuring patients with the best medical care and doctors serve their services the best way.

Patient App

Patients can search for the required doctor and get the virtual experience for the best medical advice.

Doctor App

Doctors can connect with their patients remotely and provide the best care from a single panel.

Admin Dashboard

With the help of a powerful dashboard, healthcare providers can control their entire healthcare business.

Tech Suite For Telemedicine App Screen

Ready-To-Deploy Tech-Suite For Telemedicine App

Advanced and fully customized solutions for Telehealth app development, ensuring patients with the best medical care and doctors serve their services the best way.

Telemedicine App Like Practo and Zokadoc

Software and App development for telemedicine services in the USA helps doctors, patients, pharmacists, and hospital administration overcome the limitations of traditional face-to-face interaction and make a smooth transition to digital healthcare.

We scale up telemedicine (remote healthcare services) with healthcare mobile app development services to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare experts that is under unprecedented strain as a result of the global pandemic.

Our telemedicine app developers in healthcare create cutting-edge digital solutions that connect patients in a secure and convenient manner. We create a virtual bond between healthcare providers and patients by bringing medical practices online and using AI-powered medical ChatBots to manage surges in call volumes from patients. We have the unique ability to make a fluid shift in your healthcare strategy thanks to our extensive experience in telemedicine app development services.

Telemedicine App Development With All Must-Have Features

Unlock our expertise and get your hand on the patient-centered Telemedicine app that comprises advanced features for each panel.

Book Appointments icon

Book Appointments

A patient app allows one to make quick appointments with required doctors by checking their availability.

Online Consultation

Online Consultation

For best medical care and treatment, patients via an app can request one-on-one video or voice consultation.

Real-time Chat

Real-time Chat

Let your patients have the most secure and easy way to connect with medical professionals by an in-app chat feature.



Based on the medical assistance received, patients can share their honest feedback, which will help others to make wise decisions.

Patient App
Profile Maintenance

Profile Maintenance

Healthcare experts can add and manage their experience, qualifications, contact information, and availability, among other things.

Manage Patients & Appointments

Manage Patients & Appointments

Doctors can keep track of their patients, upcoming appointments and even manually add appointments.

Upload Prescription

Upload Prescription

Doctors can keep track of their patients, upcoming appointments and even manually add appointments.

Integrated Billing

Integrated Billing

Allow healthcare and fitness professionals to bill and collect payment from patients for their virtual visits.

Doctor App
Management Dashboard

Management Dashboard

With a bird's eye view from a single panel, keep track and manage your online healthcare and fitness business.

Doctor & Patient Management

Doctor & Patient Management

Admin can manage their registered healthcare providers and patients, as well as provide technical assistance to them.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Increase the revenue of your medical practice by using data-driven insights and keeping track of your daily transactions.

Broadcast Message

Broadcast Message

Send push notifications to patients and doctors about upcoming appointments, care plan reviews, and other important information.

Admin Dashboard
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Build A Custom Telemedicine App For Convenient Patient Care

Benefits Of Telemedicine

The colossal points demonstrating how health and telemedicine apps save money, improve quality, and make treatment more convenient.

Patient Benefits - Telemedicine App
Benefits for patients
  • Reduced medical overhead costs
  • Enhancing the Efficiency of Medicines
  • Fewer In-Person Consultations
  • Availability at remote areas
  • Easy access to specialists
Benefits for providers
  • Cuts down on hospital readmissions
  • Increases patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Improves access to health care
  • Reduces patient no-show rates
  • Chops down on costs in health care

Why Us?

  • Cost-effective


    Our app solution is specially designed for Doctors and healthcare services aiming for smooth functioning at reasonable prices.

  • Scalable & Robust

    Scalable & Robust

    Our telemedicine app is robust and scalable to any number of users, easy to expand your business in future.

  • Enterprise-Level Security

    Enterprise-Level Security

    Aimed at creating fast and powerful mobile applications while meeting the needs of enterprise-grade security.

  • Outstanding Marketing Plan

    Outstanding Marketing Plan

    Just after the your telemedicine app is live, you can get started with our 6-week free marketing plan.

  • Fully Customization

    Fully Customization

    Whatever the features you want to add to your healthcare startup, we customize the app accordingly and efficiently.

  • Quick App Launch

    Quick App Launch

    Feel free to share your unique ideas with us. We will evaluate them and put them in work for the quick app launch.

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