The Rise Of Super App Development – The Detailed Guide to Launch White Label Super App

Imagine you have to plan a trip with your friends, and it includes the booking of the trip, transportation, play tickets for Japanese Breakfast. To plan and execute the whole thing, one needs to jump and shift between two applications. At times, this might seem a bit frustrating and can leave the user in great confusion. Yet, what if all the activity can be handled from one single application via the phone.

Launch Cross Platform Mobile Apps Development
  1. AI Ride services – Taxi ride, Car rental, and Moto rental.
  2. Delivery services – Food delivery, Courier delivery, Grocery delivery, Medicine delivery, Flower delivery, Fuel delivery, etc.
  3. Other services – Plumber, Electrician, Car wash, Reapir, Fitness,

This business idea will act as a gatekeeper for the wider array of fortes people do online. And it is predicted to be known as Super Apps. 

The introduction of Super Apps has managed to generate revenue of 51 billion U.S dollars in the year 2020. It has been predicted that the market size will be growing up to 163% by 2025, and it is expected to take a  hike from 51 billion dollars to 134 billion dollars. 

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Moving forward in this blog, we will be offering you the guide to build and launch a Super App.

The Perfect Guide For Super App Development

By now, you might have opened a second tab and googled “What is a super app and how does a super app work ?”. At first, this concept is highly new, and many of us are still not completely familiar with it. Technically, the Super App is a closed ecosystem of many apps where users can easily surf through each panel every day and offers an integrated, seamless, and efficient experience. 

Currently, the Super apps are transforming and evolving into a huge marketplace of all the services and offerings. And there are many huge players in the game, and with the help of in-house technology and third-party integrations, you can ace them all. 

The key elements to Super App Development

Super applications will possibly keep up with their moniker if they truly are really in the entirety of clients’ perspectives. They’ll have to accept patterns and attributes that shoppers expect in the market today. To do this, organisations dealing with super applications need to consider:

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Inclusivity – Apps need to work constantly. This implies moving

physical-world thinking to the advanced world as well as the other way around. Eliminating hindrances to

Inclusivity will bring about an encounter that is better for everybody. Super applications should push ahead with a cautious eye here.

Social obligation – Many applications have the amazing chance to make the world a superior spot, by what they do, yet by the way that they get it done. Does super applications total administrations that think about their effect on the climate? Take a transportation administration: is it adding to a dangerous atmospheric deviation or utilising green choices like electric vehicles? Is a super application adding to squander in helpless item bundling and transportation or lessening it?

Information security – Certain topographies like Europe, the US, and Canada have been more defensive of individual information than others. Information is a fundamental part of the achievement of a super application. The more information gathered, the better the contributions for people utilising it. Thus, once more, super application manufacturers should mesh security contemplations into their applications and address client concerns.

The presentation of the application is simply expected to be a one-stop arrangement and addresses the customer’s issues in general. To put it plainly, the super application offers a few administrations on a solitary stage. Regardless of whether it be an on-request basic food item conveyance application, a ride-booking application, or a money application to keep a beware of the stocks, every one of the things should be possible with simply a solitary application. The Super application gives the client the power and position to manage and incorporate the outsider trader’s administrations without bothering to download every application independently.

There is as of now an unending stock of portable applications on Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store ready to be found and downloaded. While the normal individual might have 80 applications on their telephone, the fact of the matter is a great many people just stick with 9 portable applications each day and 30 applications each month. Also, as indicated by Localytics, 71% of application clients stir inside the initial 90 days.

Moreover, the best 10 applications in any class on application stores see the largest part of the complete number of downloads and dynamic month-to-month clients consistently. From 2016 to 2020, the best 10 graphs have been involved by natural names, and the rundown doesn’t change a lot.

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The Super App model has as of now been picking its speed in developing business sectors like India, Southeast Asia, and South America. The U.S. model, or basically the Silicon Valley model, is to become upward first and afterward grow around the world. Then again, The point of these super application new companies is to grow on a level plane and catch explicit geology.

Are U.S. organizations hungry for a cut of the pie

Will super applications come to the U.S. market? The short reaction is: for sure, in any case.

Without a doubt, with Washington and the European Parliament obliging Big Tech for allowing more competition in the high-level business areas, things are looking more splendid for Western super applications to shape, but it will require quite a while for things to change under new rules.

