Enable Ready to Go Contact Less Dine In Your Restaurant with Software Solution

Today, the advent of technology can be seen in every industry. But, it brings a massive change in the restaurant industry. Everything goes contactless, whether it’s about placing an order or paying a bill. With dining in, taking out, or picking up features contactless dine-in Software has given a great contribution to turning users’ normal life into extraordinary. Therefore, 1 in 6 customers believes that dynamic QR code systems added safety and convenience in their life when dining out post-pandemic. 

If you are a restaurant owner and contactless dine-in is still out of your preview then this post is for your business. Just keep reading if you want to know and explore more about contactless dine-in solutions for your restaurant. 

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What Is Contactless Dining?

The contactless dine-in solution allows guests to scan restaurant barcodes and get instant access to restaurant menus in their gizmos. For this, restaurants need to upload a full menu, pricing details, nutritional information in the app. It will allow customers to place contactless orders, pay online, and leave notes. All the process goes without physically connecting with the restaurant or staff- THAT’S the power of contactless dine-in Software!

Contactless Ordering System For Your Restaurant

Contactless Menu 

The HIGH on tech and LOW on human contact is the motto for creating contactless menu ideas. It empowers restaurants businesses in the post corona with the opportunity of offering customized food services. For this, restaurants just need to create a digital menu that can be easily accessible from users’ mobile. 

Contactless Ordering

Each table will have a unique code that allows kitchen staff to receive orders and Recipe management seamlessly. On placing order customers get an order ticket number on their device, which will be further used to receive orders. Contactless dine-in Software sends all the device’s billing details and order details. 

Contactless Payment

Say goodbye to physical credit cards, pens, and paper bills in your restaurant. You just need to pick Top POS systems for restaurants and your customers will pay securely using their own device. Customers can also save the bills generated and slips are automatically saved in your app. You can also download it onto your device. 

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Contactless Dine-in Software: An Ideal Choice For Your Restaurant

To implement contactless dining in the System, you may need to set up a few technologies, the benefits of which can easily outweigh the time and expenses for installation. From improving safety and convenience, contactless dine-in makes the restaurant process faster. Let’s have a look, how it can foster your restaurant operations. 

  1. Reduces face-to-face contact 

The Contactless dine-in system greatly contributes to reducing face-to-face contact time between restaurant staff and customers. From reserving seats to paying bills, everything is available on taps. Even a dynamic QR code system has significance in restaurants, from scanning the menu to getting customized dishes on the table. Customers go happily, and nothing can stop your business from burgeoning.

  1. Eliminate touchpoints in Restaurants

Menus, condiments, billfolds, and credit card readers are the most used materials in every restaurant. Therefore restaurants are opting for a contactless dine-in solution to reduce the number of surfaces customers need to touch in your restaurant. It helps to boost customer safety and follow post-pandemic norms. Hence, instead of handling menus, pens, bills, customers just need to bring their own mobile device. The rest of the task is on your app!!

  1. Improves order accuracy 

Beyond following safety norms, another biggest benefit of contactless dine is to deliver accurate food. Restaurants mostly have loud and chaotic environments, which means it’s common for staff to misunderstand customers’ orders. Wearing face masks can be a reason for muffle conversation. But miscommunication has a higher chance to harm your restaurant’s reputation. In contrast, contactless ordering helps your business to overcome all these challenges. It will also be convenient for staff to save time on unordered items and ensure Inventory management. 

  1. Boost staff productivity 

Contactless dining means no time for back and forth activities for customers. Following the traditional restaurant practices, front-of-house staff needs to spend more time on the floor from receiving orders to multiple-time delivery till clearing bills. Moreover, sometimes it’s hard to calculate the correct bill, especially when you have many guests on the floor. Contactless dine software works as the best resource management system in your restaurant. From taking care of the ordering and payment process, everything goes contactless, ensuring more deliveries and reducing labor costs. 

  1. Faster table turnover

Table turn rate is an important matrix for any business. Therefore, reducing table time and helping clients to deliver things in less time becomes the main objective for every restaurant. Above that, safety norms also reduce the strength of tables in restaurants. Contactless dine-in Software can help in faster order placing and payment systems. It saves time and improves restaurant service. 

  1. Boost Check Sizes 

The ability to manage more people in restaurants is not only the concept that defines your business growth with a contactless dine system. There are more advantages to it. Modern customers believe in better services and personal space, even at restaurants. For this, they don’t hesitate to pay higher bills. A contactless dine-in system allows guests don’t wait for menus to be brought out, place orders, or pay bills. This means it brings more opportunities at your door to grow your food business.

  1. Give guests peace of mind. 

With the several real advantages, contactless dining in the System has many intangible benefits too. One way pandemic makes people more careful about health and touchpoints is that the restaurant app for contactless dine-in gives them complete satisfaction with minimum interactions. Moreover, a Feedback system for the contactless dine-in app also allows users to share valuable responses on the app. It helps businesses to work better on weak areas and boost customer satisfaction. 

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How contactless dine-in System work?

  • Firstly, customers will book an online table through a restaurant application.
  • Customers will get seat confirmation with time and other details on the same device. 
  • After reaching there, customers can directly go to the assigned table number and scan the QR code from their smartphone. By scanning, users will receive an online menu.
  • Once the user pickles the desired items from the menu, the order goes directly to the kitchen.
  • After preparation, the order will come directly to the table, and customers can start enjoying their meal.
  • When done, customers will receive an invoice on their smartphone to pay online. They can rate and review any time after they have left the restaurant.

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Understand the Stellar Features of Contactless dine-in

  • Quick Start Kit with a tablet to display orders, – table tent cards, and QR code stickers
  • Easy to customize price and menu
  • Easy menu-editing option from the dashboard
  • From placing an order to bill payment fully contactless in-house dining
  • Billing software system for Pre  and post Order  
  • In-app promotions opportunities to grow business
  • Email collection to encourage repeat visits 
  • Pay-At-Table Tablet with online ordering and payment capabilities
  • Guest surveys and reporting on safety and fastest services 
  • A hassle-free way to enter orders and take payments 
  • Personalized guest profiles show dietary preferences
  • The kitchen ticket screen shows accurate orders and delivers at the fastest pace

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Good to Say!!!

Contactless dining removes non-essential human interaction by replacing it with modern and seamless technology. It leads to changing people’s behaviour who was skeptical earlier, now they are more confident about dining out and successfully avoiding unsanitized surfaces. Even they avoid touching currency notes that can lead to a high risk of disease contamination. 

Now, it’s up to you!! Whether you want to step into a booming business opportunity or keep on reading one after another blog. Remember, you are also ignoring a big chunk of profits that others are gaining. Thus, it’s the right time to go ahead with your contactless dine-in solution!!

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