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Opensource Metaverse Development Company
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Opensource Metaverse Development Company

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a renowned open-source metaverse development firm that aims to provide sophisticated and future-ready metaverse solutions. We have expertise in augmented reality, virtual reality, AI, ML, IoT, blockchain, and all the leading technologies. We leverage our expertise in designing and developing various metaverse elements like dApp, business software, NFT marketplaces, and virtual 3D space.

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Building Virtual Worlds The Opensource Way

Our virtual world developers focus on the content of the open-source metaverse platform. We use cutting-edge techniques to build a 3D world that offers an immersive experience to users. We, at Suffescom, focus on crafting 2D and 3D objects utilizing 3D graphics and simulation & rendering engines.

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Extraordinary Opensource Metaverse Development Services: We Offer

  • Opensource Metaverse Development

    Metaverse Application

    Get interactive metaverse development services for your business and become pioneer in metaverse. We offer end-to-end full-cycle development services, including front-end and back-end coding with smart contracts.

  • Opensource Metaverse Development

    3D Space Design

    We channel our creativity into building appealing 3D space designs such as landscapes, cities, and offices. With our in-depth knowledge of graphics and simulation, we achieve outstanding levels of realism.

  • Opensource Metaverse Development

    Integration Services

    Leverage our integration services for your metaverse platform from our highly experienced team of developers. We unlock the potential of your platform through various API integrations.

  • Opensource Metaverse Development

    Gaming Metaverse

    We are adept at offering gaming solutions in the metaverse. We seamlessly blend the games in the virtual world with numerous options such as live streaming, cryptocurrency, social media, etc.

  • Opensource Metaverse Development

    Open-source game development

    Our team ensures an end-to-end ecosystem of open-source game development in Metaverse. We can customize your game as per your desired complexity level to attract a wider user base.

  • Opensource Metaverse Development

    Metaverse NFT Marketplace

    The NFT marketplace is an essential element of the metaverse. Our team has the right skill set to develop a robust NFT marketplace that streamlines buying, selling, and trading of digital assets in the metaverse.

Build 3D Games and Proliferation of 3D Environments

We are an enthusiastic 3D environment design service provider. Building impeccable 3D games with interactive outdoors and indoors, engaging environment including streets, buildings, rooms, forests, etc., is our prime focus in the open-source metaverse.

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Best Opensource Metaverse Development Tools and Frameworks for Metaverse Development

Open-source ledger database solution


Our developers build a decentralized open-source platform to provide an XR environment and enhance the integration between blockchain and metaverse apps.

Open-source ledger database solution


Our team utilizes this developer-friendly open-source metaverse programming framework to create a 3D environment with rendering powered by Three.js or WebGL.

Open-source ledger database solution


We utilize open-source framework for 3D world creation. XREngine has great tools and offers voice- and video-based communication, user management, etc.

Open-source ledger database solution


Webaverse is another rising open-source platform utilized for switching companies' powers to users. We build a fully customizable metaverse platform with webaverse.

Open-source ledger database solution

WebXR Device API

We create a standardized API with the help of WebXR Device API to simplify the process of giving websites direct access to hardware devices like virtual and augmented reality gadgets.

Open-source ledger database solution


This is yet another open-source 3D modeling platform that our developers bring into use. With Blender, we create and manipulate 3D visualizations on 3D metaverse apps.

Ground Breaking Features of Open Source Metaverse

  • Opensource Metaverse Development Company

    Spatial Audio

    We build a metaverse with spatial audio features to make your users feel like the sound is coming from all around them.

  • Opensource Metaverse Development Company

    Hundreds of People Together

    We build virtual worlds where a horde of individuals can visit together for any activity without any problem.

  • Opensource Metaverse Development Company

    Custom Avatars

    We provide several customized avatars that allow platform users to change and arrive in any style they like.

  • Opensource Metaverse Development Company


    Our quick and collaborative move towards developing structures creates a replica of the physical world.

  • Opensource Metaverse Development Company

    One Server, All Platforms

    Our open-source metaverse platform is easily accessible through Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and macOS.

  • Opensource Metaverse Development Company

    Floss + Decentralized

    We create a 100% open-source platform with the full software stack required to develop an ideal metaverse world.

Our Top-notch Opensource Metaverse Development for Each Industry

  • Virtual Realities for Social

    Create a social platform in the metaverse with our experts using VR.

  • Virtual Realities for Education

    Give an immersive learning experience to students with our VR education solutions.

  • Virtual Realities for Enterprise

    Bring your unique enterprise idea and get it converted into a VR-based app.

  • Virtual Realities for Healthcare

    Ease your healthcare operations with our emerging solutions based on VR.

Opensource Metaverse Development Company

Top Metaverse OpenSource Gaming Projects

  • Opensource Metaverse Development Solutions

    It is an open-world massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Players get ownership of the assets in the form of NFTs.

  • Opensource Metaverse Development Solutions
    Chain of Alliance

    It is also on-chain role-playing and strategy game focusing on land management. It involves the creation and collection of Non-Fungible Tokens.

  • Opensource Metaverse Development Solutions
    Sandbox Metaverse

    It involves owning land and monetizing it in different ways. Hosting events, inviting friends, and constructing buildings are a few ways to monetize.

Opensource Metaverse Development Solutions Opensource Metaverse Development Solutions Opensource Metaverse Development Solutions

Building the Metaverse with Open Source

Hire Our developers for end-to-end ecosystem of open source metaverse software and applications.

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