There is no doubt that associations in the U.S. similarly need a cut of the sweet, sweet, super application pie. For example, Meta/Facebook makes no secret with respect to it by shipping off the Metaverse, which is fundamentally their version of the application store that could be worth trillions of dollars, according to Grayscale. This is the manner in which Meta plans to move forward in the resistance with Apple and Google since the last two made the principal “Application Store” and “Google Play Store,” which inferred the lay should continue sincerely they made.

In any case, the applications in the West really have very far to go to remain mindful of their Asian accomplices to the extent the number of features they offer in super applications, and reality will surface ultimately whether Meta can win with respect to fostering a “third” application store which relies upon the V.R. advancement, then again accepting that Apple’s presumed procedure of moreover seeking after the expanded reality (A.R.) region will be more reasonable, of course, if there will be new choices convincing Google and Apple to allow outcast portion into their applications stores.

Notwithstanding, this large number of potential changes benefit the tech goliaths and huge associations regardless of anything else.

The Monetization Model Of Super Apps 

The plan of action for super applications has developed well past its unique scope of contributions to cover administrations, including the way of life, diversion, and monetary requirements.

Over here we will be taking the example of Gojek like App, Uber for X. These apps create a lot of income every year. The followings are a portion of the adaptation procedures app employments

Business Commission

Super App accomplishes with organizations to assist them with making more deals by offering these organizations its activity. Consequently, It gets a commission from them on every one of the effective orders made utilizing the super application.

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Customer Fee 

Multi Services app gives an advantageous one-stop answer for clients by assisting them with addressing their necessities utilizing only one application as opposed to going to various applications for various prerequisites. Consequently, clients need to pay a little expense on each request sent.

Delivery commission

For each request drivers get to convey, they pay a little commission to apps. However long drivers are getting to convey a few orders and bring in cash, a little commission cut is working for both the gatherings.

Now let us move towards the steps towards super app development. 

Easy Steps To Build Super App Development

Coming up next are the simple steps that permit you to develop a super app. You really want to follow them to foster an effective application.

1. Select the right stage

For the structure of a super application, there are three choices accessible. Local application, Cross-stage, and web application are the three principle stages for the formation of an effective super application. The similarity of the Super Mobile App Development is conceivable both on Android and iOS. Contacting the designated crowd is workable for the clients.

2. Rundown of the astounding elements

To assemble an application like Super app, then, at that point, you incorporate a rundown of astonishing highlights. It ought to have an element of social reconciliation, GPS, and multi-language support. An element of timetable booking is conceivable with various on-request benefits. The appointments are conceivable consistently for the clients. There are message pop-ups accessible to the clients through the super application. The entryway instalment incorporation is fundamental for the structure of a super application.

3. Innovation stack with the application

For the help to the various functionalities, there is a requirement for the innovative stack. The treatment of various capacities is feasible to the clients. It is an absolute necessity highlight that you want to incorporate for building super applications. The innovation ought to give a suite to both Android and iOS.

4. Plan and improvement

Whenever you are finished with the objectives, then, at that point, you can focus on the plan and advancement. The utilization of the right wireframe is fundamental as it is the skeleton of the versatile application. The beginning ought to be with the real backend code to have the advantages.

5. Testing of the stage

To go live with the super application, then, at that point, there is a need to test the component. Ensure that the application is sans bug for the clients. The testing is through the ongoing clients to have the ideal experience for the people. The utilization of beta testing is an ideal decision accessible for the presentation of the testing. It is feasible to leave criticism on the application. The fixing of the bugs is vital for offer the application to the clients.

Moving forward we have listed down the feature for each deliverable in your super app development. Let us have a look at it – 

Features To Include In A Super App Deliverables 

The Customer Panel – 

In this section, the users can easily avail and filter the services as per their choice and can function seamlessly within the app. 

SignupProfile set upLanguage and general settingSelect a serviceFilter by location and other advanced filtersOrder detailsOrder historyLive order tracking
Payment & checkoutPayment methodsReview and RatingsIn-app chatIn-app callSchedule servicesSocial media loginsRidesharing

The Retailer Panel – 

This section is solely for the retailers in which they can manage each and everything. They can also run promo codes and campaigns as well. 

