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15 Best App Ideas For Startups | Mobile Apps Based Business Ideas

By Suffescom Solutions

April 30, 2024

15 Best App Ideas For Startups | Mobile Apps Based Business Ideas

Mobile apps have reshaped almost every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s for travelling or online shopping, an app can help satisfy daily needs faster. Not just end-users are relying on apps for their benefit, but even businesses are also keener to utilize modern technologies for their growth. They have come to understand that the easy way to handle the business can be done through mobile-based apps.

Considering the year we are in, businesses can look for new opportunities and hope for better growth. Gathering new app ideas for startups is crucial to succeeding in today’s market. Million of mobile apps concepts can help new businesses to uplift their status. But picking something innovative and demanding is not that easy. We are here to explain to you the best ideas for startups and entrepreneurs in 2023 to generate more revenue.

Top 15 Best Mobile App Ideas for Startups and Entrepreneurs In 2023

Whenever an emerging business owner thinks about creating an application, the sole purpose is to boost their business. The uniqueness in your idea ensures your application success up to 50 percent, and the other 50 percent depends on the mobile app development company. We have got you covered for the other 50 percent. You can choose any of the app ideas in the blog mentioned below and build your app by hiring our skilled app experts to take your business to a new level. Get In Touch With Our Experts.

Unlock Your Startup's Potential With These Trending App Ideas!

We help you to unlock your startup's potential by offering trending app ideas that can propel your business forward. With Our expertise, We suggest you few trending business application models with respect to your business ideas that cater to the current market demand and help your startup grow.

1. Taxi Booking Business App

For new startups out there, it is one of the top mobile app ideas. Apps like Uber, Ola, Lyft have greatly changed the way the world moves. The increasing number of customers are now connecting with taxi booking apps due to the convenience and comfort it offers. Such apps provide the most pleasant and faster experience of booking a taxi.

If you have a dream of running a profitable startup, then you can go with the development of a taxi app like Uber. The crucial features to add to the app are multiple payment gateways, GPS tracking, instant customer support, and many more.

2. Food Ordering/Delivery Business App

People now have less time to visit the restaurant and experience their delicious meals. This is the reason, they prefer online food ordering apps to not miss out on their favorite food items. It can be one of the fantastic mobile app ideas for startups looking for more growth and revenue. By building an on-demand food delivery app, they can provide users an easy way to order food along with faster delivery at the doorstep.

All those entrepreneurs who want to run an online food business can consider investing in developing a delivery app with advanced technologies and features. The must-have features are push notifications, loyalty programs, real-time tracking, multiple payment options, customer reviews, etc. By adding all these features to your app, you can provide better customer experiences.

3. Grocery Shopping Business App

Shopping for groceries online has never been simple as it is with a mobile app. Almost every customer loves to shop from online stores, where checkout takes seconds, payment is easy, and delivery of items is faster. As per the current situation, it would be a great mobile idea in 2023 to launch a grocery shopping app. The demand of customers for online grocery shopping is not decreasing in any way.

To fulfil the customers' expectations, you can go with a grocery mobile app solution rich in UI/UX. Also, you can opt for out-of-box features like simple registration, search filter, repeat order, push notifications, feedback/rating, etc.

4. Real Estate Business App

The real estate industry is also now highly digitized. Homebuyers no longer prefer a method of visiting agents to search the property of their dreams. By using a real estate app, they can now check for the properties right on their smartphone. The development of a real estate app can provide you with extended market reach in very little time.

If you found the concept of real estate app development the interesting one, build something that stands you apart. Prefer adding advanced features and focusing on the latest trends and technologies. The features like property listing, search filters, Interactive maps, in-app chat, etc, you can consider adding in-app.

5. Healthcare Business App

Almost now every sector depends upon app development to offer improved services to customers. Even the healthcare sector is not left behind. If you want to start a business in medical services, then building a healthcare app is a great decision. Healthcare apps are not only beneficial for medical professionals but also for patients. An app makes a professional to make quick decisions in emergency cases and the patient to schedule an easy appointment.

The features to add to the app that can best solve the problems of both healthcare professionals and patients are video conferencing, search filter, easy user and doctor management, easy booking, notifications/reminders, and more. It can be the best idea for mobile app development but make sure your app is as simple as possible for the users.

Step Up Your Business with These Must-Have App Ideas for Startups!

We can offer you innovative app ideas that can help your startup stand out in the market and attract more customers.

6. Educational Business App 

Thanks to our advanced technology that has greatly transformed the way we learn. All one needs a smartphone and an educational app to enrol in different learning courses. There is no denying that eLearning is a growing trend in the education industry. Such a trend has resulted in huge demand for e-learning app development.

If you are in the need of latest app Ideas for startups, then you can for the development of a feature-rich eLearning app. The features you can add to an educational app to transform the learning process are video-based content, live tutorials, push notifications, social media integration, etc.

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7. Fintech Business App

For fintech startups and enterprises, fintech app development is a great idea to deliver better services to customers. Such app development ensures simple and efficient transactions. For a banking application, there are some features that you can’t ignore to add. Features like customized data analytics, AI integration, push notifications, API integration for easy payment transfer, etc. All in all, a fintech app needs to be effective, secure, and adaptable.

8. On-demand Business App

On-demand service apps are now reaching new heights. These apps have greatly revolutionized the way businesses run since the pandemic. Such an app allows the customers to connect with service providers at the needed time. By having an on-demand app, any startup or enterprise can deliver matchless services to customers.

