Is your website getting unnoticed among users?

Website is designed to portray your business to your customers. If your website seems to be incompetent, it portrays your incompetency. On the other hand, if it is well designed, looks professional, user-friendly, so is your company. That is what online users will make out. The majority of the small scale businesses don’t do justice with their websites. As the time passes, the technologies and its level of standard get changed and a website you designed quite a lot of years ago is probably outdated.

mobile friendly websiteHow to check website working for or against you:

Is your site mobile friendly?

If your website has been more than 2 years old then it’s for sure that it wouldn’t be mobile-friendly. The standard and techniques used at that time are now outdated. This is undoubtedly the greatest change web designing is facing after every two years. These days’ responsive designs are in trend because such sites adjust according to the device screen either laptop, phone, tablet or other device and also seem to be attractive on any device. You can easily check out what kind of devices people are using to visit your site through Google analytics and you will be amazed to know how many tablet & mobile visitors you have!

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Is your website easy to navigate?

Are your users able to find the information they need easily?

If we check website created few years back we will observe lots of photos, features and random text all over what at that time was clean and easy to navigate site. However, now it is considered to be more confusing. Having short & precise, single page content is the best option. It often uses parallax so, being a visitor you don’t have to search through loads pages to find the most vital information. You must take care that your visitors may get irritate if they have to search loads of pages to get the most essential information

Recall your key mission –

– What do you want visitor to do?
– Buy a product?
– Get in touch with you?
– Start reading and interact with your blog?

This “call-to-action” is important on your website.

Is everything still working on your website?

Sometimes links get deleted, plug-ins stop supporting, videos get moved. When you last checked your website pages and links? Relax….. Don’t panic, just check your website is everything still working in right condition.

Does your website have high-quality content?

Unique, creative and high-quality web content is a key priority to rule the mind of your visitors. Read your content and analysis, whether it is up-to-date, able to answer your visitors’ questions or provokes them to take action. There are lots of benefits of having quality content like toenhance credibility in search engines, reach more online audience, generates more sales and so on.

Is it time to review your website?

Need expert designer to create a clean, crisp, mobile-friendly website?

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