STEPN Clone Development | Launch Your Move To Earn App Like STEPN

STEPN Clone Development | Launch Your Move To Earn App Like STEPN

By Suffescom Solutions

July 20, 2022

STEPN Clone Development | Launch Your Move To Earn App Like STEPN

We are stepping into the modern and rapidly growing technology of web3 development. Where, platforms like Play-to-earn, watch-to-earn, and listen-to-earn are flourishing at a fast pace. At the same time Move to earn platform is also setting benchmarks to maintain users’ health with opportunities to earn in crypto. Therefore, the NFT-based web3 app STEPN is gaining huge popularity among the young generation.

With over a decade of experience in enterprise-graded applications, Suffescom Solution is the leader in blockchain development. We have designed and developed solutions for Metaverse-like technologies, P2E gaming platforms, NFT marketplaces, customized crypto wallet development, and more web3 platform & apps. Our 150+ blockchain developers have extensive knowledge of multiple blockchain platforms on Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Hyperledger Fabric and Sawtooth, EOS, Credits, Neo, and many more.

If you are planning to build a STEPN-like platform that brings more users to the web3 platform with certified blockchain security in the virtual world - STEPN Clone App Development is a perfect choice for your business. A ready-to-develop cost-effective solution embedded with ultra-modern features and functionalities lets you enjoy market opportunities in less time.

Want to explore more about the STEPN clone website & App? Wait, just have a look at who we are and why we are eligible to provide you with detailed information on STEPN like app development.

What is STEPN?

Move to earn platform STEPN, backed by Solana Blockchain technology that ensures swift trading, minting, and more activities. The platform is gaining more traction among gen Z, providing an immense advantage of earning while minting new sneakers on the platform and converting tokens into native currency. The platform combines Game-Fi and Social-FI to keep people engaged and benefit them.

Your True Tech Partners For STEPN Clone Development

Want tp develop a healthier lifestyle app like STEPN Clone? We're the well-established X to Earn development company that designs develops and deploy solutions to boost business growth.

What is STEPN Clone App Development?

STEPN Clone App Development is a ready-made solution that delivers you similar platform features and functionalities. A 100% customized platform ensures you can amend features as per your business requirements. The effortless solution enriches market research, planning, and execution.

Clones are replicas of the original platform. Therefore it saves the efforts of app development from scratch, saves time and developers’ efforts, and improves the chances of success in less time. When it’s about choosing technology, you can pick any blockchain technology or a combination of blockchain technologies to build platforms or operate functionalities. Experts can offer everything under one solution that makes your dream a reality.

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Metaverse allows users to experience a real-time imaginative world where users interact with Avatars. They can share gaming platforms, communicate on social networking platforms for shopping, exploring new places, meditating, or even walking. In other words, the metaverse is a replica of real-life activities.

STEPN clone app can develop with the elements of the future. It can help users to boost exercise and reward earning potential. Users can enjoy more places in the metaverse and go for more walks, jogging, or running activities. The creative feature will allow users to burn more calories without leaving space.

Learn: How To Play And Earn Rewards On STEPN Clone

Here we have defined workflow and how your users can play and earn rewards from STEPN clones.

  • Allow users to choose a sneaker that fits their fitness level. You can add various categories of shoes like walkers, joggers, runners, and trainers with GPS trackers.
  • Users can also find sneakers from the STEPN clone app to gain high energy levels.
  • Once the user chooses a sneaker, a detailed page defining quality, efficiency, comfort, and resilience will appear.
  • After selecting a sneaker, users can move outdoors to burn energy and earn handsome rewards.
  • With a GPS tracker, users can easily measure energy. Like, the STEPN app shows two signals - red and green. To earn rewards, allow your users to run within the green zone.
  • The next step is checking your earnings and sharing them on social media accounts.
  • Finally, allow your users to earn more rewards to obtain efficient sneakers.

The simple criteria of earning rewards by moving to allow your platform to flourish. Your STEPN clone app script can also offer reward-earning opportunities for users.

Essential Components of STEPN Clone Platform

Let’s have a quick look at the essential components of the STEPN Clone platform.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a structure that stores transactional records in blocks with public, private & hybrid networking. Therefore, it equips businesses with a secure, decentralized, and immutable experience to design more transparent, efficient, and automated business versions.

STEPN like app development offers the same features to build social-fi & game-fi platforms powered by blockchain security. So, you just need to choose the right set of blockchain technology among Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Hyperledger, ASTAR, etc. and go with your business plans.

NFT Marketplace

STEPN clone platform involves virtual buying, selling, and renting of shoes to track users’ steps. The ultimate feature of the platform cannot be achieved without the Whitelabel NFT marketplace. It keeps users' shoes secured with blockchain technology token standards.

Smart Contract

Smart contracts simplify business and trade between two anonymous and identified parties, sometimes without the need for a middleman. Embedded with predefined conditions, a smart contract enables users to fulfill transactions via virtual contract. Once the user is able to fulfill all the conditions mentioned in the smart contract, the asset will be transferred to the buyer on the STEPN platform in exchange for tokens.

Crypto Wallet

NFT transactions must happen with crypto wallets. Therefore, a crypto wallet is a mandatory feature of all NFT marketplaces. In the STEPN clone platform, users can only buy and sell GST & GMT tokens through a crypto wallet.


