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How To Create PUBG Like Game In Metaverse?

By Suffescom Solutions

July 21, 2023

How To Create PUBG Like Game In Metaverse?

Since players no longer require consoles or desktop computers to play games, mobile gaming is on the rise in the smartphone era. Instead, users can play games whenever and wherever they want to while moving, travelling, or just passing the time. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) by Krafton is one of the most well-known mobile games. 1.27 million unique players have downloaded the game, and the development team intends to roll out PUBG NFT token features in 2023.

Launch Your Own Battle Game Like PUBG In Metaverse

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Due to the growing hype surrounding the metaverse, several businesses have recently committed significant financial resources to create their own NFTs or metaverse platforms for future virtual worlds. The creator of well-known video games like PUBG and BGMI, Krafton Inc., is the most recent company to embrace the metaverse trend after announcing a partnership with Naver Z to create its own "NFT metaverse platform."

Due to PUBG's enormous popularity, top game developers, startups, and businesses are scrambling to figure out "how to create PUBG like game in metaverse" that becomes popular. To give players the same kind of graphics and features that PUBG offers, developers of gaming apps must put in a lot of effort, technical know-how, and cost.

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Now without further wait, let’s get down to business.

To learn more about the process of creating gaming applications like PUBG in the metaverse, feel free to contact us. The Suffescom team will assist and direct you as effectively as possible. A comprehensive manual on metaverse game development can be found here.

Key Highlights

  • Krafton, the studio behind the smash battle royale game PUBG, has announced that its metaverse gaming platform will launch in 2023.
  • A rough estimate for game development costs can be around $50,000 to $1,50,000.
  • According to the agreement, Krafton owns 85% of the project, and Naver Z the remaining 15%.

What Is The Concept Used In PUBG?

If you're considering "how to create Pubg like game in metaverse," you should first be aware of how PUBG came to be. Tencent Mobile International Limited, a video game developer, released the popular mobile version of PUBG in February 2018. The features and concepts that PUBG offers have stunned mobile gamers worldwide. Since then, it has gained popularity among gamers all over the world.

The idea begins by simultaneously dropping all players off on a deserted island. Players must fight for their lives as the game's presence in the area decreases. The winner is the last player standing after the number of players is reduced to one. Approximately 60 million registered active players and 30 million active daily game users exist. There was a sizable community of PUBG mobile professionals who took part in international competitions.

The game doesn't contain any implausible or futuristic elements. Instead, PUBG makes use of a contemporary battlefield. Players move through forests, mountains, islands, and deserts. Players use structures like buildings and warehouses as cover as they ambush one another and engage in combat using a variety of weapons. One of PUBG's strengths is its arsenal. The game has about 40 weapons, giving players a variety of tools with which to engage in combat.

The Growth of Metaverse NFT Gaming

Let's look at the metaverse gaming sector to understand why PUBG has joined the metaverse and added NFT PUBG features. The mobile gaming market only contains a very small portion of metaverse gaming. While some metaverse-based games focus on desktop computers, most games are mobile-centric. The metaverse gaming market competes with traditional mobile gaming by providing cutting-edge technological features and GameFi solutions.

Beginning with simple, arcade-style games, traditional mobile gaming gave players access to various games. More ambitious projects are, however, being developed for the current mobile gaming market. These projects bring modern graphics and appealing game mechanics comparable to PC and console games. Modern smartphones have cutting-edge technology that allows developers to create immersive gaming experiences for mobile devices.

Business Benefits of PUBG Like Game Development In Metaverse

New Income Streams

Selling digital goods on online marketplaces has generated millions of dollars. To open up new revenue opportunities, create and distribute digital twins for users in the metaverse.

Global Search

Take advantage of the opportunity to contact potential customers wherever you are. Remove geographic restrictions to increase your earning potential.

Advertising Opportunities

Promote your products and services to everyone who inhabits the metaverse. Expand your audience and cater to the various needs of people.

Product Development

Use digital twins to find out how your customers react to your offerings. You can raise your revenue by introducing comparable products into the real world.

Customer Satisfaction

Allow your customers to interact with your products and services (VR) by utilizing artificial intelligence (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Improve your customers' overall experience by hastening the purchasing process.

Revolutionizing Gaming Through Modern Metaverse Gaming Solutions

Experience the future of metaverse gaming today with PUBG-like virtual gaming solutions - the ultimate destination for gamers seeking limitless exploration and adventure.

Factors Responsible For PUBG Game Success

Let's first understand the game's theme and concept and why it has become so popular in such a short period of time before delving deeply into the game development costs and technologies needed to create a game like PUBG in the metaverse.

