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Invideo AI Like App Development: InVideo Like Alternatives Solutions

By Suffescom Solutions

March 15, 2024

Invideo AI Like App Development: InVideo Like Alternatives Solutions

Harnessing AI power in every industry and business has become crucial nowadays. We have developed a next-level solution that helps creators edit their videos smartly. It is known as Invideo AI clone, which is equipped with modern AI technology and helps editors get their job done in a matter of clicks.

Our Invideo AI like app is an absolute replica of the original application. It has many features, such as a customizable GUI(Graphical User Interface), several video editing tools, and many more. We have researched in-depth into the video editing softwares and provide exceptional tools and features to help you reach the next level of success.

So, let’s get started exploring the extensive services in our Invideo AI, such as app development. We will cover every corner of the AI development services and learn more about the offerings.

Invideo AI Like App Development: Whitelabel Solutions

Developing whitelabel solutions for Invideo-like AI apps involves customizing features, branding, and interfaces for seamless integration, offering versatility and scalability.

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Reason Behind The Popularity Of Invideo AI App

The Invideo app is exceptional compared to other video editing apps because it eliminates the traditional way of editing videos. It comes with the power of AI, which helps edit videos by providing simple prompts. The Invideo AI app also helps create a video script, adding voiceovers, media, text, etc.

In short, it comes with the mentioned conveniences below:

  1. Create videos with text prompts
  2. Customize & create videos the way your users want
  3. Fix errors by giving text commands
  4. Simple to use and access cutting-edge features

Invideo AI Like App Development: Comprehensive Process

Define Your Goals

The first stage is to write down your goal and know your “why” behind developing an Invideo AI clone. Making the business sustainable requires planning, research, and business strategies that are aligned with the latest market requirements.

Market Research

Researching the market requires knowledge of modern trends in video editing. It also involves digging deep into the market and identifying the weak points of editors. Then, you can find the right solution and accurate features to embed into the app.

Choose A Platform

Selecting a platform is also very important for businesses planning to set up their application on platforms like Android, iOS, or both. We recommend developing a hybrid Invideo AI clone app that can be rendered on iOS and Android.

Design The Application

Designing the application involves creating a top-tier UI/UX using modern frameworks. This stage includes creating a brand logo, color patterns, navigation bar, app outlook with content, app screen, video formats, and more.

Invideo AI Clone App Development

The development of the Invideo AI clone requires proper planning and the use of a modern tech stack. It can be done using front end and back end technologies. Businesses can consider hiring app developers to make the application budget-friendly.

Integration Of AI Power

Integration of AI can enhance the editing process and shrink the editing time. It automates the computation power and reads the real-time scenarios happening in the video. Incorporating AI into the Invideo clone app can help in various ways:

  1. Smart scene detection
  2. Object recognition
  3. Content-aware cropping
  4. Object removing
  5. Automatic video scaling
  6. AI-powered noise reduction
  7. Auto color correction
  8. Text-to-video generation

These are just a glimpse of the abilities to associate AI with the Invideo clone. Talk with our team of experts to learn more.

Testing The Application

The testing phase needs to be conducted deeply to ensure the operation of every corner of the application. Testing the application by editing and applying a video using every feature is important. After satisfactory testing, the application is processed further for deployment.


The final stage is to make the application live on popular servers like Google Play Store and Apple Store. This makes the app accessible and available for users to download and use.

Revolutionizing Business Growth: The Power of Invideo AI

Invideo AI aids entrepreneurs by automating video creation, enhancing marketing efforts, saving time, and delivering engaging content, ultimately boosting brand visibility and audience engagement.

Vital Features To Have In Invideo AI Clone

Features in an Invideo AI like app make it competitive. So, what are some of the most important features to have? Check the list below:

Easy Login/Signup

Editors can easily login/sign up by entering their information or logging in with one click using their social media accounts.

Text-To-Video Conversion

This is a magic feature where editors can input texts and keywords and write specifically, and AI will generate an online video based on the added prompt.

Style Transfer

It transforms the AI-generated video into other options like color palettes, stock footage, animations, etc.

Template Library

This feature provides templates for social media posts, product videos, explainer videos, etc. that can be used for multiple purposes.

AI Talking Avatar

It helps create a narrator of a video and can be customized as a human representative. By giving a voiceover, it can enhance the video editing experience.

AI Voice Generator

Using this feature, editors can skip the voiceover and give voice to entirely written content. An AI voice generator reads the content and speaks in the customized voice of a male or female.