Tokens help to create a unique identity for every asset. These are backed by blockchain technology and can be designed in any token standards such as ERC720, ERC1155, ERC721, and more. You can also create your business name token such as STEPN and use GST and GMT tokens to fulfill buying, selling, repairing, level up, and other needs.


GPS trackers have a significant role in the STEPN Clone app. It helps users to track steps based on selected sneakers. It shows results in red and green signals to find real-time access, like whether the platform is considering your step or not. Green defines everything is going well, and red signals ask for improvement. Your every step counted by a GPS tracker helps you to earn money.

Experience The Potential of STEPN Clone Development Services

Create Your own M2E platform like STEPN. Our dedicated experts hold the best knowledge of NFTs and develpment skills to build NFT platforms with excellent features.

Features of STEPN Clone App

Let’s highlight the unique features of STEPN Clone App development.

Dual Token Model

The STEPN ecosystem is driven by a dual-token economy model for fundraising and utility. These two tokens are used to earn rewards through different methods.

  • Green Metaverse Token (GMT):

Available with a total supply of 6 billion.

  • Green Satoshi Token (GST):

Utility tokens are available in unlimited supply.

Burn Mechanism

As GMT & GST Tokens on the platform are available in limited supply, it becomes essential for users to burn tokens and facilitates more and more tokens. The process reduces demand through several in-app activities such as repair, unlocking, level-up, paying customization fees, shoe minting, upgrading gems, and more.

Decentralized Wallet

An in-built app offers a decentralized wallet to buy games and other sports tokens & assets in crypto.

In-app Marketplace

The in-app marketplace feature offers users the option to buy and rent NFT Sneakers. Buying involves you can use GMT and GST tokens to buy sneakers, whereas renting involves the usage of utility GST tokens only to pay rent. Users can also sell NFT Sneakers, badges, and gems at this marketplace.

Multi-Language Support

STEPN clone offers multi-language support in apps and websites. That makes it convenient for businesses to target different audiences without creating a language barrier.


The calendar feature in the STEPN Clone script enables users to schedule various activities in a sheet. It will define the number of steps taken daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and more and also define your timeline and agenda list on an hourly basis.

Social Media Integration

a website & App like STEPN integrates various social media accounts in one place. Users can share Steps information with fellows in a few clicks only and earn handsome rewards too.

Different Apps for iOS & Android

To meet the needs of different customers, STEPN chose to build different apps. You can go with the same model with our White label STEPN clone development and choose a cross-platform app as per business strategy.

Upcoming Features of STEPN Clone

As the website & App like STEPN is launching a new model of split earning for the users who rent sneakers, STEPN Clone can offer the same. By renting the sneakers, users can get a chance to interact with others and offer sneakers for rent. But there will be a condition attached as users must return the sneaker within 24 hours to the owner for repair and check. Further, the company does not define the rental period, so you can set it at 7 days for your platform, depending on the discussion with the owner.

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Revenue Generating Modules of STEPN Clone Script

STEPN clone income by charging small taxes on in-app activities such as NFT trading, minting, or renting. Users own all assets, and the majority of earnings are made from issuing GST & GMTs.


GST, or called Green Sathoshi Token: These tokens are acquired by users who want to participate in activities such as jogging, walking, running, and more. These tokens can be used by tenants who want to pay sneakers rent. Further, GST tokens are used to level up your sneakers repairing, sockets unlocking, shoe minting, or upgrading gems.


GMT (Green Metaverse Tokens) can also be called Governance tokens that are limited in supply. Premium game content users acquire these tokens to make and distribute profits. The high-level tokens are eligible to pay customization fees, level up sneakers, shoe minting, upgrade gems, and most cases.

Tech Stack Covered In STEPN Clone

To build your STEPN clone script, our experts use the following tech stacks.

Programming Language for backendMEAN or PHP | Solidity
ToolsAndroid Studio(Latest Version)
LanguageJava/Kotlin (Updated Language)
Web ServiceREST API's
Web Service FormatJson Format
DatabaseMongo, Back end database (MySql)
SQLite local databaseRoom local database
DesignUnity 3D for graphics
ResponsiveAll browsers & Devices

Why Suffescom Solutions for STEPN Clone App Development?

We have experience and expertise under one roof to deliver top-tier STEPN Clone App Development services. We have already developed complex blockchain technology projects for NFT, Gaming, and crypto launchpads that are grabbing a great chunk of market profits. Therefore, we have become a top choice of leading businesses.

NFT Marketplace Development:

Our experts have the experience to develop a customized NFT marketplace. Therefore, if you need any special feature in the ready-to-launch STEPN platform, we can provide you with ease.

Customized Token Standards Development:

Our customized token development services build our separate identity, among others. You can ask our experts for any requirement, and we are ready to fulfill them.

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Enter with us into the world of Move-To-Earn and develop an app like STEPN Clone now! We have a great experience to deliver top-tier STEPN clone app development services.

Crypto Wallet:

Whether you are looking for a customized wallet or a ready-made solution, we have a solution to meet all your needs.

Blockchain Expertise:

We have 5+ years in blockchain development and currently working with 150+ dedicated blockchain experts that have the potential to handle any technology to build your solution.

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We are just one call away from handling customer queries. You can approach us anytime with your question or issue during development.

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