Login/SignupProfile set upDashboardOrder detailsAccept/Reject orderManage ordersManage listingsManage vouchers
Push notificationsCheck ratingsManage delivery timingOrder service historyProfit detailsIn-app chatIn-app message

Driver Panel – 

This section depicts the features for the delivery boy. In this panel, one can easily reject and accept the order request and manage it as well. 

Login/SignupDelivery statusOrder statusAccept/Reject ordersGPS navigationIn-app callReportsReviews/Feedbacks
Incoming ordersPush notifications

The Admin Panel – 

The panel itself offers the complete management and using the panel the admin can function, control & manage the business process.

DashboardManage vendorsManage categoriesGeneral settingsManage deliveriesManage customersManage multi-servicesManage products
Manage ordersManage delivery areasManage multi-currencyPush notificationsLoyalty programsCMS activity & logsFeedbacks and reviewsReports
Control managementManage multi-currencyPayment gatewaysSocial media profile managementOrder detailsTrack orders

Multiple Ranges Of Gojek’s Services

To ease the life of people, Gojek offers multiple ranges of services within a single mobile application. The user doesn’t need to hop from one app to another to acquire various facilities. This super-app has a lot to offer, right from banking services, social networking, online shopping, etc.

Gojek Service Types:


GoMart is a grocery delivery service offered by Gojek. It has joined hands with the grocery stores, small businesses, and corner stores from where the customers can choose the items for themselves. From the application, the customers can purchase the desired groceries for their daily routine. 

The process is extremely simple and convenient. It reduces the inconvenience caused by visiting the local grocery markets. After selecting the desired items, complete the procedure of payment online or offline after receiving goods. In the end, the Gojek driver picks up the order and delivers it to the customer. This Supermarket Grocery Delivery Mobile App like Go-Mart is responsible for providing fantastic services to the users. 


People who have a deeper connection with the food would understand what it feels like when you get to eat what you desire. One such service provided by the Gojek app is GoFood. It has become quite popular among people who want to explore every cuisine, whether local, traditional, international, etc. Everybody wants to indulge in their favorite food items without traveling. 

GoJek has moved one step forward in catering to the needs of a large section of people through the Go-Food Festival. It has its association with the top-selling food merchants, and this event has great activities for the public like entertaining competitions, music sessions, food sections, movie screenings, etc. 

The event takes place in considerable space and is decorated with fantastic detailing like beautiful showpieces, flowers, etc. A huge stage is set to screen the movies, and there are proper photo booths where people can take their pictures. Scrumptious food is served on the spot, but there is also an option of accepting orders from the Go-Food by looking for the Go-Food Festival on the application.

Event Booking App like Go-Tix:

GoJek also has an outstanding service called Go-Tix, which is an entertainment ticket selling service. Those days had gone when people used to wait in long queues to purchase any sort of tickets like movies, sports, plays, etc. It helps in organizing and selling the tickets. This incredible Go-Tix feature lets planners publicize the events and sell the tickets. It has fully tailored and adaptable ticketing software for generating, handling, and expanding events. It provides point-to-point solutions for ticketing sales.

Go-Tix helps the people reserve their desired seats in the venue without any difficulty. It has some features for the event organizers that are as under;

  • There is an option where the organizer has several alternatives, such as whether they want their show to be seen by everyone or to keep it limited to the invitees.
  • There is the facility to enter an unlimited amount of events without paying an additional price.
  • The availability of the several ticketing types includes extra value like segregating them according to the age groups. This grouping helps the customers in the easy booking of tickets in lesser time.


how to start business

The super application immediately went standard in Asian nations – with a portable first populace, homogeneous business sectors, obstructed contest, and tremendous government support, the development of a multi-reason environment appeared to be just normal.

Most likely, the super application pattern will keep on filling all through Asia and will pave the way for the On-Demand multiple service Industry in USA as well. An ever-increasing number of organizations overall see the capability of holding their clients inside their across-the-board applications. 

Building a super application can give you genuine upper hands:

  • The solace of utilizing just one spot to finish things offers an exceptional client experience
  • The reality you open up your space to various specialist organizations allows you to adapt your application without any problem
  • The execution of super applications gives you a more grounded computerized presence

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