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Clubhouse Business Model | Social Audio Apps Development Company

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October 22, 2023

Clubhouse Business Model | Social Audio Apps Development Company

Clubhouse Business Model: Outshine Your Dreams With Social Audio Apps

The rising popularity of Clubhouse has become headlines of the town in a very short time. Therefore, almost every modern businessman is planning to launch an app like clubhouse and establish a similar clubhouse business model. If you are one! Wonderful. The blog is worth it for you. Here, you will get every detail regarding:

    • What exactly is a clubhouse?
    • What do the statistics state about the Clubhouse?
    • What is the clubhouse business model?
    • How can you build apps like a clubhouse to outshine your dreams?

So, keep reading and stay connected with us:

Audio/Chat App Development Company: Demo Ready

We have developed plethora of white label social audio/chat apps. Suffescom is waiting fro your queries for clubhouse type social audio app development and ready to resolve or provide you ready-made solutions.

Let’s Take a Look at Clubhouse Social Media App

The clubhouse is the most exclusive social media platform that allows users to join rooms and communicate via voice chat. After signing up with a name and profile photo, users are directed to the list of rooms created by members. Users can find any event, organize it as hosts, be active participants, or can only listen to favorite speakers. Lots of activities at the Clubhouse keep the users engaged with the app for a longer run.

Here, people from different niches can acquire new skills, enhance current ones, listen/tell success stories, or get deep into friendship. Moreover, people can connect with their favorite celebrities on this platform.

Clubhouse Business Model: What The Statistics State About

  • The Clubhouse has over 10 million downloads worldwide.
  • It grew from over 3.5 million global downloads to 8.1 million between 1 February – 16 February 2021. According to its CEO, Paul Davison, Clubhouse has about 2 million weekly active users.
  • In May 2020, Clubhouse’s net worth was $100 million.
  • A US-based capital firm named Andreessen Horowitz funding $12 millionTill now, 180 organizations and venture capitalists have invested in Clubhouse.Under the “Social Networking” category, Clubhouse is currently ranked #16 in the App Store

What is The Clubhouse Business Model?

The Clubhouse does not aim for any revenue generation models. Its major focus is to boost its user base, just like Facebook did in the early stages.

In April 2021, the Clubhouse started enabling creators to receive donations and monetize from their fans. Under the clubhouse revenue model, the company charges a certain percentage of commission on that as a gift or tips.

Apart from this, the company starts generating revenue from advertisements, selling offline events tickets hosted by major corporations, membership fees, and membership fees for access to premium content. You have learnt about what is a clubhouse, what major stats are, and what business model clubhouse is opting for success?

Now, it’s time to focus on your app like clubhouse and adopt the clubhouse app, business model. So, let’s go little miles with us

Choosing The Correct Real-time Audio Based Social Media App

As an example Clubhouse is one of the best Real-time audio based social media app. So if you are planing for developing a clubhouse type real time audio social media app?

Features Required As Per Clubhouse Business Model

If you want to start an app similar to Clubhouse which is fully packed with clubhouse original app features, then you must know about the same. The best-in-class interface provides a seamless and pleasant experience to users already a part of a world-famous app. Whether it’s about feeds, clubs, profiles, or search options, your users will get amazing solutions from a similar clubhouse app business.

So, planning to build an app like Clubhouse, don’t forget to check out the following functionality in your app.

1. User Profiles & Settings:

Creating a user profile is an obvious feature in any social media platform. It is also regarded as an entry point that allows users to join, showcase, and like pages. This feature should be segregated into different categories allowing users to reevaluate their interests, turn on/off notifications, find about the latest features, etc.

2. Sharing:

Clubhouse or similar apps are focusing on building social networks. Therefore sharing the app’s discussion rooms link via email or social media becomes a foremost need to invite more people to your app. It helps in boosting the user base and attracting new users.

3. Creating Spaces:

The easily establishing room protects you from listing in a never-ending flood of content. The host can divide the chat into rooms based on the target audience. Basically, this is the major factor for creating rooms on a clubhouse app. You can raise your hand if you want to say/contribute to a specific topic.