The benefits of developing an on-demand app are many, especially when running a business is risky. In an on-demand service app, the most crucial features to include are notifications, live tracking, multiple payment options, a rating system, and many more.

9. Handyman Business App

More and more startups are now coming with the idea of developing a handyman app. Such apps offer amazing benefits to users and entrepreneurs as well. If you are planning to start a new business, then developing an on-demand handyman app would be a great decision for you. The top features to add to the app are suggesting nearby services, transparent pricing, live tracking, a Multilingual option, appointment scheduling, etc.

10. Business App Like Postmates

Whenever one plans to start a new business, the very first eye is on the players that are performing best in the industry. In the top few names, Postmates is also the one. Most of the restaurants have already partnered with third-party platforms to deliver better services.

Not just food items, an app like Postmates also allows customers to order personal items, meals, and groceries. The features that one can consider in developing apps like Postmates are multiple payment options, notification pop-ups, Geofencing, and many more.

11. IoT Business Applications

The Internet Of Things applications are not the same; the idea of building a connection of things to one another and with humankind via the Internet. In this vertical, there are IoT technologies that are adjustable to almost any technology and can offer relevant information. Our solution for IoT-based applications aids your business in collecting and communicating data in order to make decisions strategically via Machine learning. There are various ways to experiment your business with IoT applications, such as smart fleet management. By deploying a smart fleet management technology, the Internet of Things provides accelerating results in performance analysis, fuel savings, and telemetry control.

12. Trading App Like OpenSea, RobinHood or WeBull

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This idea sounds the perfect fit for stock trading enthusiasts. The trading applications are branched from the finance category of apps, and the reason why it is listed differently is because of the jaw-dropping penetration rate. The search for crafting trading applications has grown by 120 percent, indicated by the "Think with Google" report. One can also get their hands on the clone of some popular trading applications such as Robinhood clone or Webull clone. As the hype of the trading market is increasing from time to time, it would be a great call to create and launch Robo-advisors trading applications. Still dicey to craft an application ultimately, you can also start planning for the MVP with Suffescom. Our experts will aid you in conducting market research to gain insights via MVP solution. Apart from that, one can get an idea of their trading platform by arranging discovery sessions and understanding the rhythm of your target audience.

13. Educational Business  App

Thanks to our advanced technology that has dramatically transformed the way we learn. All one needs is a smartphone and an educational app to enroll in different learning courses. There is no denying that eLearning is a growing trend in the education industry. Such a trend has resulted in massive demand for e-learning app development.

If you need the latest app Ideas for startups, you can use them to develop a feature-rich eLearning app. According to the reports, it has been shown that e-learning companies have seen a tremendous growth up to 900% from 2017 to 2023.

Crafting an e-learning application offers an excellent benefit as compared to traditional institutions. There have been specific technological trends constantly spurring in the field of e-learning. Our solution for your educational app development offers a blend of trending technologies such as gamification, AR & VR, artificial intelligence, 5G, and more. At the time of developing both complex e-learning platforms or a simpler ones. You have to keep your eyes on one thing - Features, to maximize the user interaction and satisfaction to navigate and organize the management. The features you can add to an educational app to transform the learning process are dashboard, search bar/ filters, live tutorials, AI-sourced behavioral analysis modules, links to social media, in - app chat dialog box, educational content, scheduling system, analytics of charts, reports and more. This may seem a lot of work, but we can rely on our e-learning app solution without hassling on.

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14. Crypto Trading (Robinhood Clone)

We have seen a certain amount of popularity of CRYPTOCURRENCIES, and it sure acts as a medium of exchange worldwide. The popularity and the need for bitcoin are increasing day by day. Therefore, emerging entrepreneurs need to seek this opportunity and enter the market with a crypto trading platform. The demand for cryptocurrency trading applications is going to increase in proportion with the growing trading volumes globally.

It is going to be highly beneficial to launch a high-end and engaging crypto exchange application that is way better than going into the market just to mine bitcoin tokens. As per the research, one can say that the bitcoin exchange is one of the most profitable bitcoin businesses in 2017, offering a share of 55% in total in the crypto trading industry. Are you finally ready to roll out a Robinhood Clone - the highly efficient crypto trading application in the market? Then reach out to our experts right away and learn about the technical aspects without any hassle.

15. Decentraland Clone

In this app idea, we have combined a crypto space and the upcoming innovations of the world. In this, you will be offering not to own a coin but also a part of virtual land. And this innovation is entirely inspired by the Decentraland. The concept of owning a virtual land is not at all new, but the idea of developing a Decentraland clone offers an opportunity to be a renowned owner of a 3D space. As an owner, you will have complete access to the land, and one more brownie point is that there is no such authority imposing any agenda as it is based on blockchain technology.

If you are looking to enter the crypto world with a concept based on Decentraland, then you will be acing the game like no one else. To help you flourish and foray, our experts have got your back as they hold expertise in blockchain-based technologies. It is time to maintain the reins of virtual space.

Covering It Up

2023 is going to be a productive year if you consider any of the above top mobile app ideas. So whatever app idea you pick for your startup, make sure to have the right team on your side for development. The actual success of the app relies upon the skills and experience of the company. Now, it’s your turn to get started with one of these ideas and make your year more profitable than ever before.

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