Migrate Bigcommerce To Shopify: Go Extra Miles To Lead The Industry

As the clock is ticking every second, the need and demand of shifting bigcommerce business to new technologies outshine. At the same time, it’s becoming challenging for newbies to pick the right platform like Shopify that matches web and app development solutions.

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If you are one of those, who are making every effort to migrate bigcommerce to Shopify platforms. Amazing!! This blog is for your assistance. 

Here you will get answers to;

  • Why Should You Choose Shopify Over BigCommerce?
  • Methods For BigCommerce To Shopify Migration.
  • Which is a better option? 

But before discussing anything, let’s have a quick overview of BigCommerce and Shopify.

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A Quick Review About BigCommerce

Almost every business hub uses the Bigcommerce platform to earn a big chunk of money. Which is not a bad thing!! The platform provides amazing features and functions in ecommerce websites and mobile apps, which seems like a cup of major business players. In the same way, the pricing policies of the BigCommerce platforms are a bit higher than others. 

Bigcommerce’s user-friendly interface becomes the biggest reason for winning newbies’ hearts. But you cannot deny that the lack of features customization on the basic theme is the major issue. If you want to amend some changes in the platform, you need to be well-versed with technical knowledge. Moreover, it comes with 100+ free outdated templates. 

The other major weakness of using the BigCommerce platform is its lack of a preview option. You need to wait for publishing to find and detect any errors. Unavailability of technical support is another drawback that stuck users and kept them waiting till the next day’s working hours. If there is a week off, the problem will surely be greater!!

A Quick Review About Shopify

Just like BigCommerce, Shopify also has 100+ templates to meet every industry’s needs. All these templates come with an enhanced professional touch, and every template helps to boost your business sales. Besides, Shopify offers a variety of settings in portfolios with easy to amend features. If someone doesn’t have technical knowledge, they can easily access or customize templates.  

Shopify’s technical team offers an around-the-clock support system with live chats, calls, and emails. Hence, you can resolve issues promptly in addition to enjoying the above 250 tools. 

Shopify regularly updates its extensions. Therefore you can easily switch to the new version without much effort. Shopify’s robust and efficient tools at an affordable price work as icing on the cake. 

Hopefully, you are on the board to migrate your business platform and decide why Shopify is better than bigcommerce? Let’s deep dive and get the answers to the above-stated questions. 

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Bigcommerce to Shopify: Why Should You Choose Shopify Over BigCommerce?

Simpler Administration: Makes you an Online Selling Master 

A user-friendly interface in e-commerce websites has a great role in saving time and effort. And this is something every entrepreneur prefers in their online store.   

Shopify offers the same opportunity with an easy-to-use editor and onboarding process. Whereas to operate a bigcommerce platform, users need to be well versed in coding and technology. A minor amendment sometimes proves a more hassle task and tough to deal with. 

Easy to Customise Design

Shopify assists in building online stores with 100+ unique themes. Each theme is responsive and gives a personal touch to your website. Even if you want to customize the theme, simply using HTML and CSS codes provides total access to your stores.

In contrast, BigCommerce users can customize only limited sets of features. If you want to go beyond, you must have technical skills sets and experience. 

Budget-Friendly solution for newbies

For the one who is looking to adopt the online market, Shopify is a perfect solution as there is no experience required for designing. You can also use cloud platforms to store data that save huge amounts for buying hardware. Hence, it is also regarded as a budget-friendly solution for all businesses. In contrast, BigCommerce features are more scalable and less suitable for beginners.  

Round-the-Clock Customer Support

Shopify offers 24*7 customer support that online vendors highly appreciate. Hence, if the website gets down for any reason, you can either approach them via email, phone call, or social media. In contrast, it is much more difficult for BigCommerce users.

Permits Direct Point of Sale

The inbuilt POS system in Shopify helps to facilitate sales, and you can directly sell to your customers. Whereas, to use the POS system in Bigcommerce, you have to integrate a third-party app into the system. 

Considering the sales limit, Shopify did not set any upper limit sales like bigcommerce. Hence you touch any income growth strategy with Shopify.

Faster Load Time and Page Speed

In a rapidly changing technology, no one wants to wait for 2-3 seconds, just to website or app loading, especially when there is no dearth of options on the internet. It boosts the bounce rate. Even a high bouncing rate is not healthy for your SEO strategy. Fortunately, people don’t face this issue in Shopify. Its average website loading time is 1.3 seconds, whereas bigcommerce takes 2.3 seconds to load a page. 

