Effective Tips to Make Your Influencer Marketing Work in 2017

Influencer marketing is an evolving trend in SEO; it lets you offer enhanced user engagement, generate more traffic, increase brand visibility and more. Actually, it is a digital and modern version of word-of-mouth marketing strategies, that is becoming popular as people prefer hearing from those whom they like and admire.

However, for getting best results from your influencer marketing, you need to ensure that the strategies you are implementing are not only effective but are made as per the latest trends. Here are the latest influencer marketing strategies for 2017 that would let you get success in your marketing campaign.

Set your goals
No one has the time to read and respond to the longer messages; you need to be to the point while communicating with your influencer. And obviously, for that, you need to be clear about what you want to accomplish. So, the first thing in the influencer marketing is setting your goals that you want to achieve with the help of your influencers.
However, no matter what is your goal, you just need to be sure about it. It can be the promotion of a new product, brand awareness, an increase in the traffic/sales or any other.

Start your search for influencers
Once you set your goal/goals, it is the time to look out for the influencers. No doubt there would be many but all of them would not be a right fit for your business and goals. So, what you need to do is reaching out the influencers who deal in the desired target market and can help you accomplish your goals. You need to make sure that they deal in the same demographic as of yours. Make a list of all you find appropriate for you.

Choose the right influencers
Now, you would be having a long list of influencers among whom you need to find the right ones. Though the process of choosing the right influencers is easy, it needs efforts from your side. You need to check their profiles on different social media platforms and analyze what type of content they create. Check their bios, recent content updates, photos and videos to know how they interact with their audience. You can also go through their interests and likes. All this information will not only let you know more about them but will also help you in approaching them the right way.

Approach them on different platforms
The next step is to approach them. If you are thinking that an email with some attention grabbing subject will work, you are wrong. Influencers get hundreds of emails in their inbox daily, so great chances are there that your email would be lost. You need to do something to make your name familiar to the influence as it would increase the chances of getting your email read.
Therefore, before you write an email to your influencer, connect them on different platforms. For an instance, follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook; like their posts; comment their posts with some relevant text; subscribe to their YouTube channel, etc. All these things will make your name familiar to them and will increase the chances that they will read your email.

Make your email an outstanding one
Getting the potential influencers read your mail is not enough; you need to ensure a positive response from them. And this would only be possible if you write an attractive message. Here are some tips:
– Keep your subject short but attention grabbing
– Start your message with a personal greeting
– Compliment their work and mention what you like about them
– Specify why you are writing to them. Be concise and clear in this.
– Add an appropriate closing salutation

Build a personal relationship with the influencers
Once you receive the desired response from your potential influencers, make efforts to build a relationship with them. Be quick to reply their queries, make time to interact with them, ask if you can do any favor to them and look for the other ways you can enhance your relationship with them.

Analyze the results
You would feel great while getting the specific influencers working with you but that’s not the real result. You need to analyze whether the initiative taken by them are working effectively to achieve your goals or not. Success is only when you would achieve your goals.

No doubt that influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with your target audience and achieve your SEO goals but it is only beneficial if done right. Otherwise, a lot of time and money will be wasted. And the inappropriate efforts can also make negative effects on your marketing campaigns. You can follow the above-given tips to ensure that you are going the right way for getting success through influencer marketing.