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    Separate apps for a customer, agent, manager, and admin

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    Fully-functional admin dashboard to manage all apps

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    24/7 technical support to deal with all of your issues instantly.

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    Cost-effective App Solutions

    Get a cost-effective app solution with all valuable features.

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Launch Your Business With On-demand Movers and Packers App

Grow your business and offer your customers extraordinary experience by introducing them to your customer & complete delivery app solutions. Get a customer app, delivery agent app, manager dashboard, and admin panel as a complete delivery service management software for your business.

Make shifting hassle-free for customers. Provide them with real-time tracking and allow them to pay online or through numerous other ways. Enable your delivery agents to track the path through an app and give them access to update the delivery status. Get a specialized app for managers to handle orders and do inventory management.

Get Complete Uber For Movers And Packers Solution

Uber for movers and packers makes moving easy and hassle-free, thanks to fast access to service providers. Based on today's on-demand app development concept, On demand movers and packers app like Uber allows customers to hire registered movers and move their valuable items without damaging them. You can create moving app like Uber to run your white-label business to earn money.
When you create Uber for movers and packers at Suffescom Solutions, we provide you with a complete on-demand moving app like Uber which is 100% responsive and easy to use. The app works well on all kinds of smart devices, including mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and others. In addition, it supports all kinds of operating systems.
At Suffescom Solutions, we use the most modern tools and advanced technologies to develop an on-demand moving app like Uber that includes all those features that make it easy to run on all kinds of modern-day devices. The app development package that we deliver includes fully-functional subsystems and apps.

Build your on-demand Uber for Movers and Packers app solution and get a complete technology suite with incredible subsystems:

  • Landing page
  • Customer Android App
  • Customer iOS App
  • Packers Android App
  • Packers iOS App
  • Admin Panel

Choose Us For Your On-demand Uber-like Movers And Packers App

  • Ditch the rat race and provide people with an advanced method to relocate their home. Create on-demand moving app and help individuals move to a new place quickly and effectively. The app saves time and lets users reach experienced individuals in record time.
  • We, at Suffescom Solutions, create movers and packers app like Uber from the scratch. You can customize the app and add new features to it.
  • Create on-demand moving app and let people requiring services connect with experienced professionals.
  • Instead of using already-built scripts, we use solutions to build your app. When there are solutions, your app is made using advanced technologies and modern-day tools. In this way, you get an app that runs on all kinds of platforms without any trouble.
  • Customers and service providers have different apps to register their accounts and use the services. One with the customer app can create an account, book/schedule moving services, pay for hired services, and review a provider. On the other hand, a service provider can register an account to get hired by customers, accept/reject a job, track a location to reach, and review a client.

Create On Demand Movers And Packers AppAnd Earn

On-demand Uber-like pickup and delivery app allows customers to book moving services and provide companies with an opportunity to expand their services and grow their business. How does the owner of an on-demand moving app like Uber earn with the app and become a successful appreneur?

When a customer books service and a service provider accepts the offer, the app owner is given a decent amount of commission. To earn more, you need to make sure that many people are using your app and several service providers have registered on your app. Create your own Uber for pickup truck and equip your app with necessary features to attract more users and connect them with the best service providers.

4 Steps To Get Your On-demand Moving App Like Uber

Suffescom Solutions has a team of experienced mobile app developers who use their development skills and knowledge to create easy-to-use moving app solutions for all (customers, service providers, and app owner). We have developed a 4-step procedure to make it easier for you to understand how to create an on-demand moving app.

  • Test Our App

    Suffescom Solutions is a reputed name in the app development industry. Before choosing us to create pickup app like Uber for you, test our apps by downloading and using them in real. Check how easy are they to use and use their advanced features.

  • Tell Us Your Requirements

    If you are satisfied with the test, then it's time to build your own app and grow your business. Tell us what do you require in your app, and we are going to serve you exactly what you expect. If there are special requirements like currency or language, then let us know. We will develop your Uber for pickup truck app in a way that it effectively serves a purpose.

  • Share Your Details

    After you have hired us to create a pickup app like Uber, you need to provide us with essential information related to your brand. They include your business name, logo, and specific requirements that you want to add in your on-demand app.

  • Launch Your App

    We not just create an on-demand app that meets your requirements but also take care of your app when it is being launched on the Google/Apple app store. We ensure that everything is all right with the app throughout its launch phase.

What you get?

Customer App

It's a customer-side on-demand moving app like Uber that people can use when they want to hire movers. Customers can start the app to register an account, book/schedule service providers, and rate their services.

User Registration

Users can register by entering their details to begin.

Order Services

Customers get the freedom to choose a moving service provider

Order tracking

Customers receive real-time data and information on hired mover.

Payment methods

Customers get a variety of payment options to make a payment (online or COD).


Allow customers to hire the previous hired mover.

Offers and discounts

Customers get to know about new discount offers and schemes.

Chat with assigned mover

Customers get the liberty to chat with hired mover.

Ratings and feedback

Let customers leave feedback to improve your system.

Mover App

Agents are movers who may be associated with a moving company or are independent workers. They can use the app to create a profile, get hired, reach a location to start the job, and rate the job.

Manage Profile

Allow movers to manage their profile that includes information, availability, and others.

Live Tracking Path

Let the mover live track path through GPS tracking.

Digital Service Delivery Proof

Give mover a digital method to collect service proof, including digital signatures.

Alerts & Reminders

Make the services a quick process by sending alerts and reminders to the mover.


Let the movers calculate how much money has been earned.

Work Status

Movers can update the latest service status.


Get In Touch

Manager Dashboard

The app is used by moving companies that send their professional movers when someone hires their services. Using the dashboard, a company can manage jobs, track agency, and manage payments.

Web and Mobile Apps

A mobile and a web solution for managers to manage bookings and moving agents.

Real-time Service Tracking

Let a manager track hired services in the real time..

Manage Ratings & Feedback

Allow managers to view and manage ratings & feedback by customers to improve services.

Help & Support

Integrate with customer support to resolve queries quickly.


Admin Panel

As the name suggests, it is the main panel of an on-demand app solution that the owner can use to manage moving companies and individual contractors. The dashboard can be used to manage people using the app and track orders.

Manage Movers

Manage multiple movers effortlessly from one dashboard.

Automate Workflow

Quickly manage movers and bookings.

Manage Payments

Manage online payments, commissions, and mover payouts through an admin panel.

Data Analytics

Generate reports and insights to improve customer experience and grow your business.

Service Tracking

Track services to check how well they were fulfilled.

Manage Customers

Get data on registered customers to understand their booking decisions.

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Create On Demand Movers And Packers App And Get The Best Deals

We have experienced app developers who understand your requirements and use advanced technologies to create Uber for movers and packers. From the time you share your app plan with us to the moment you launch it on the app store, we are there to handle everything. We offer you complete on-demand solutions at cost-effective prices. Build your on-demand uber like pickup and delivery app today to get exciting deals.

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