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Get the most powerful teladoc clone app to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare experts for quick medical help from anywhere, anytime!

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App like teladoc Clone

A Robust and Reliable Teladoc Clone App

The online healthcare industry is booming, and a slew of new businesses are springing up every day. If you want to be a part of this booming market, all you need is a cutting-edge Teladoc clone app that allows healthcare professionals to streamline their processes and end-users to easily connect with doctors in their preferred specialty.

We specialize in teladoc clone app development at Suffescom in order to provide a cutting-edge and powerful Teladoc solution. To provide a secure and seamless app experience to your users, our skilled experts work to ensure that our app complies with all healthcare industry regulations. Get in touch with us today to start customizing and launching your scalable Teladoc app solution!

Advanced Features of Teladoc Like App

our custom app like Teladoc clone comes with several advantages that makes it suited for diversified client needs.

  • Easy Availability

    The Teladoc clone app can be used to deliver healthcare in areas where clinics are not available. Teladoc apps make easier for the elderly, chronically ill patients, to access medical services.

  • Storing Medical Data

    Teladoc clone app can also store patients' health records in addition to providing remote healthcare. Making it easier for the doctor to gain access to the patient's medical records when necessary.

  • Patient Management

    You can assist doctors in updating prescriptions, following up on consultations, and monitoring patients with chronic illnesses using Teladoc clone app development solutions.

  • Time-Efficient Medical Care

    There will be no need to waste time going to the hospital for a minor ailment consultation. You can use the Teladoc clone app to schedule an appointment and avoid waiting in line at the clinic.

Apps Like Teladoc Features

We create custom clinical provider user experiences that integrate seamlessly with your existing technologies and workflows. Our Telemedicine app clone lower overhead costs, generate additional revenue, improve patient safety, and more.

Easy Onboarding

Patients should be able to sign up quickly and easily using their email or phone number with a user-friendly interface.

Patient Profile

To begin treatment, patients must provide information such as their name, age, gender, and medical history, as well as create a profile.

Secure Messaging

Any urgent issues or concerns about the prescription can be discussed with the patient's healthcare provider.

Payment Gateway

Include a variety of payment methods, such as credit or debit cards, net banking, and so on, so that patients can easily pay.

Browse Doctors

Patients can search for a doctor using filters that include their ailment, doctor's specialty, and patient ratings.

App store
Book An Appointment

Patients can book an appointment by checking the doctor's availability on the app once they've found a suitable doctor.

App store
Voice Calls/Video Calls

Depending on the treatment and the patient's comfort, the patient will be able to communicate with doctor via audio/video call.

App store
Ratings and reviews

After a consultation, a patient can write a review or rate the doctor. This feature can help new patients find the right doctor.

App store
Complete control over profiles

With your Robust Dashboard, you can see your booking history, commission details, send messages, send reminders, and more.

Build Fully- Packed Teladoc Clone App As Per Your Patient’s Needs!

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The Teladoc Clone Offers A Variety Of Consultation Options
The Teladoc Clone Offers A Variety Of Consultation Options

Text Consultation

  • Instant chat features allow users to communicate with healthcare professionals. They can express their concerns and share health-related information here.
  • Doctors can review them and provide assistance based on the information provided.

Voice Consultation

  • The app's voice call feature allows users to connect with doctors right away.
  • It's a great way to quickly communicate with healthcare professionals and request consultations.
Voice Consultation

Video Consultation

  • Users can book doctor appointments, connect with them via in-app video calls, and receive instant consultations.
  • They also have the opportunity to record the sessions for future use.
Create Teladoc Clone App Get Started

What You'll Get From Teladoc Like App Development

Advanced and fully customized solutions for Telehealth platform development, ensuring patients with the best medical care and doctors serve their services the best way.

Patient App

Patients can search for the required doctor and get the virtual experience for the best medical advice.

Doctor App

Doctors can connect with their patients remotely and provide the best care from a single panel.

Admin Dashboard

With the help of a powerful dashboard, healthcare providers can control their entire healthcare business.