4. Moderators:

Leaving the app to function on its own can definitely lead to an increase in offensive content, harassment, and other negative aspects of human communication. Therefore, the moderator is a must-have feature in your app to protect your business name and brand from authentic content that can pay off in the long run. 

5. Invites

Invite-based discussion room creation works like a double-edged sword. It helps the users be specific and get involved in a healthy discussion. On the other hand, it limits the growth and users. People may lose interest if they aren’t invited to a specific group discussion.

Looking at the success of Clubhouse and improved functionalities, the idea of developing an attractive app is very common. So give your similar to clubhouse app business model wings, here we have listed some steps:

Healthy Research is the Pass-code

Good research can complete you halfway toward a successful app development business strategy. But, you cannot create a clubhouse like app without considering the clubhouse app business model and how it will impact your business. And strategies you can borrow from them to target your audience.

For instance, Clubhouse is a social media audio app for everyone to share thoughts. You can create such apps for specific groups such as doctors, students, or researchers to share their valuable ideas, new research, and more. For this, find out who will be your target audience and what features they want to see in an app

Establish Your MVP

Once you have done research work – like deciding the target audience and knowing features, it’s time to imagine the app you want to see. It’s hardly a feasible step. So, you can embark with a minimum viable product (MVP) version of an app for an optimal solution. The MVP version of the app includes all the functionalities from which you can omit non-essential features and functions.

Work on Your Elegant Design

When millions of similar apps are revolving, it becomes a little hard to imagine an app with an out-of-the-box design. Most of the apps have similar functionalities and even designs. So, the best strategy is to go with our well-experienced development team that gives you a reason to win over your competitors.

Top-notch design and streamlined functionality can add value to users’ satisfaction. Most importantly, you will get instant solutions to bugs and crashes. Still, you will get confused about the app design. You just need to define your business purpose, mission and get everything in your app from Suffescom experts.

Market Your App

Your app-building purpose is incomplete unless people are not aware of it. Therefore, pick an effective marketing strategy to flourish your business and app in the digital world. There are several techniques to market a business app. Firstly, you can begin with social media influencers and ask them to share your app’s details in their post or go with blog sharing and provide knowledge to your target audience.

How Audio Based Social Chat App Can Generate Good ROI?

Ask for Feedback

Right after the early adopter stage, now it’s time to get hands-on with your app. Reach your customers and ask them to share valuable data and analyze their feedback. The more people interact with your app, the more suggestions that lead to healthier scope for improvement. Asking our tech experts for your valuable suggestion, you will get everything in the app. It helps to build users’ trust, and you will get a better hand over modern technology.

Factors That Affect The Clubhouse Like App Final Price

Now, on the way to building a clubhouse business model with an app, it’s a complex notion to understand the final pricing factors. Because several details occupy a relatively new and uncrowded niche. So, let’s have a look at these factors:

Audience and Functionality

Will your app focus on certain customers? or will it be available for everyone? Can it be audio-based or chat features work for you? Answering these questions can help you to decide on an app from scratch. It will make it easier for developers to design niche apps.

The complexity of the app design

Apps like Clubhouse are known for simple and elegant designs. This is the major aspect that helps the business win over others’ strategies. So, make it an effortless design. Also, the more complex option you will choose, the higher you have to pay.

Platform and device Support

Are you planning to distribute apps exclusively on iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile? Or is your aim to support all platforms? In both ways, the cost for clubhouse clone app will be different. Developers have to test on various platforms and devices.


There is a cost after building your app, i.e., maintenance cost. The work continues to grow to meet software, hardware, and digital industry needs. For this, make sure your app should be developed once a year. You can also go with us for frequent updates for better and enhanced features.

Over to You!

The Clubhouse has become a super successful model so far with a huge user base. When it’s about your business model, do not expect to succeed without adding the secret sauce on your project, i.e., “Innovation.” So, come up to our experts with a unique idea and turn your dream into reality.

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