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How Much Does It Cost To Build a Grocery App?

By Suffescom Solutions

February 03, 2024

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Grocery App?

The constant upgradation of technology has played in the favor of mobile app development. Nowadays there are mobile apps for every business be it a taxi, food, liquor, flower delivery, etc. Following their footsteps, grocery businesses have also taken a step forward and have come up with their own on demand applications.

Developing a grocery mobile app helps gain huge traction, elevates brand popularity, and boosts sales and profits for businesses. Similarly, for the customers it acts as a boon as they don't have to travel to buy items, no need to stand outside long queues, and on the contrary receive enormous discounts and rewards that are not available in an offline purchase.

If you wish to take your business to the next level, it's time to level up your game and develop an intuitive app with mesmerizing features. For the exact precise quote, we have dissected everything in detail. Various factors play a part in the grocery app development cost; we have enlisted the pivotal ones here, but before that let’s have a quick look at the stats;

Grocery Delivery App Development Cost

The cost of developing a whitelabel grocery delivery app can vary widely depending on features, platform (iOS, Android), complexity, and developer rates, typically ranging from $20,000 to $60,000.

Key Statistics Linked With Grocery App Development Cost

  • By 2024, the grocery delivery market is predicted to acquire revenue of $786.80bn.
  • By 2025, global online grocery sales are predicted to grow to $810 bn.
  • It has been seen that about 28% of American adults perform online grocery shopping once every month.
  • Instacart, Walmart, Getir, GoPuff, and Shipt are some of the popular grocery delivery apps.

Parameters Influencing Grocery Delivery App Development Cost

Development Process

The on demand grocery delivery app development cost is directly proportional to the time taken to build the app. There are several phases involved in the app development process and each one of them takes a couple of days i.e. entirely dependent upon the attributes to be added.


Our talented team will discuss all your business goals, create the timeline, and give suggestions for the feature integration, including services, and based on that decide the budget.


We kickstart the project with ample research and planning. It encompasses the target audience, the kind of services they want, the already available ones in the market, etc.


The next step is to create a robust roadmap where everything related to the project is defined such as timeline, project scope, and budget.

Design And Development

The wireframing of the app is created that includes what attributes need to be added. Our team will build the entire app skeleton and after discussing with the client will instill the features.

All the backend and front-end processes take place to make a highly scalable, secure, and responsive app.

Quality Assurance

The developed app is further tested for bugs by the implementation of several testing techniques.

Launch And Maintenance

The error-free app is launched for the dedicated user for public usage and if any technical glitches occur, we also offer post-maintenance services.

Marketing Services

Our proficient marketing team provides top-notch services that help promote the app on every platform.

Start Grocery Delivery Business With Cost Effective Solutions

Every grocery business owner want to know the grocery app development cost. We have delivered multiple applications at lowest price for delivery businesses. Shift your offline grocery business on online with our top class grocery app development solutions.

Development ProcessCost Estimation
Planning And Research$4500-$5500
Launch And Maintenance$5000-$6500


Integrated Features

Before embedding the features, the app is categorized into four major categories. Those are the customer app, admin panel, delivery agent app, and vendor manager app. All of them have different functionalities, here we have mentioned some of them;

Customer App

Advance Search Filter

Helps in easy navigation of the item by the user across different categories for quick checkout.

Instant Alerts

Provides information about the recent upgrades, offers, rewards, and coupons to the customers.

Real-Time Tracking

With this feature, the users get to know the exact details of their item delivery status in real time.

Payment Gateway

The payment is made available through various payment methods such as credit/debit cards, wallets, cash on delivery, etc.

Admin Panel

Interactive Dashboard

With an intuitive dashboard, various key metrics are displayed showing profit and loss. It also handles inventory updates and other business operations.

Order Management

This feature allows for properly managing the order from the time of getting confirmed, assigning delivery personnel, in-transit, and final delivery.

Plan Discounts & Promotions

Enables admin to plan and run discounts and promotional offers directly on the app to attract customers.

Payment Management

All the transactions are managed and viewed by the admin including transaction history, refunds, tax & commission management.

Delivery Person App

Accept/Reject Requests

Allows the driver to accept and decline order requests for any reason whatsoever due to limited slots or afar locations.

Route Optimization

The drivers are provided with suggestions related to the fastest/shortest routes according to the customer’s location to deliver orders on time.

In-app chat

The drivers are allowed to have conversations with the vendor and the customers through a flawless in-app chat feature.

Work History

The information related to overall traveled distance, and total trips embarked on, are available to the drivers to check their performance metrics.

Geo Maps

With this feature, drivers get exact customer locations through GPS and Google/Apple maps to avoid any obstruction.

Vendor Panel

Track Payments

This attribute enables store owners to check the pending/successful payments by simply adding the account details.

Items Management

The addition and update of the items, their prices, and quantity are managed perfectly through this feature.

Order Alerts

The details related to the new orders are provided to the store owners through notifications and quick alerts.

Add /Delete Items

The vendor can easily add and delete the items from the featured list as per their availability


The app development process is heavily dependent on the use of tools and technologies. It includes various coding techniques, frameworks, APIs, operating systems, programming languages, front/back-end tools, data storage, etc.

