On Demand Healthcare Apps Like Practo are Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

By Suffescom Solutions

October 20, 2020

Nowadays, mobile apps have become a very crucial part of your life. They control nearly every aspect of our lives. Everything from planning our finances, where to eat, commuting, shopping, and lots of other such things, there's an app to assist us and make the whole process convenient and simple. During this scenario, can the healthcare sector be left behind? Within the past few years, there has been an explosion in healthcare mobile apps. we frequently fail to comprehend the importance of technology in our life. However, modern science and technology have enhanced the overall quality of life.

Healthcare Apps like Practo are Transforming the Industry

Healthcare Mobile apps like Practo have entered the healthcare industry for a digital revolution. Such healthcare mobile apps have had a great influence on the behavior of both patients and medical professionals. Let’s explore some of the ways during which mobile apps like Practo are making the healthcare community more connected. 

Better Patient Engagement and Improved Patient Safety:

Patient engagement has been simplified with the help of mobile apps like Practo. Due to the long queues, doctors are unable to create a trustworthy relationship with patients, if the Doctor is unable to gather time out and interact together with his patients then the patient would be dissatisfied, and would switch to a different doctor. One also can connect with specialists on voice or video calls to ask questions regarding the issues they're facing. They also provide 24*7 instant chat with the patient’s care team. People living in remote locations can engage with their Doctors for any medical help through mobile apps like Practo. 

Improve Decision-Making 

Before the arrival of smartphones, the sole thanks to making decisions among multiple hospitals was by getting suggestions or hearing the experiences of friends, family, neighbors, hoardings and advertisements, doctors’ names, reputation, and qualifications, etc. But today, we can check in into mobile apps like Practo and every one the necessary information regarding the service provider’s ratings, reviews, and other details that are dependable and trustworthy. 

Know what suits you the best 

With the assistance of a mobile app like Practo, you'll choose among an inventory of clinics and doctors, which suits you best and you are feeling comfortable with the service they supply. The decision-making gets more accurate by the recent comments and reviews for the doctor and therefore the clinic. This solves the problem of taking advice from friends, relatives, and neighbors.  

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Efficient in recording all the data 

When you receive the reports of your tests, from the doctors through the Practo, it gets stored within the apps in order that you'll view, take advice, and prescriptions from other doctors for future references. It eliminates all the hustle and bustle of finding your reports and making a blunder. 

Advance healthcare and disease control Blockchain in Healthcare 

Due to the development of particular software programs i.e Practo, it's become easier to enhance the standard of healthcare services delivered to people. For instance, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been able to classify disease, causes, and symptoms into a vast database.  

Storing of essential records 

This kind of health application records signals like high/low vital signs and uneven heart rates. This eliminates the necessity of visiting the doctor for each small test. 

Pay just for the services you're taking 

The Internet has all the noted prices of medicines. Repeatedly we are deceived by the pharmacists of the medical stores and healthcare providers. With the assistance of a mhealth app, such hurdles are erased. It creates transparency, with which the customer can confirm he's not paying any extra. 

A suitable and accessible place to fight your symptom 

All the needed medical or health-related information about coping with certain symptoms without the presence of an expert is delivered on Practo. They update their readers with all the problems getting prevalent within the city or the country and help them find how to cope with it and take important precautions..

Features to add in apps like Practo

To make successful healthcare apps like Practo, there are some features that you can add for better reachability and a strong customer base. Let’s discuss those features one by one: 

Patient Panel Simple Onboarding 

The healthcare app you are going to build should allow patients easy registration and signup on the app. A user with an email address, phone, or social media account can sign up on the app. After sign up, they can access the features at their convenience. 

Search a Hospital 

There should be multiple hospital options inside the app so that patients can pick the one that is suitable for their requirements and budget. 

Search A Doctor 

Healthcare apps like Practo must allow patients to find the right doctor based on their disease or health issue. While picking up the desired doctor, they can also view the specific details for a better decision. 

Book an Appointment 

After reviewing the details of the selected doctor, patients can further book an appointment as per their schedule. A patient will get a notification regarding the booking to confirm it. 

