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Enrich Your Business With Uber For Parcel Delivery App Development Services

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Uber Clone for Courier App - Uber Parcel Delivery

The courier service industry has emerged in its unique way over the years. It has now transformed from weekly or monthly parcel delivery to single-day delivery services. Consumer expectations are rising in the delivery business day by day in the modern era. Earlier, people had to leave the comfort of their own homes to transmit packages or to have information about their vital documents. They had to make contact with courier services. However, they can now easily track and know the status of parcels with the Uber for courier app.

Our courier app development is built with cutting-edge technologies to meet modern market standards and customer needs. We specialize in providing comprehensive on-demand courier app development services that can help you become one of the most successful delivery businesses.

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State-of-the-art Features

Noteworthy Features To Make Your Courier Delivery App Outstand

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    Optimized Dispatching

    The dispatch program optimizes deliveries based on the specific needs of customers and businesses. It streamlines the appropriate resources for a given service, increasing efficiency and profitability and reducing errors.

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    Verification Process

    With an on-demand courier delivery app, you can securely deliver different parcels to many regions. You can make courier delivery services more secure with complete verification and the customers’ digital signatures.

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    Financial Report

    The admin feature includes a dashboard that keeps track of all the financial transactions data that help you know all the earnings and revenue to scale up your business. This can help in providing easy business growth.

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    Vehicle Type

    The order type varies in size and weight from customer to customer, so reaching a wider audience becomes easy by including different types of vehicles simultaneously, which helps you grow your business.

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    Customization Possibilities

    Your business needs to have a unique presence to compete in today’s digital world. We offer 100% customization as per your requirement to create a unique identity for your business.

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    Revenue Generation

    Every business needs an undisrupted flow of revenue to stay and rule in the industry for a long time. So, we created a popular revenue model that includes delivery fees, premium subscriptions, and many more.

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Uber Clone Script For Courier Delivery Solution

Get Your Hands On Readymade Uber Courier Service App

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Sign Up

Allow your users easy sign-up and log in using phone numbers, social credentials, or email accounts.

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Live Tracking

Let your customers track their couriers and get real-time updates on the status of their deliveries.

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Order Placement

Users can easily pin their destination locations and order any product with basic parcel details.

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Multiple Payment Option

Give your customers multiple payment options like credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, etc., for easy transactions.

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Digital Signatures

To avoid wrong delivery of parcels, get customer’s electronic signatures at the time of parcel receiving.

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Order History

The parcel history can be retrieved, and customers can check every detail of their order to keep all rides record.

apps for moving house
apps for moving house
Notification Alerts

Customers can get notified about their orders, offers, and discounts via SMS, email, or WhatsApp.

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Rate & Review Service

Let your customers give you feedback about the product and service provided during the delivery.

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Fare Estimation

Before scheduling, customers can get an estimated fare accordingly to send their couriers.

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Offers & Discounts

Customers can view any offers or discounts by referring the app to their friends or by using other app features.

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After verifying documents like driving license, vehicle registration, IDs, etc., the driver is selected to be on board.

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Build A Profile

Fill up the contact details, photos, and other credentials, to create and manage your driver's profile.

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Trip Details

The driver is provided with proper locations and a navigation map to deliver the parcel on time.

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Order Details

The complete details of all products are given to the drivers to make every delivery accurate.

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Update Parcel Status

Once the product is picked up or delivered, the driver needs to update it in the app to notify both the user and admin.

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Earning Tracker

Drivers can easily track their earnings for their placed orders and analyze the revenue’s insights via an app.

apps for moving house
apps for moving house
Order History

Drivers can check details about their orders, including number, pickup & delivery time, etc.

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In-app Chat

This feature helps the drivers to connect with the customers to reach the desired location.

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Toggle Availability

The driver personnel can mark their onboard availability online or offline with the toggle mode.

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Notifications Alert

This feature alerts or reminds the delivery personnel to notify them of their upcoming tasks.

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Manage User Data

The admin can keep all the records of the user in the app, including their basic details, orders, etc.

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Manage Driver Data

The admin holds the driver’s complete record to control any misconduct or other issues.

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Track All Records

The admin has the power to inspect the details of all orders. In case of any issue, they can also resolve the error.

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Via an app, both users and drivers can receive the latest updates. They get notified with the important information.

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Analytic Dashboard

The analytic dashboard depicts your past performance and predicts the scalability of your business in the future.

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Tracking Drivers

The admin can track the location of all the drivers once they get selected for onboard delivery processes.

apps for moving house
apps for moving house
Field Tracking

The admin keeps the customers informed about the parcel status from the pick-up point to delivery.

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Workflow Automation

It increases the efficiency of the process by automating the workflow of each delivery personnel.

apps for moving house
Service Range

The admin can set the service range of the delivery personnel within which he/she can accept the request.

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Notifications Alert

This feature alerts or reminds the delivery personnel to notify them of their upcoming tasks like pick-up, etc.

Readymade Uber Courier Service App

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Uber Courier Service App Workflow

How On-Demand Courier Delivery
App Works

  • 01
    Courier Booking

    Customers can book courier service after selecting the basic details of courier products, such as the location, destination, and parcel weight.

  • 02
    Courier Pick-up

    After collecting the necessary information, the delivery personnel will be assigned to complete the further process. All the information is given to that person.

  • 03
    Cost Estimation & Payment

    Customers can estimate the delivery cost and make payment via any payment mode based on distance, parcel weight, and other factors.

  • 04

    The transportation process of the courier delivery is done on time by the delivery personnel. The product ordered is kept safe & remains unharmed during the process.

  • 05
    Courier Delivery

    Finally, the courier is delivered to the customer’s provided address. The e-signature of a customer is required at the delivery time to confirm the secure delivery.

  • 06
    Customer Feedback

    Customers on receiving their parcels can further rate the courier delivery services. They can rate the delivery personnel and share their feedback.

Uber Clone for Courier

Lighten Up Your Traditional Courier Business

Every traditional business owner or entrepreneur needs an app for growth. As a traditional courier, you might be doing good by the side, but every customer needs some new and reliable services. Every customer needs a solution to place their orders with some clicks and easily receive them at their doorstep. With new technology and trends, anyone can track their order online to get the full information about their product.

Traditional courier business owners can easily grow their business and widen their customer base by launching a powerful Uber Clone Courier app. If you want to be in this technology race, update your business with the latest trends. So let’s connect and transform your traditional courier business into a successful app.

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Courier Service App Provider
Why Choose Suffescom For On-Demand Courier Service App Development
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    24/7 Technical Support

    For any issue regarding the application's working, we provide 24/7 technical support, and you can avail services anytime.

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    Maintenance Guide

    We provide post-development maintenance to ensure that your app stays bug-free, keeping your business flow smooth.

  • uber parcel delivery
    API Integration

    With API integration, we give power to your business to keep data in sync, which enhances your productivity and generates revenue.

  • uber parcel delivery

    Customize your application based on your requirements and shine among other competitors.

  • uber parcel delivery

    Get a cost-effective Uber clone courier app solution built with the latest features to increase your customer flow.

  • uber parcel delivery
    Separate Apps

    Our Uber Clone script includes separate apps for customers/service providers and one admin panel.

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