Editing Tools

While AI powers the application, it still has generic features like trimming, text overlays, video addition, and more.


This feature helps editors add a voiceover to the AI-generated video as narration or to give a voice to a specific character.

Cloud Rendering & Export

Editors can upload the recorded video to the in-build cloud feature and export it to any device. It makes the app compatible for editing & exporting on different devices.

AI-Powered Recognition & Editing

The AI-powered recognition feature identifies the objects inside the uploaded video. It can be edited and customized according to the user’s preferences.

Add Text or Subtitle

Editors can easily add text or subtitles to the Invideo AI clone app, which helps them make their voiceover engaging.

Share On Social Media

A generated video can be easily shared on different social media platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, with a unique link.

Add Animation

This feature includes graffiti, 3D moving characters, backgroundless GIFs, and many more to make the video more engaging.


While merging multiple videos, editors can dynamically pick different transition styles to shift from one footage to another.

Contact & Support

Users can contact the admin panel to resolve any query. Editors can connect via phone call & chat.

Professional Dashboard

A professional dashboard is integrated for business owners to monitor their business's activities live through stats, infographics, animations, etc.

Advantages Of An Invideo AI Clone App

There are various benefits of having an app like Invideo. Let’s explore a few benefits of having such cutting-edge applications:

Quick Market Entry

With an Invideo AI clone app, entrepreneurs can instantly enter the market with advanced editing tools and start their business growth.

High Customer Base

By offering cutting-edge AI-powered features that decrease effort and time spent editing, businesses can easily attract many editors and social media content creators.

Increase Revenue Count

Providing such applications can be very beneficial in monetary terms. Businesses can generate income by using different revenue models.

Brand Awareness

Businesses can reach customers beyond their boundaries by developing such applications with top-tier UI/UX and applying a promotional strategy.

Money Making Tactics For An Invideo AI Clone App

With an AI-powered app like Invideo, businesses can earn money using different methods. So here are generally two method:

In-App Advertisement

With this model, businesses can earn money by advertising other companies' ads on the app. In return, the other party pays an amount depending on the duration and type of ad.


This model provides some premium features like text-to-video conversion, full HD exporting, no watermark, content-aware effects, and many more in return for an amount.

Strategic Development: Maximizing Potential with Invideo AI

 Unlock your company's full potential with Invideo AI's versatile tools, empowering dynamic content creation, enhanced marketing strategies, and unparalleled audience engagement for sustainable growth and success.

Why Choose Suffescom Solution Inc. For Invideo AI Like App Development?

Here are some reasons that make us exceptional from other IT companies. Check them now:

Professional Developers

We have a team of experts who excel in their respective fields. Our team can provide you with a second-to-none Invideo AI clone app development solution.

Next-Generation UI/UX

Our team of experts is proficient in designing user-friendly and manageable, user-friendly and user-friendly user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX). Our team follows a prototyping approach and wireframe to meet the client's requirements.

Source-Code Quality

We have maintained the quality of the source code from the first day with directive functions and proper commenting. Whenever an add-on or maintenance is required, you can easily understand it without dependency.

Project Tracking

We provide real-time project progress tracking and keep our clients updated throughout the development process.

Budget-Friendly Solution

Our clone app development packages are affordable. They are available in hourly, monthly/weekly, and flat/fixed rate pricing models.

Maintenance & Support

We delivered the first phase of the app within 10 days and continue to support clients with any further amendments they need.

Maximum Client Retention

Our clients have been with us for over seven years, and we have a good retention rate. We strive to ensure our clients are satisfied with our services.

The process of developing an Invideo AI clone requires proper planning and cutting-edge marketing research. Embedding proper features into the Invideo AI-like app and using a modern UI/UX framework can help you reach your successful destination.

FAQs Related To Invideo AI Like App Development

What Is The Cost Of Invideo AI Like App Development?

The cost to build an Invideo-like AI-powered app depends on numerous factors. These include the number of app screens, third-party integrations, paid AI/ML incorporations, and the expertise of the developers. Entrepreneurs willing to have such a platform can directly connect with us.

How Much Time Does It Take To Build An App Like Invideo?

It depends on the number of elements, similar to the development cost. Additional elements like development location, availability of sources, marketing trends, and 3rd-party integrations also fall under this segment.

Is Your App Responsive?

Yes, our application can be rendered on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, etc. It lets users edit videos from any device.

Does Your App Support Cloud Storage?

Yes, our application comes with cloud storage. Once a video is uploaded to the storage, it can be accessed using multiple devices with login credentials.

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