Offer Enhanced Functionality & Extra Options

Shopify goes the extra mile for handling your online store. It provides additional options enriched with modern functionalities and features. Business owners can generate sales and business analysis reports to judge business performance. On the contrary, in bigcommerce platforms, you have to bear the additional cost to get access to insight reports. 

Facilitates with Pre & Post Purchase 

Shopify helps to boost orders by pre and post-purchase upselling features. You can set complementary products before and after purchasing for a specific price on festive offers. It boosts your business revenue and builds your brand image. On the contrary, you cannot find such features in bigcommerce. If there is a function, you have to pay additional charges. 

Stable Charges On Every Sale Scale

Shopify charges on time for all your selected advanced features, whereas you have clear bills in Bigcommerce for every added feature, which is pointless to switch between Standard, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise pricing plans with increasing revenues. BigCommerce also offers free 15 days trials. Unfortunately, your customers will not be able to make any purchases from the store.    

“Migrate Bigcommerce To Shopify With A Professional Shopify Developer”

Data That Can Be Migrated From BigCommerce To Shopify

On the board of data migration, what you can migrate;

  • Products & Product Categories: The complete product-related information such as images, name, description, images having description, URL, pricing details, manufacture details, metas, weight, and goods in stock.
  • Customers: Customer-related information involves the first and last name of the client, addresses 1 and 2 with country, state, city, and zip codes, bank details, and email address.
  • Orders: order placing details, including (received and pending), date, customer ID, payment details such as mobile payment, card payments, taxes, shipping cost, and total price.
  • Coupons: Code with an issue and expiry dates.
  • CMS Pages: title, description, and URL with creation date.
  • Blogs: Title, Full Description, SEO URLs,

BigCommerce To Shopify Migration: Methods

Migration from Bigcommerce to Shopify seems daunting, especially when you don’t have technical knowledge. So, we have curated 3 major migration approaches for your assistance. Let’s start 

  • Manual Migration

This is one of the obvious methods that come to mind when someone gets an idea to migrate from Shopify to bigcommerce. As the name defines, “manual” means you have to migrate every detail manually. Depending on your business size and product details, professionals generally take a day or more to complete the migration. But it can prove cumbersome when you don’t have technical knowledge. There can be a big data loss if you miss downloading any of the online store entities to an organized file.  

For instance, to export your products from bigcommerce, you opted for the CSV file option to download data. Once the data download process completes, you need to reload the CSV file on the Shopify store. 

  1. Automated Migration

Today, automated BigCommerce to Shopify migration happens to be exceptionally popular. Why? Businesses want to come out of weaknesses of manual methods. Therefore, they choose various automatic tools and methods. If you too want to opt this way, you need to have a well-versed knowledge of tools. Many of the tools can be paid for. You have to spend some bucks to get satisfactory results. 

Some of the widely used tools are:

  • Cart2Cart
  • Litextension
  • Excel

But, if you are able to, it will take only a few hours to complete the process. 

  1. Hiring A Shopify Migration Expert

If you found the bigcommerce to Shopify migration process tougher and time-consuming, hiring an expert is perfect advice for your business success. The technical team at Suffecome completes all your jobs on time and on budget. You just need to provide some basic details about your website. The best industry experts will take your business to the next level.  

Considering expert opinion not only saves time, tools costs but also ensures you will get professional results. 

Which is a Perfect Approach for Bigcommerece to Shopify migration?

#1. If you choose option 1 (Manual migration) for bigcommerce to Shopify migration. Keep in mind, the journey will not be easy. You have to face lots of technical issues. Even data transfer is not an easy job. One mistake or error can lead to a huge data loss. It will also be hard for non-technical background people to understand the technicalities.

 #2. For automated migration, you need to purchase various tools to process data in less time. Buying the wrong tool can be a major loss, and you have to look for other tools or services.

#3. Hiring technical assistance is in high demand due to its cost-effective and instant results characteristics. It will give you a chance to look into other significant matters of business. 

Wrapping Up

After knowing all the details of bigcommerce to Shopify migration, you will now be more confident in leading the industry. Now it’s your turn to start with the best option and empower your business with outstanding growth. 

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