Amazing Idea

A game development company named Tencent created the game's mobile app and released it on Android and iOS one year after its launch in 2017. The game's concept, in which players compete to be the last one standing after landing on an 8* 8 km island with 99 other players, was brilliant and addictive. For a good game feel, the players can also use a variety of vehicles and weapons.

Perfect Launch Strategy

Despite the game's popularity on desktop, the PUBG developers did not want to take any chances and only made this fantastic app available to Canadians. The plan was to test the game to see how the intended audience would react to the mobile version. This is an excellent method for game developers to fix the bug visible at the game launch.

Amazing Graphics

PUBG's graphics are astounding, especially when played at the highest settings. However, the map detail and textures are generally less than in the PC or console release. What makes the players unique is that they can access a few different features that let you adjust the designs for your device's preferred performance. Therefore, you can alter your frame rate from low to high or the detail designs from smooth to HD. There are even a few colour options that you can use to change them from subdued tones to something even more brilliant and vivid.

Achievements Sharing

In today's digital world, everyone wants to socially share their progress and accomplishments on the top social media platforms. By enabling the sharing feature in your app, users can share their game progress and scores on social media sites, gratifying users and giving your app free publicity. This indirectly aids in the popularity of your game.

UI/UX With Modifiable Controls

Before developing a mobile game like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, it's crucial to comprehend player needs fully. The controls must be touch-screen. Players use the default configuration and a virtual control stick to play. The other thumb must control the point on the right side of the screen.

The same actions, such as learning and free-looking, are available on the PC once players become accustomed to this layout. Players can alter the layout, size, and transparency by moving the virtual buttons around. It is also possible to save numerous layout presentations.

Money-Making Strategy

It is surprisingly free to download and play despite its widespread appeal and addictive nature. Some players enjoy the game without spending money, while others cannot progress without purchasing special items. Additionally, the game offers stunning visuals and audible effects that entice players to continue their adventure, connect with other players, earn rewards, and challenge them with competitions.

Tech Stack To Build Game Like PUBG In Metaverse

Hiring a metaverse development company with qualified professionals in the following technologies is one of the best ways to develop a mobile app like PUBG, which requires a variety of technological giants:


Java is a general-purpose programming language that aids in creating cross-platform applications that are quick, dependable, and secure. Globally, Java is used to program close to 3 billion devices. The first recognized language for creating Android games is Java.


Python is a high-level programming language that can be used for both small- and big-scale application development. Python makes it easier for programmers to create websites, web applications, and desktop GUI applications. Additionally, it incorporates cutting-edge technologies like machine learning (MI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Pearl 6

List evaluation, junction, auto threading, and other highly functional programming operations are performed using Pearl 6, an object-oriented programming language. It is also regarded as a dynamic programming language for creating popular and demanding game applications like PUBG. It has also been advantageous for developers because it makes using Javascript, powerful object orientation, short coding, and chained comparison easier.

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4, a unique game engine platform created by Epic Games, is used to create the PUBG video game. This platform offers audiences realistic graphics and is entirely based on C++.

PUBG Like Metaverse Game Development Process

Create Visual Content

The visuals and graphics in metaverse games are crucial. Our development team employs cutting-edge technology and works to improve the gameplay's aesthetic appeal in addition to the narrative to capture players' attention.

Increase Audio Effects

Sound effects add to the gameplay's excitement for the players. Without sound, a game might not seem engaging. Knowing this, our experts incorporate sound effects and character voices into the game.

Testing And Deployment

A skilled team constantly plays the game throughout the testing phase to find and fix bugs. Once any found bugs have been fixed and the game is prepared for release, our experts will certify it as bug-free.


We incorporate the newest features into the metaverse NFT gaming platforms to stay current with trends. Our developers promise to help you with hassle-free scaling and future upgrades even after the deployment.

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Choosing Suffescom For Developing PUBG Like Game In Metaverse

Decentralized Games Development

Suffescom builds unique metaverse platforms for hosting, creating, and releasing games. Users can create their own games and earn money on the platform using a custom game creator integrated into the metaverse.

NFT Marketplace Development

We create metaverse games from scratch and incorporate NFTs into already-existing games. Our team creates in-game NFT marketplaces that facilitate exchanging of digital goods, including in-game lands, characters, skins, weapons, etc.

Tokenization And In-Game Economy

Our metaverse game developers build their own unique crypto tokens specifically for in-game transactions on top of reliable blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, etc. We also implement play-to-earn mechanics and NFT trading to create player-driven economies.

Virtual Interaction Features

Our metaverse game studios' developers incorporate customizable social avatars and numerous communication channels, like voice and chat, into the metaverse to enable rich user interactions and PvP features.

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