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Blockchain Ecommerce Marketplace Solutions

Build a decentralized Ecommerce platform and gain 100% trust from your customers. With Suffescom’s blockchain Ecommerce platform solutions, get advanced traceability, security, and transparency and take your business to another level. With our team of experts in Blockchain company, you can leverage Blockchain E-commerce platform development solutions for the topmost level of management and security.

blockchain Ecommerce Marketplace solutions

Leading Blockchain Platform For E-Commerce

Blockchain-based Ecommerce platform store information in nodes through their distributed ledger system. It will help make the data processing faster and more transparent, with real-time data processing done almost at the speed of light. Undoubtedly, blockchain is the aptest technology partner for every e-commerce business.

blockchain ecommerce marketplace

E-commerce Industries Impacted By Our Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain will make customers communicate directly with business owners, evading any chances for an intermediary to interfere. Several e-commerce industries are constantly evolving as our new blockchain eCommerce solutions are developed. Furthermore, our blockchain solutions have the potential to revolutionize the e-commerce industry by offering a more secure and efficient way to conduct transactions.

blockchain solutions for e-commerce

Fashion Industry

Blockchain solutions for e-commerce in the fashion industry can help track data faster while ensuring an efficient parcel-tracking system. These solutions help make the fashion industry more sustainable. This way, brands can generate digital records of all transactions and communication in their supply chain. These solutions are advantageous in that they enable tracking the clothes' origin and improve the fashion industry's efficiency level.

Lifestyle And Decor

Blockchain-based Ecommerce platforms can help the furniture and decor industry with various services, including moving product warranties from paper to the cloud. It will enable customers to shop and well-experienced interior designers to design the spaces. Additionally, these platforms offer the most powerful and easiest-to-use programs that assist you in eliminating the time-consuming and tedious tasks associated with lifestyle and decor.

blockchain solutions for e-commerce
blockchain solutions for e-commerce


Ecommerce in electronics can leverage Blockchain Technology for keeping authenticated items and provide a transparent environment in addition to efficient real-time data processing. Our blockchain solutions are highly innovative that contribute to the major electronics manufacturing industries. It enables manufacturers to create top-notch, more user-friendly, and more advanced electronic items to assist or entertain customers.

Easy Tracking in Food Industry

Blockchain solutions can help manage complex supply chains in food and beverage industries. Companies can keep track of the lifecycle of a products in a transparent way starting from it’s sourcing to production and distribution.

blockchain solutions for e-commerce
blockchain solutions for e-commerce

Health Industry

Our blockchain Ecommerce marketplace solutions in the healthcare industry can help process patient data in real-time and keep records of their reports and prescriptions. With the help of our blockchain solutions, it becomes easy to maintain financial statements in hospitals, minimize the time & cost of data transformation, improve decision-making, transform patients' medical records into a decentralized system, and speed up medical credentialing.

Why Rely On The Power Of Blockchain For Your E-Commerce Business?

Blockchain can provide numerous benefits to any e-commerce business. Blockchain technology is a powerful technology that will revolutionize every e-commerce business industry by offering security, cost-efficiency, and transparency. If you are a business owner or looking to expand your ventures, you'll embrace our decentralized ecommerce platform solutions which are considerably faster and cheaper than the solutions of other technologies. Our blockchain Ecommerce website development services are the best in business, with experts waiting to guide you at every step.

  • blockchain ecommerce platform

    No-Third Party Interference

    Blockchain prohibits any third-party moderation and enables all users to have seamless peer-to-peer transaction.

  • blockchain ecommerce platform

    Safety And Security

    Since a network of thousands of systems backs blockchain technology, it can never be short on power or leak secure data.

  • blockchain ecommerce platform

    Seamless Payments

    Blockchain will fasten up the payments via cryptocurrency that normally take time through present-day e-commerce.

  • blockchain ecommerce platform

    Automation Of Task

    Blockchain’s automating features ease the workload of your tasks and prioritize the security of user data at all costs.

  • blockchain ecommerce platform

    Access Global Consumers

    Blockchain will enable consumers worldwide to access Ecommerce platforms and avoid ruthless payment procedures.

  • blockchain ecommerce platform

    Easier Returns And Funds

    You can rank blockchain to ease the processes of returns of products through higher transparency and tracking of the process.

Ecommerce Blockchain Development - The Right Move For Your Business

Manage the shortcomings of the conventional Ecommerce platform with Blockchain. Gain a competitive edge with advanced features like secure transactions, easy tracking, and decentralized data management with a Blockchain-based Ecommerce platform. Reach out to our experts to begin your transition today!

ecommerce blockchain

Features Of A Decentralized Ecommerce Marketplace

A blockchain-powered decentralized E-commerce marketplace, a self-executing and permissionless platform that will enable people to communicate globally. Our ecommerce marketplace is the best blockchain technology-based marketplace with a set of unique features that will target the audience and make your business stand tall & successful as well. We have a team of experts who are happy to help you build your eCommerce business into a unique marketplace.

  • ecommerce blockchain

    Guaranteed Product Delivery

    There has been a sudden rise in meeting order deliveries on time. Our robust blockchain tracking system will find solutions to deliver the product within the promised time, everytime.

  • ecommerce blockchain

    Speeding Up Transactions

    The traditional payment mode takes time, especially when it is done from other countries. With Blockchain, the transaction can be eased and done in an instant.

  • ecommerce blockchain

    Reward Systems

    Blockchain will help e-commerce businesses add bonus points on other business partners' websites. Companies can even include influencers and pay them in digital tokens.

