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Board Game Development Like Monopoly: Features and Steps

By Suffescom Solutions

April 18, 2024

Board Game Development Like Monopoly: Features and Steps

From the dawn of arcades to the rise of the online world, the gaming industry has exponentially increased in the past few decades. The global online gaming market has generated approximately 26.14 billion U.S. dollars in revenues and will reach 32.56 billion U.S. dollars by 2027

As the gaming sector continues to rise in popularity, board games like Monopoly are making headlines for making an estimated $135 million in revenue in 2023. Thus, several business owners and entrepreneurs have made developing a Monopoly-like game a beeline to prosper in the gaming sector, guaranteeing sustainable business growth. 

Want to explore the terrain of Monopoly-like app development? Dive in to learn about features, benefits, and development steps.

Multiplayer E-conomics-themed Board Game Development

This pivotal fact vividly illustrates Monopoly's unparalleled market dominance and illuminates the game's outsize impact on the board game industry. Thus, Suffescom Solutions offers Monopoly clone solutions to deliver a hyper-personalized business experience through their expertise and cognizance. Let's connect and discuss your venture!

What Does Our Monopoly-like App Feature?

Monopoly, a multiplayer economics-theme board game, has entertained players for years. They roll two dice to move around the board, purchasing and trading properties and building them with hotels and houses. Developing a similar platform also revolves around a simulated economy, making it a superb example of a multiplayer economics-themed board game. Know about the features of a Monopoly-like game that engages more footfall and boosts business experience.

  1. Resource Management: Board games like Monopoly emphasize property ownership. The key element of the game is the ability to buy properties, which business owners manage and customize according to the game's rules. Players move around the board, landing on spaces representing various properties like Boardwalk and Park Place. This adds a layer of game resource management, so players decide how much to spend on properties.
  2. Rent Negotiation and System: The economics-themed board game development process includes a rent system feature providing an opportunity for game owners to set rents, which they can set to increase with the boost in houses and hotels players invest in. The more the players trade properties, the more it creates a fruitful long-term strategy for the game owners.
  3. Risk and Reward: The game is about buying and developing properties and contains cards that add many unexpected events. Our board game apps mimic card inclusion that brings positive and negative consequences, such as receiving a windfall or going to jail. This element of chance injects excitement and persuades players to adapt their strategies on the fly, making the board game their top choice.
  4. Competitive Bidding: Understanding the game's concept, the developers of Suffescom Solutions created a platform similar to competitive bidding. It allows players to snag valuable real estate at a steal or force opponents to overspend on less desirable properties. This trait makes the business an engaging portal in the gaming world.
  5. High Usability Design: An easy interface impacts many board games. A highly usable platform engages more audience members and attracts them for numerous reasons. Having top-notch features, interactive design, smooth design, and more elements inculcated from the original app leads to more engagement. Moreover, it boosts games with more entertainment daily.

Leverage the Powerful Impact of Developing Monopoly Clone

Since Monopoly landed in the gaming sector, a huge part of its appeal to business owners and entrepreneurs is how it mirrors many of their business principles. Through this platform, they share selling, buying, negotiating, preserving, focus, and other skills with the best players.

Thus, proceeding with a Monopoly-like game development idea is beneficial. Here are the top 12 benefits:

