Booking Clone Script: Kick Start A Booming Booking Business With Booking Clone

By Suffescom Solutions

August 16, 2021

Tour and travel are counted amongst the leading ones when it comes to the most popular business industries. A recent report suggested that the global contribution of tours and travel is around the US $ 7.6 trillion. Booking business being the top-notch and high revenue-generating segment, many entrepreneurs are inclined towards starting their travel booking businesses using online, free booking clones, online scripts, and so on. Now, no doubt there will be more competition, direct and indirect set-ups, especially when setting online booking businesses.

The industry is quite vast, and if you are planning to start a booking business, you need a sound thought plan and strategy. Not only this, for online set up it is a must to look for booking clone script. Such scripts are perfect for giving an excellent start to a business and make it a success. Keep reading to know in detail how you can start a booking business using an online booking script, clone, and model. Let’s explore!

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What is Booking Clone Script?

Now, before you dive to start a booking business online, it is a must for you to know about the booking clone script. And how it is going to help a set business online. Let’s get started!

Booking clone script is an online travel and accommodation-based script used to build a booking business online. With this script, you can easily offer hotels, accommodation, rentals, villas, apartments along with transportation (car, flight, bus, railway) bookings within it.

Such scripts include all the booking formats and act like clones of the original format, which you can use to start your own booking business online from the edge. Not only is it limited to booking, but you can also have hassle-free payment. It allows users to have online banking, credit & debit card, payment gateways, online wallets, and other options globally.

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Reasons To Choose Booking Clone

Now, if you are wondering why to choose a booking clone or how it can benefit you when it comes to generating profits online, we are here to answer you. Check out the top reasons that will let you know the importance of booking clone in detail.

how to start business

Easy exploration

People are very fond of traveling and exploring new places. The ratio of travelers increases every year, increasing the need for more travel and hotel booking script which allow them easy exploration.

Smart characteristics

Booking clone script are featured with an easy search bar, provide pick up and drop off facilities, different places with their prices, food options, accommodation services at one destination. Thus, adopting it for your business will help you to attract an audience with travel interest and generate high revenue for you at the same time. Here is more of what it includes:

  • Online reservations 
  • Host panel
  • Admin panel
  • User manage
  • Manage other features
  • Pick up and drop feature
  • Search bar
  • View and manage bookings

Allow inclusion of services

By booking clone script, you can offer different kinds of services in one place. It will help you to increase your customer base, attract more audiences, and satisfy them. Be it travel, accommodation, food, or tourism, a booking clone for travel business is best to include every service at one place.

Highly customizable

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner who is out to start a business, surely you need to address a lot of customers. Every customer has their own preferences and choices, and you as a business owner cannot do a service that works for all. In that case, providing a customization feature works best. And booking clone, in that case, can help you. It is highly customizable, allowing customers to view and manage their services according to their choices.

Simplifies the process

Building a booking business is a complex process and requires a lot of things to consider. Right from building digital infrastructure, everything needs to be done from scratch. And booking clone, in that case, can help out. With this clone, you can easily start your booking business and give your customers a platform to book travel and accommodation in an effective manner.

Salient Features of Booking Clone

Booking clone is one of the beautiful platforms for you to start a travel booking business. It has come a long way with exceptional features, proving itself amongst the leading platforms to rule modern tour and travel bookings. Check out some of the amazing features that the booking clone script has for its users:

  • Easy registration with sign up facility
  • Admin dashboard to manage users and host
  • Attractive dashboard comprising all the information
  • Email verification for security
  • Easy customization as per the needs of users and admin
  • View and management of photos and videos of hotels and travel destinations
  • Contact details  of hotels, visitors are readily available so that admin and users can have accessible communication
  • Easy customization of the website
  • Reservation facility in advance
  • Record keeping and expense management
  • Check-in and check out the facility
  • Search and filter option to get the right things
  • Digital payment gateways for hassle-free payments
  • FAQ categories comprising the answer of every query of the customer
  • Cancellation facility to cancel bookings if needed
  • Coupons and Deals section to make things within budget
  • High privacy is maintained
  • Easy social media sharing
  • Availability of live chat option for accessible communication
  • Revenue generation model

What is the User Flow of Booking Clone Script?

