How to Create an App for Ordering Food?

Building a whole application can be easy if you have complete knowledge about how to build it and with which technology tools but it could be really tough when you don’t have enough knowledge about it. In such a case, you need to hire an application development team to take up your project and build a fully-customized application for your business. Let’s have a look at the in-build features that will boost up your business:

Smart food ordering: Your menu should have drag and drop which is easier for the customers not to individually picking up the products and add them to the cart. An in-built printing should be there so that you can take out a print whenever you want and send them to the kitchen.

Geolocation feature: It helps in locating the delivery address and it must be in-built in restaurant and delivery agent application. It is also helpful for the people who want to pick up their order from the restaurant.

Custom search: An option of finding restaurants by cuisine, location, availability, etc. should be there instead of going through a long list of restaurants and choosing one out of them.

Schedule delivery option: This feature is in the trend nowadays and many restaurants are adopting it. Through this option, one can easily schedule the delivery after ordering it if they are having a busy schedule all day. An awesome food ordering application is a waste without the inclusion of new trends.

Simple account creation: Allow your customers to create their own accounts easily and keep their favorite food in one panel to keep them coming back for more recommendations.

Easy payment integration: Introduce multiple payment options so that customers won’t find it difficult to pay online. Allow them to do cash on delivery as well, not all customers use a card.

You can also add some more advanced features in your application and business to keep it smooth and properly functional. Moreover, you should take care of every aspect while stepping into a food ordering industry. Mobile applications make our world a better place to live in because everything can be managed through a single application. You can purchase good and order services by sitting at your home.

The eating habits of people have changed a lot in the last century. Technology has contributed by bringing everything at the tip of the fingers. There are some features which every customer want to see in a food ordering app:

Easy to use and understand: Simplicity is the prime expectation of the customer. While designing the food ordering app, every developer and designer needs to keep the customer’s perspective in mind. The main reason for designing a simple application is many old people use the applications and they should be given simpler applications.

Payment integration: Designers should go with technology and introduce all the latest payment methods so that they won’t get any difficulty while making the payments. You can consider debit, credit, pay pal, and other options as well.

Reviews and feedbacks: Every application should have a separate section of reviews and feedbacks so that customers can share their good and bad experiences. It is helpful for the organization as it can analyze the loopholes and take necessary actions.

Some unique functions:

  • Registration
  • Profile management
  • Easy search option
  • Preferences and recommendations
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Rating and reviews
  • In-app messaging and calling
  • Reports and analytics
  • Daily and weekly earnings
  • Push notifications and alerts

Generally, the overall cost of building an application lies somewhere between $3k to $25k and that too depends upon various factors like location of the company, no. of developers working, no. of hours they worked, which technology stack they are using, they are building it from scratch or just customizing it according to your business requirements, etc. so, accordingly you need to choose the best company who can take up your project.


The whole market is filled with on-demand food apps. You are not the first person to enter the food industry. The competition in the market is cut-throat and you have to deal with them with all your marketing strategies and a fully customized application. You can start with a small area and then try to expand your business. No business reach heights in their first months of operation, it needs patience and hard work to achieve certain targets.

To build an application, you should contact Suffescom Solutions which are capable enough to build a high-tech app for your business. Moreover, they have a dedicated team of developers which can give you a bigger vision of you don’t have much experience in this field.