Development Of A Teladoc Clone App With All Essential Attributes

Unlock our expertise and get your hand on the patient-centered Teladoc Clone app that comprises advanced features for each panel.

Easy-to-access Patient App

  • Book Appointments

    A patient app allows one to make quick appointments with required doctors by checking their availability.

  • Online Consultation

    For best medical care and treatment, patients via an app can request one-on-one video or voice consultation.

  • Real-time Chat

    Let your patients have the most secure and easy way to connect with medical professionals by an in-app chat feature.

  • Ratings/Feedback

    Based on the medical assistance received, patients can share their honest feedback, which will help others to make wise decisions.


Advanced Doctor App

  • Profile Maintenance

    Healthcare experts can add and manage their experience, qualifications, contact information, and availability.

  • Manage Appointments

    Doctors can keep track of their patients, upcoming appointments and even manually add appointments.

  • Upload Prescription

    Doctors can keep track of their patients, upcoming appointments and even manually add appointments.

  • Integrated Billing

    Allow healthcare and fitness professionals to bill and collect payment from patients for their virtual visits.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

  • Admin Management Dashboard

    With a bird's eye view from a single panel, keep track and manage your online healthcare and fitness business.

  • Doctor & Patient Management

    Admin can manage their registered healthcare providers and patients, as well as provide technical assistance to them.

  • Data Reporting & Current Analytics

    Increase the revenue of your medical practice by using data-driven insights and keeping track of your daily transactions.

  • Broadcast Message and Notification

    Send push notifications to patients and doctors about upcoming appointments, care plan reviews, and other.


Build Comprehensive Apps Like Teladoc Clone For Convient Patient Care

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Build Comprehensive Apps Like Teladoc Clone For Convient Patient Care
How Teladoc clone App Works?
  • Patients will get registered on the app

    STEP 1

    Patients will get registered
    on the app

  • Search for their illness or health issue

    STEP 2

    Search for their illness or
    health issue

  • Browse the list of doctors available

    STEP 3

    Browse the list of doctors

  • Pick the relevant doctor by specialty

    STEP 4

    Pick the relevant doctor
    by specialty

  • Make a quick online appointment

    STEP 5

    Make a quick online

  • Start consultation via call/video/chat

    STEP 6

    Start consultation via

Revenue Model Of Our teladoc like app development
  • Freemium Model

    You can, however, charge your users for access to the app's premium features. It's a great way to get more users in a short amount of time. They will never hesitate to invest in your app if they find it valuable.

  • Subscription Model

    You can charge users a subscription fee for using your app. These fees can be collected on a regular basis, monthly, or quarterly. Even when your app users aren't using your services, it's a great way to earn a consistent income.

  • Commission based Model

    For booking a consultation through the platform, you may be paid a portion of the doctor's fee as a commission. It's another great way to make a consistent income with your telemedicine app.

  • Registration Fee

    You can charge doctors who sign up for your platform a registration fee. After they've been approved, you can thoroughly verify their profiles and add them to your app. Registration fee implies registering & paying for a service.

Our Teladoc Clone App Follows Regulatory Compliance

Allowing organizations to gain encrypted electronic access to patient health records while preventing unauthorized data access.


Our Teladoc solutions are GDPR compliant, allowing for secure data collection and processing eliminating information breaching.


Our solution is FHIR-compliant, with a predefined data format & app program interface for secure health-record exchange.

Why Us?

Our app solution is specially designed for Delivery startups aiming for smooth functioning at reasonable prices.

Scalable & Robust
Scalable & Robust

Our uber like app solution is robust and scalable to any number of users, easy to expand your business in future.

Enterprise-Level Security
Enterprise-Level Security

Aimed at creating fast and powerful mobile applications while meeting the needs of enterprise-grade security.

Outstanding Plan
Outstanding Plan

Just after the On demand Delivery App is live, you can get started with our 6-week free marketing plan.

Fully Customization
Fully Customization

Whatever the features you want to add to your Delivery startup, we customize the app accordingly and efficiently.

Quick App Launch
Quick App Launch

Feel free to share your unique ideas with us. We will evaluate them and put them in work for the quick app launch.

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