  • ecommerce blockchain

    Influencer Outreach

    Influencers or content creators can be paid in digital tokens and offered a chance to market your ecommerce platform. You can also use them to create further rewards for users’ as coupons revealing limited prices.

  • ecommerce blockchain

    Secured Record-Keeping

    Blockchain offers a highly secure space for user data storage, transactions, and heavy data processing. Data is secured across multiple nodes in the blockchain network, leaving no room for malicious activities or hacking.

  • ecommerce blockchain

    Improved Verification

    Transactions are verified through a consensus mechanism involving every network system, making verification easy. Likewise, the data is stored in a publicly distributed ledger which offers easy traceability.

Brief of A Blockchain Based Ecommerce Marketplace

A blockchain-based ecommerce marketplace has several layers of advanced technologies at different levels that render it the efficiency and security we need. To better understand how effective blockchain integration in ecommerce is, let’s dive into its basic architecture.

  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development

    Logical Operations

    Every action within the blockchain ecommerce marketplace is automated as per the crafted smart contracts. These are a set of conditions that facilitate every action within the blockchain.

  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development


    A blockchain-based ecommerce platform targets three functionalities - interaction between buyer and seller, the profession of transactions and verification, and maintaining a transparent system.

  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development

    Digital Wallet

    All users within a blockchain network need crypto wallets to make easy and quick crypto transactions and maintain a record of each of their crypto transaction history.

  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development

    The Front-End Layer

    We create a front end layer for your ecommerce platform which directly communicates with smart contracts to deliver seamless operations and user experience.

  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development

    Web3 API

    Based on the individual integrations of your blockchain-based ecommerce platform, we will customize or deploy existing APIs to increase the efficiency of your platform.

  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development

    Data Storage System

    Blockchain technology deals with a huge amount of data. Our developers will design a reliable data storage system for better performance and operation.

Popular Examples of Blockchain in Retail

Blockchain has found its way into the retail industry too. The benefits of blockchain in retail extend from secure payments to better management of supply chains and more. Some examples of successful retail businesses using blockchain technology are -

  • Bitpay

    Bitpay is an amazing platform that lets users do crypto transactions through various crypto wallets like coinbase, metamask, etc.

  • Shopin

    This retail business assists retailers in acknowledging the customers and their trends. Accordingly, it helps streamline the shopping experience.

  • ConsenSys

    This renowned company utilizes blockchain technology to develop interactive and automated blockchain applications.

  • Fluz

    It is an organization that leaves no stone unturned in building amazing e-commerce platforms using blockchain technology.

  • Portion

    It is another highly known blockchain-powered e-commerce platform showcasing digital and physical art for art lovers.


    Buying is a blockchain-based ecommerce platform that enables customers to deal directly with manufacturers or distributors.

blockchain ecommerce marketplace development

Retail Businesses That Have Successfully Adopted Blockchain

With the rise of blockchain technology, multiple big companies have embraced the decentralized way of work and created success stories. Some examples of blockchain use cases in retail are-

  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development


    Carefour is one of the biggest retail businesses that adopted blockchain for its organic products. Customers get complete transparency as they can scan the QR code to understand the product's life cycle comprehensively.

  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development


    Amazon has adopted blockchain to manage the ever-expanding and complex supply chains. All transactions are secured through a distributed ledger that offers complete data visibility and a single source of truth.

  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development


    Alibaba is by far the biggest user of blockchain technology. It has integrated blockchain in cloud computing, financial services, and logistics management and continues to support projects integrating this technology.

  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development


    Nestle has invested in the emerging blockchain technology to easily track the life cycle of their products. It is also a founding member of IBM Food Trust and is currently in collaboration with Open SC which is a blockchain platform.

  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development


    Walmart is yet another company using blockchain to manage its supply chain. The company has about 70 third-party freight carriers, and using blockchain helps Walmart automate the handling of invoices and payments of each airline.

  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development

    De Beers

    De Beers uses blockchain to trace, record and manage its diamond production and management. De Beers will be incorporating this system into its global operations for better diamond mining, production, and distribution record.

Blockchains We Rely On For Your Blockchain Ecommerce Marketplace Development

We have seasoned E-commerce blockchain experts who know which blockchain best suits your business requirements. We work on multiple blockchains to provide you with the ideal blockchain ecommerce platform.

  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development


  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development


  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development


  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development


  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development


  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development


  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development


  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development


  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development


  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development


  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development


  • blockchain ecommerce marketplace development


Why Choose Us For Your Blockchain Ecommerce Marketplace Solutions?

Our Blockchain experts are well aware of the potential of this tremendous technology. So, they will take advantage of a chance to provide reliable and secure enterprise solutions to our clients.

  • 100% Quality Assurance

    Suffescom has been in the Blockchain business for 6+ years and guarantees to provide the best services for your blockchain-based ecommerce platform.

  • 24*7 Customer Support

    Our experts are available 24*7 at the service of our clients, and we make sure every possible query of our clients is solved in time.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

    We provide cost-effective solutions to our clients with a highly seasoned workforce that prioritizes cost and time savings.

  • Transparent Process

    Our developers are well-trained in today's digital world by following standard business processes without extra costs.

  • On-Time Project Delivery

    We ensure on-time delivery of products depending upon the last-minute customization as per the wish of our clients.

  • Multiple Testings

    We ensure that our final product is tested numerous times to avoid any errors or bugs and ensure seamless operation before the last launch.

How Does Suffescom Help Its Clients in Building Their Dream Blockchain-based eCommerce Platform?

While building your blockchain-based ecommerce platform, Suffescom ensures that you are provided with a team consisting of a Project Manager, Team Lead, and Developers. We also ensure that the team updates you on your project daily and clears your queries on time.

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