Want to level up your food delivery business? Foodpanda clone app is your safest bet.  With more and more businesses leveraging online platforms, the food industry is not far from doing the same. Be it restaurants, food shops, food hubs, or so on, delivering food has become an important service that helps them to attract […]

  • 8 September 2021
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  • Posted By: Suffescom Solutions

The Hours, Days, and Months during 2020 were not so good for restaurant owners – Things got a lot worse before they got better. So you also think the last year was the hardest one for operating your business and its expenses? Never be disappointed! With 2021 just here, you can look forward to new […]

As the technology kept evolving, there was a time when building a mobile app was only feasible for big players and industry giants. Yet, those days are over. It has become much easier and more accessible nowadays for smaller companies to build an app for their business. The usage of mobile devices has taken over […]

Everything You Need To Know About A Subscription-Based Grocery Delivery App As per a source, the number of adult grocery app users in the U.S. is projected to reach 40.4 million consumers by 2022.  Since the beginning of lockdown and social distancing norms, people keep looking for answers to the question: Are there any online […]

It’s no more an era of being called food lovers who struggle to connect with their favorite restaurants. Now as there is a solution to transform into a mobile app, the flavors of one’s wish can be served right on the doorstep using a few tabs. Online food ordering services have become something we all […]

For entrepreneurs, especially in this pandemic time, “Failing to Prepare Means, You’re Indeed Preparing to Fail.” A faithful saying that’s ultimately accepted and believed in the restaurant or food industry. Starting an online food delivery business is quite a profitable option, but one doesn’t make a fortune overnight without an ideal business model in place.  […]

The year 2021 is a year of hope wherein the world is looking forward to a covid-free life. Apart from it, the year has introduced us to some of the most amazing transformations that will define the coming years. And then there are some slogans that have caught the attention of business owners. One of […]