For grocery app development, we use ultra-modern technology stacks that make it convenient to build the app and push it toward success. Check them out here;

Programming Languages

Android Mobile App: Java, Kotlin

iOS: Objective-C, Swift

Cross-Platform: React Native, Flutter

App Development Tools

Android: Android Studio, Android SDK

iOS: Apple Xcode, iOS SDK

Cloud Computing Environment

AWS, Azure, Google


MongoDB, Redis, Couchbase

Payment Methods

Stripe, Recurly, PayPal, Chargebee

The tech-stacks cost breakdown is discussed in the table below;

Tech-StacksCost Estimation
Programming Languages$7000-$12000
Artificial Intelligence$8000- $15000
Operating system$10000-$14000
Cloud storage$12000-$15000

App Complexity

App development is not an easy task, there are a lot of complexities that arise due to many factors such as the level of coding, design type, multi-threaded queue servers, increasing scalability, adding new functionalities, etc.

Based on the intricacies and complications involved, the grocery app development cost depends.

App ComplexityGrocery Delivery App Development Cost

Company’s Size

It's quite comprehensive to understand, more the no. of employees, the amount of work done is also going to be greater. Considering a startup, the team is smaller, and hence the charges will be less. On the contrary, a well-flourished company will definitely charge more

Company’s SizeNo. of employeesDevelopment Cost
Small ScaleUp to 50$10000-$20000
Medium Scale50-250$200000-$35000
Large Scale>250>$35000

Moreover, the geo location of the development company/developers also plays an important role in app development. Those regions that are the hub of technology charge heavily as compared to moderately evolved ones.

Instill advanced attributes and dive into the domain of app development and tailor everything according to your business requirements. Empower your business effortlessly and acquire a personalized experience that helps you drive exponential growth in this competitive industry.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop On Demand Grocery App?

Grocery app development cost based on its features, complexity. Suffescom Solutions delivered plethora of applications at lowest price average price start from $15000 to $50000. 

What Are The Advantages Of Grocery Delivery Apps?

Building an app serves an extensive purpose to everyone involved with the project and talking specifically about the businesses, the perks are even more.

Seamless Operations

Grocery delivery apps perform numerous operations with absolute ease due to swift navigation for every user be it a customer, driver, or vendor.

Huge Profits

The users are lured towards such kinds of apps because of advanced features and easing their tasks. Getting more traction and lead conversion results in increased sales and profits.

Global Reach

A feature-rich and outstandingly designed grocery delivery apps have the potential to broaden customer reach. The more user-friendly the app is, the more it will cater to different age types, thereby leading to a massive user base across the globe.

Amplified customer loyalty

The availability of various rewards, loyalty programs, and discounts for existing users results in increased customer loyalty. These gestures motivate customers to be a part of the business for a very long time.

Cost Savings

In the traditional landscape, the majority of the cost is invested in hiring manpower. However, with the online app development, the initial investment is made during the development and maintenance phase.

After that, all the business operations are performed automatically without any human intervention. On top of that, everything from order processing to inventory management is handled effectively, leading to cost savings.

Data Insights

Grocery delivery apps gather valuable data based on user behavior such as their order history, purchasing patterns, and choices. Such data helps make accurate decisions as to which items need to be stocked in hefty amounts, running what kind of promotions, and providing discounts

What Are The Reasons For Hiring Suffescom For Your Grocery App Development?

Suffescom is a popular on demand mobile app development company with more than a decade of experience in the IT domain. We have the potential to implement the strategies and add features that are aligned with the project requirements. Our experts decide the grocery delivery app development cost by validating every detail in depth.

Below we have mentioned some of the top reasons that differentiate us from our competitors;

  1. On-Time App Delivery
  2. 24*7 Customer Support
  3. Cost-effective Prices
  4. Seamless App Submission
  5. Vetted Developers
  6. Advanced Tech Stacks

Talk to our experts, discuss your project ideas, and get the precise grocery app development cost breakdown.


Grocery delivery apps have become trendsetters and have already taken a giant leap in the on-demand market. The biggest problem faced by the customers was to get out of their homes and purchase daily groceries. This pain point is fully eliminated by the app development companies.

If you want to take your business to the next level but are stuck in the app development cycle, it's time to connect with the best mobile app development company. Suffescom is one such firm that has the relevant proficiency and expertise. Our talented team of developers is highly committed to transforming your dreams into reality.

Leverage the full potential of our tech prowess and make sure your business flourishes in this current digital age. Don't let go of this opportunity and reach out to our team and start your app development journey with us.

FAQs Related To Grocery Delivery App Development

What are the essential features of a grocery delivery app?

Real-time tracking, order management, inventory management, search & filter are some of the features of grocery delivery apps.

Which tech stacks are involved in the grocery app development process?

Admin panel(HTML5, CSS, JS), Mobile dev(react native, java, swift), Database(SQL, MongoDB), Cloud infrastructure(AWS, Azure), etc.

How much time is taken in the entire process?

Generally, it takes 2-5 weeks, depending upon the level of personalization.

How to develop a grocery delivery app?

The stages involved are market research, planning, design, development, quality assurance, launch and maintenance.

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