When we talk about the user flow of the hotel booking script, three users usually acknowledge the booking clone script.  Here are three primary users that operate within booking clone:

Admin: The admin is among the top players who have complete authority to manage guests and hosts simultaneously.  They are the one who takes full authority of all the actions and permissions taken on the script. Here is what more he or she can do:

  • Add more as many hotels as you want with a unique order ID for every booking
  • View and manage SEO-Friendly features including Meta Tags
  • View and manage all important booking details
  • Easy managing of all hotel orders and bookings
  • Manually approve customer reviews and comments before publishing them

Host: The host is another user that hosts the guest on the script.  He or she manages the rentals, bookings, and other requirements of the guests. Also, he or she is the one who has the authority to manage, view, add, and delete properties on booking clones. Here is where the host serves:

  • Log in within the booking clone script
  • Control panel to control and manage everything
  • Booking report of every guest that comes
  • Reports of guest, customers and everything that undergoes
  • Wallet for payment management and distribution
  • Cancellation of the booking and trips

Guest: Guests are your customers who visit you and opt for booking for traveling through your business. Guest creates the profile, edits the information and makes a booking, and communicates with the host. Here is more about what guests can do:

  • Search for a place where he or she wants to explore and stay
  • Check availability of the accommodation, flights
  • View and manage pictures and videos of the place and hotels
  • Fill in their details and book desired transport, place and accommodations
  • Payment submission according to his or her will
  • Can check refund status in case if canceled the booking 
  • Check for the latest deals, offers, and discounts to make things in the budget
  • Customers can refer their friends and loved ones

What To Look When Choosing Booking Clone Script?

After you have thought of choosing a booking clone script for your business, check out some considerations to make it successful.

Customizable panel: This is one of the major factors that decide the success of the clone script you choose. Now, you cannot stick with the same listings, prices, designs, and facilities of your businesses. It needs to change after every interval as per the market.  Thus, for this, you need to look for a booking clone script that is highly customizable.  With high customization, it will allow you to customize the things as per your needs.  You can easily change settings and disable and enable things as per your command.

Responsive Design

The other thing that you need to consider in a free booking clone script is its responsive design. Booking clone should be responsive enough that it responds to every action immediately that you do in it. This is a must so that you can provide your users with a convenient and user friendly platform to book  their travel destinations and stays.

Device friendly

Now not every script can be run on every device.  Thereby, you as a travel business owner must look for an online booking script that works well on any device.  It is important so that it does not make your customers feel stuck in bookings when they are out to book from their tables, tablets, PC or laptops. It should work on every device and provide convenience to the peak.   

Tools and features available

Not every booking clone script offers you the same features, tools and properties to run a travel business.  It is you who needs to know your business requirements and find the booking cloner scripts that meet your needs. Check for the latest features, tools,  facility and panel available in booking clone.


Last but not the least the booking clone script should be easily accessible for the users, guest and host.  Now you cannot have a typical clone which you are not able to understand, use and operate.  Thereby make sure that the booking clone script you choose is easy to understand by every user who comes across it.  For this check the availability of multi language,  customizations, themes, facility  and choose the one that offers the most convenient at times.

Important Segments Available In Booking Clone Script

Now, once you are out to use the booking clone script for your business, you must operate in different segments for the smooth functionality and working of the business.  Let’s have a look at other segments that you will find in the online booking script:

Currency Management: Your booking clone allows you to operate globally by providing users with currency management in this segment.  You can operate with any currency and can accept bookings from all over the globe along with easy payment operations.

Multiple languages: Now, making booking clones more acceptable to the audience allows them to operate in different languages. You can easily manage, edit, view, and add languages in booking clone script and run your business hassle-free no matter where you are operating the business.

Contact Management: Easy contact management lets users contact the admin anytime, anywhere for their booking queries.

Users Management: The other segment of the free booking script allows the admin to manage the users. Whether the user registers one or unregistered, it lets you view and manage your users without much hassle.

List property: The booking clone has another segment where you will ist properties for accommodation.  Whether you want to list a hotel, apartment, villa, or guest house, booking clones has everything covered.

Region Management: Also, such scripts allow you to manage the property listing and bookings according to the region. You can manage the city, locality, state and list the properties accordingly.

Wrapping Up: Undoubtedly, adopting a booking clone will offer you seamless benefits for your travel business. In this modern era presenting your business online has become a must to attract a wide audience, fetch more revenue, boost credibility and increase profit margins.   This is why we have brought you such booking clone scripts, free and online, that will help you start your travel business like a pro. 

Are you looking for a skilled on demand app development company that can build effective digital solutions? At Suffescom Solution, we understand what your travel business needs to survive in a competitive world.  And our booking clone scripts are for them. With top-notch features, functionality, and usability, our booking clone scripts got everything covered that is needed to revamp your business to digital platforms. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to know how we can help you with our expert services.

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