  1. Enhanced Accessibility: The platform makes your game playable anywhere and anytime. Players can sit on a couch and monitor screens to buy and sell properties in an online board game, opening your game to wider prospects for on-the-go play.
  2. Increased Gameplay: Monopoly-like game apps streamline gameplay by automating activities like dealing cards, rolling dice, and setting up the board. This saves players time to emphasize strategy and make decisions, leading to a more enjoyable experience.
  3. Simplified Learning: Game apps offer interactive tutorials to clearly teach the game's rules, and so does Monopoly. We build similar apps, which are helpful for complex games with umpteen components or rules. Getting an appropriate gaming app simplifies the app's functionality and navigation system.
  4. Multiplayer Options: Monopoly-like game apps facilitate multiplayer experiences. Players connect online to play with family and friends across the globe, enabling social connections and boosting the game's reach.
  5. Global Reach: Gaming apps like Monopoly can speak your players' tongues, allowing them to choose their preferred language. This makes your Monopoly-like game platform accessible to a global audience, opens new markets, and enhances potential revenue streams.
  6. Data and Analytics: Our developers build game clone apps that collect data on how players interact with and respond to the game. Game app owners can use this information to recognize areas for enhancement, build targeted marketing campaigns, and balance the gameplay.
  7. Monetization Potential: Board games like Monopoly offer diverse ways to generate revenue. You can sell the app, offer in-app purchases like cosmetic upgrades or expansions, or use subscription modes to access additional features or content.
  8. Improved Accessibility Features: We design apps to be inclusive, providing features like text-to-speech options, colorblind-friendly palettes, and alternative control methods for newbies. Pick reliable features and customize them according to your gaming platforms for an unforgettable experience.
  9. Customization: Imagine achievements and leaderboards to track progress and augment reality elements that provide the same experience as the physical board. Monopoly-like apps have customization options to enhance the online gaming experience, letting players gain more lucrative possibilities.
  10. Updates and Evolution: The app allows easier expansions and updates than physical games. It enables entreprenuers and app owners to introduce new content, balance the game, and fix bugs, engaging your audience for longer.
  11. Constant Updates and Evolution: Apps allow easier updates and expansions than physical games. You can introduce new content, fix bugs, and balance the game relatively easily, keeping your audience engaged for longer.
  12. Sustainability: The digital world has revolutionized the business world. Apps have reduced the environmental impact of manufacturing physical elements such as dice, boards, and cards.

Android Board Game Development Like Monopoly

Developing a Monopoly clone is a cakewalk when done by professional developers. Our development wizards have proficient knowledge of creating platforms that innovative minds like yours think of turning ideas into reality.

Building Your Digital Monopoly-like Game: Development Steps

The classic board game that has drawn many eyeballs has become a discussion topic for other business leaders. Below is a breakdown of the development steps of a Monopoly-like game app-

Concept and Design

  • Understand the Concept: Monopoly's core mechanics rely on how it delivers a faster-paced app experience. Think about how its animations add excitement and brainstorm an exceptional twist that makes your app outstanding from other board games. Let our developers help you throughout the ideation process to execute it fruitfully! Reach us.
  • Market Research and Competitor Analysis: Our development team knows the Monopoly game's adaptations and recognizes its strengths, concepts, and vision to help you carve a niche for your app.
  • Craft Documents: We design a comprehensive document that outlines your board game's core mechanics, target audience, monetization strategy, and concept art for the virtual boards.

Development and Undertaking

  • Select a Powerful Base: Unreal Engine or Unity offers powerful tools for creating 2D or 3D games featuring AI, animation, and physics for computer-controlled opponents.
  • Development and Iteration: An agile methodology allows swift testing cycles and prototyping. Start by developing a basic playable version, collect feedback from potential players, and improve your platform. This iterative procedure ensures your app is user-friendly and engaging.
  • Art and Sound Design: A visually appealing game board, player pieces, and properties capture the spirit of Monopoly. The gameplay includes sound effects for dice rolls, auctions, and property purchases, making the game pleasing to many players.

Testing and Refinement

  • Internal Testing: Developers precisely test the app for balance issues, bugs, and gameplay experience.
  • Beta Testing: Before the final app, release the app's beta version to a limited group of testers. They recognize issues and provide valuable feedback on complex levels, overall enjoyment, and intuitiveness of controls.
  • Refinement and Iteration: Emphasize and refine your app based on beta testing outcomes. It includes bug fixes, UI/UX enhancements, or modifications to game balance.

Launch and Beyond

  • App Store Optimization (ASO): Enhance your app's title, description, and keywords for store accountability.
  • Launch and Marketing: Build a strategy and marketing campaign to generate curiosity among players about your app. Choose social media promotion, digital marketing, and influencer marketing.
  • Feedback and Insights: Consider customers' feedback and insights for app improvement.

Get Alternative Of Monopoly Like Board Game 

Make board gaming platforms like Monopoly better for you with advanced features! Let Suffescom development wizards be your professional ally and help you develop and launch your app. Contact us now!

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