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Budget Your Game With Game Cost Calculator

By Suffescom Solutions

September 19, 2023

Budget Your Game With Game Cost Calculator

Millions of people enjoy games on their smartphones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles, making game development a fast-expanding industry. But it takes more than talented programmers and a decent idea to make a successful game. The development cost is one of the most crucial aspects to consider. Understanding the costs of creating a video game aids publishers and developers in making wise choices and avoiding costly mistakes.

Developing a video game is estimated using a game development cost calculator that considers platform, graphics, and gameplay mechanics. We'll talk about how much it costs to create a mobile game and why it's important for anyone trying to break into the mobile gaming market to grasp this cost.

Game designers and developers have a game cost calculator to estimate the cost of the game to be developed. Giving the customer game development cost estimation on time with a game development cost calculator can save them time and effort. Game cost estimation covers whatever external features you want to incorporate, including push alerts, a QR code scanner, an activity feed, in-game purchases, and a game content management system.

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Talk about your project's tech stack demands with one of our specialists. Within a day or two, we will give you the full budget for your game project. Let's work together to give your vision for a game some wings. Before stepping into the gaming business, Suffescom, a reputable game development company, strongly advises going through this post.

Game Development Cost Calculator

The game development cost calculator is a tool to estimate the expense of creating a video game. Suffescom’s gaming cost calculator is useful for estimating the potential cost of game development. It could be a good place to start when organizing and setting a budget for your project.

The cost of developing a mobile game might vary greatly depending on several variables. The platform the game will be released on, its complexity, the required degree of graphic and audio quality, the number and experience of the development team, and the project's timeframe are some factors that can influence the final cost estimate.

It's critical to remember that the calculator's estimate is just that—an estimate. Depending on the particular needs of your project and the experience and knowledge of the development team you select to work with, the actual cost of development may be higher or cheaper.

Our gaming cost calculator gives estimates that, while generally in line with industry averages, could change depending on the user's individual inputs. To ensure a successful and profitable game, creators must carefully analyze the unique requirements of their project and collaborate with reputable and experienced development teams like Suffescom. The cost of developing a game can vary significantly depending on several variables.

Game Cost Calculator Working

Navigate to the "Cost" section of the gaming website to access the calculator. After that, you will be asked to provide some basic data about your game, like the platform it will be distributed on, the kind of game it is, and the desired quality of the visuals and music.

After you have supplied this data, the calculator will produce an estimated cost for your game development project. The estimate will be broken down into other areas, such as testing, design, and programming, so you can understand where most expenses will be spent.

Several factors can affect the final cost of developing a mobile game. These variables include the degree of difficulty of the game, the platform it will be released on, the features it will have, the caliber of the graphics and audio, the length of playtime, and the qualifications and experience of the development team.

The game's complexity is one of the most important elements affecting the development cost. Compared to a complicated game with advanced features, complex gameplay mechanics, and high-quality visuals, a simple puzzle game with minimal programming requirements and simplistic graphics will be substantially less expensive.

The cost of game development also depends on the platform for which it will be distributed. A single platform, like iOS or Android, will cost less to build a game than numerous platforms. The cost of development may increase with the inclusion of features like multiplayer modes, in-app purchases, and other integrations. As detailed art and sound need more time and money to create, high-quality graphics and audio add to the overall cost.

Characteristics Of A Reliable Game Cost Calculator

The best tool for companies or developers to assess the cost of gaming applications precisely is unquestionably a game cost calculator. Such software benefits the sector by ultimately saving time and effort. However, users must receive the advantages they hope for for a gaming cost calculator to be most effective.

Cost Analysis For Each Segment

An excellent game development cost calculator enables developers to estimate each stage of the creation process. And by doing so, it illustrates how each activity is valued. Developers can use this to examine the process cost and provide their clients with delicate details. With a cost breakdown tool, you can completely comprehend why the cost estimation is lower or higher.

Precise Cost Analysis

Every developer wants a game cost calculator to achieve precise cost evaluation results. Therefore, this requirement must be met by a solid gaming software cost calculator. A calculator must be effective enough to provide precise results without mistakes. This makes it simple for developers to offer the ideal cost for game development. 

Should Offer Structure

The effectiveness of the structure is another feature that makes a game price calculator ideal. It should give game developers the framework they require for their creations. Ensure it provides information on every feature that must be included in the game.

Calculate The Launch Window

The game cost calculator should estimate the time required to launch your game, which is another feature. Analyzing the time at every section with a game cost calculator should be simple. The developers may quickly and easily calculate hourly rates and estimate the cost to the client with this.

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Factors To Be Considered When Pricing Your Product

Creating a game development cost estimate can be complex and depends on various factors such as the platform, game complexity, team size, and more. There's no one-size-fits-all calculator, but we provide a general breakdown of cost factors to consider.

  • The size and expertise of the team greatly impact costs. This includes programmers, artists, designers, and testers.
  • Costs associated with conceptualizing the game, creating the story, and designing gameplay mechanics.
  • Expenses for 2D/3D art, character design, animations, and UI/UX design.
  • Costs related to game coding include backend systems, game engine licenses, and tools.
  • Fees for sound effects, music composition, and voice acting if needed.
  • Budget for bug testing, QA testing, and debugging.
  • Money is allocated for advertising, PR, and marketing efforts.
  • Costs to publish the game on platforms like Steam, Apple App Store, or Google Play Store.
  • Expenses for translating the game into multiple languages.
  • Ongoing costs for updates, bug fixes, and customer support.
  • Licensing fees for third-party software, hardware, and unexpected expenses.

Frequent Queries In Your Game Development Process

The development of your game can be scheduled in four simple steps. As follows:

What should be done?

You must know the number of levels, sound effects, menu screens, code libraries, and other game-related details. Buying equipment, renting an office, connecting phone lines, and other things are necessary.

Who will execute it?

You can pick who will do what depending on what has to be done. You must have the appropriate amount of artists on hand if your game features a lot of art. You must consider the best game development company for the process.

What tools are required to complete the task?

You must increase office space, furniture, computers, software, and salaries for every new team member. This also refers to the gaming software each team member will require and any necessary 3D/2D tools and programming tools.

When is the deadline?

Everyone needs specific timetables and knowledge of how their job affects the overall project. Deadlines that are established must be kept. One team member missing a deadline can significantly impact the entire group.

Game Development Cost Estimation

Till now, we have understood the concept of the calculator to find the estimated cost of game development. Further, we will discuss the game development cost estimation breakdown explained by our experts. The game development cost starts from $15,000 and varies according to the app's functionalities. Look at the tables below that estimate game development cost per the game type, platform, general features, and development team location.

Game Type
Development Cost
1.Basic Games
Start from $15,000
2.Hyper Casual GamesStart from $25,000
3.Casual GamesStart from $50,000
4.Mid-Core GamesStart from $70,000
5.Hardcore GamesStart from $100,000
6.AAA GamesStart from $300,000
Game PlatformDevelopment Cost
iOS gamesStarting cost $20,000
Android gamesStarting cost $30,000
Cross-platform gamesStarting cost $40,000
Web gamesStarting cost $80,000
Game FeaturesDevelopment Cost
Design Document Creation$1500-$5000
Level Design$2000-$9000
Project Management$500-$1000

NOTE: The game development cost is presented in this table as an overall estimate. Depending on the needs of the project, the cost considerations may change.

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