Electronic Prescribing 

There are many times when patients misplace their prescriptions and as a result of this doctors have to repeat the treatment process. This is where electronic prescribing makes things easy. With this, there is less chance for mistakes to happen. 

Map For Locating There should be a map inside the app to locate the doctor or hospital. The map is an essential feature for a patient so that one can easily reach the hospital during appointments and during emergency times. 

One-click Ambulance Service 

The arrangement of an ambulance must be quick, especially during an emergency need. The feature of a one-click ambulance will help the patient to get a faster ambulance service. 

Doctor Panel 

As we described the most basic features that should be on the patient’s app, now we will explain the essential features of the doctor’s app. Just like one app for patients, there is one more app for doctors as well. The features that should be included in the doctor’s app are: 

Managing Schedules - Doctors usually work on tight schedules. There should be an option on the app for scheduling the time so that doctors can change their availability anytime, anywhere. 

Profile Management - There is an option on the app for doctors on the app to easily manage their profiles. A doctor can view, edit, or add details regarding their profession, qualification, and experience. Plus, they can add contact details. 

Electronic prescribing – Not just this feature should be on the patient app, it should be on the doctor’s app as well. With the help of this feature, patients can avoid making errors or mistakes. Plus, a doctor remains well-informed about the history of the patient.

Panels For Healthcare Management

Doctor Management: For healthcare management, it’s important to manage the records of all the doctors of the particular hospital or clinic. The app will allow the admin to check how many patients are attended by the specific doctor. 

Patient Management: With the help of this feature, the admin can keep the medical records of a particular patient safe. Within this feature, the admin can also view the payment records and other patient details. 

Payment Management: The payments made by the patients to doctors can be well handled by the admin with the help of this feature.

Cost to Develop an App Like Practo

Have a concept for your own health application? need to make a doctor booking service that will catch a good market share? We will confide in you ways to transform your thought into a prosperous business. During this page, we share our thoughts on doctor appointment app development, including expenses and timelines.

Pocket doctor applications help individuals skip lines in waiting areas and obtain medical consultations at the foremost advantageous time. No big surprise a large number of people book doctors’ appointments with the help of smartphones — it's the most convenient method to get a doctor, know reviews, and find a consultation. the value of developing a healthcare mobile  App like Practo Cost and 

Practo app Clone Script 

Revolves around the following below factors:

  • The Cost of an app like Practo varies across various platforms; Android costs relatively more than the iOS platform because it mainly has more devices to be tested against. (Amongst other reasons)
  • The cost to form an app like Practodepends on the selection of the dimensions of the app. the larger the dimensions the more it costs.
  • The development cost of a Practo like app will have to contain a database regarding the doctors and patients. Moreover, it'll need to maintain a record of suggestions by doctors and a record of queries by patients
  • The cost to make a healthcare app like Practo, Portea varies on Basic features like user profiles, ratings and reviews, image manipulation, and advanced features like data synchronizing push notifications, Geo-locations, booking calendars, etc.
  • The Practo App development cost varies administration sections of an app, i.e. add/block feature, reporting, data control
  • The cost to create a healthcare industry app like Practo varies with the use of social media sharing, messaging and chatting, usage of OTP’s, etc. Practo like App development cost effects on this more effectively.
  • Lastly, mobile Apps like Practo Cost varies on a decent and experienced developer is significant as his location and expertise also influence the development of the app.

Conclusion : Practo is an app that comes with a mission for the betterment of human lives. They believe in making human life a healthier one. they need their app to be centrally available for simplifying and simply accessible for all the consumers worldwide. Practo not only provides the list of best and filtered doctors with proper qualifications but also helps the buyer with better decisions about their health.

This Health app’s strength is to supply a platform for doctors and patients to attach and simultaneously digitize the healthcare industry. It also aids in creating more jobs and bringing the healthcare industry under one roof. You must have experienced some problems where you faced a scarcity of services around your area. Next time if you face something, try any healthcare 

mobile app like Practo and see what miracle you carry within your hands every day!

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