Multiplex Development in Metaverse | Virtual Cinema Development Solutions

Multiplex Development in Metaverse | Virtual Cinema Development Solutions

By Suffescom Solutions

November 09, 2022

Multiplex Development in Metaverse | Virtual Cinema Development Solutions

Metaverse has become the hottest topic in today's era. The implementation of the metaverse is in the nascent stages, but still, there are a lot of companies that are looking forward to developing a platform in the virtual realm. Various fields are stepping towards making the virtual field the next big thing.

Gaming is the most popular domain, and business enterprises have already set to launch an immersive platform like this. The same goes for the entertainment industry that is contemplating on developing cinemas/theaters in the metaverse.

There are many movie buffs around the world. Thus, opening a cinema will provide a larger-than-life experience to the people. Leading entertainment firms have taken cognizance. The main objective of Multiplex Development in Metaverse is to offer an outstanding visual experience that is entirely new. The other elements, like a luxurious sitting area, the ticket counter, digital trailer viewing space, etc., adds to the characteristics of the virtual movie theatre.

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Entertainment Companies That Have Opened Multiplex Metaverse

Bharti Airtel

One of the leading telecom companies "Bharti Airtel" has become the first one for multiplex development in the metaverse. This is done through the "Xstream multiplex," which extends the existing Xstream Premium offering. It will be a 20-screen platform that will provide access to the content portfolios from OTT collaborators. The users can download the application "Partynite Metaplex," which is available on both windows and android devices from the app stores.

There will be a sampling of the top movies and shows and offers access to the users to a paid subscription plan. This has already been launched and has gained more than 2 million subscribers in a very short time.

This airtel Xstream multiplex is responsible for creating fascinating stories with the aid of web 3.0. The excellent features instilled in the platform have the potential to captivate the attention of the audience. This platform is developed to fetch a global audience by providing them with opportunities that are hard to be replaced.

The content is actually alluring, with many engagement layers for smooth interaction on the Partynite Metaverse. Gamitronics developed this proposal- i.e., a virtual parallel universe. This is a great step toward the media and entertainment sector. Thus, the live streaming of the movies will open the gates for the ultimate sports, music, events, and much more.

Shemaroo Entertainment

The other one on the list is the Shemaroo entertainment which is all set to provide a completely fresh screening experience. The concept behind the novel is where deluxe rooms are, whether it's the lobby area where tickets and food items are sold or the actual movie hall.

Its ultimate objective is to showcase the Indian Film Fraternity "Bollywood" to be at a global level and show the all-time blockbusters co-produced by the shemaroo entertainment. They have been a part of the entertainment industry for more than six decades, and their movies are available in 25+ languages, including regional, national, and international ones.

Shemaroo is also India's biggest distributor and production company. This will be built in association with the mutual collaboration between the Filmrare and the Decentraland. They have come up with the best marketing strategy where the subscription for all the people will be free of cost during the initial few days.

Talking about Filmrare, it is a metaverse development company that also provides consulting opportunities. Their tie-up with the decentraland will be beneficial and boost the film industry. It runs on the Ethereum Blockchain and provides users with options for creating and monetizing the content and the applications.

Multiplex Development In Metaverse

The multiplex development in the metaverse goes through a systematic process. These steps are illustrated as under;

Analyzing The Requirement

The first step is to examine the requirements to have a deep idea of the building blocks of the platform. One must try to include the attributes that are not available in the prior platforms. To make things feasible, it's useful to build a strategy with no loopholes. More importance should be given to finding the issues and, on top of that, a much-needed workflow for finding the solutions. There should be made enough emphasis on making the platform look attractive and appealing.


The second stage includes planning. Here, the layout is created on which the entire development process depends. After that, the features that are to be added are decided. These are chosen in accordance with providing an alluring visual impression to the audience. All the criteria are thought to be involved in the development phase. The graphics, pixel elements, and dimensions are the crucial components while designing and developing the platform.

Design and Development

This phase deals with the coding and programming part. A lot of precision is required in executing the codes until and unless the result is not achieved. It mainly deals with the front and backend that emphasize the breakup of the milestones for obtaining the set target. This is the crucial step, so there should be no negligence at this stage.

Quality Assurance

The testing follows the design and development part. This is a subsequent step that cannot be omitted. The quality assurance engineers are fully equipped with the tools and softwares that are responsible for removing bugs and errors. These are responsible for hampering the system's performance. So, to improve performance, the testing is done.

Deployment, Launch, and Maintenance

After the testing, the last stage is deploying the product in the chosen network. After that, the platform is launched for usage. Even if there are complexities faced after the launch, then post-launch, those problems are resolved. The codes are properly verified to offer security.

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Features of Multiplex Development in Metaverse

Virtual Ticket Booking

Ticket booking has become extremely convenient in the metaverse. The people need not personally visit the ticket counters. Metaverse provides a distinctive virtual ticketing center for people globally. This is such a fabulous way of upgrading the user experience. This enables a fast and unchallenging way of booking tickets. It has been made possible because of artificial intelligence development solutions, which is an essential feature of the digital world.

Better Visualizing Experience

The user can use AR/VR equipment and enter the virtual world. The user can visualize themself sitting on the theatre seat and have the feeling from where the view can be seen better. The view is a 3-D representation with outstanding graphics that gives the feeling of being seated in the cinema hall.

Ordering Eatables

The biggest challenge that is faced by the audience is to order eatables. To make an order, one has to struggle in the real world. It leads to a waste of time and makes the whole film experience boring. In the metaverse, one can go through the menu from where they can have a wider look into what is being served. This also saves time, and the food items are delivered to your homes without delay.

Advantages Of Cinema Development In Metaverse

Immersive Experience

The significant advantage of the metaverse is its immersiveness. It is the ability to make the visual experience more enthralling and engaging. The communication is just mesmerizing among the digital characters. The representation is in three dimensions which makes the graphics look extremely riveting.

Easy Remote Interaction

Metaverse has the potential to solve various real-life problems. One is the real-time communication between the multiplex authorities and the user. The communication is extremely seamless without any delay. Whatever actions are taken in the real world are performed on the metaverse.

Movie Scenes

The entertainment sector is the biggest beneficiary of the movies. People can enjoy the action sequences most excellently. The power-packed performances of the actors are the biggest source of entertainment and make the entire experience worth watching and entertaining. The fusion of digital production with filmmaking has resulted in power-packed performances and scenes.

Ability to Get Reused

Whatever program/event is performed in the metaverse has a greater chance of surviving a much longer life. It also has the potential to offer a diverse range of people. It all depends upon the system network and the connective devices. Such a platform can be used repeatedly for "n" no. of events with the addition of the functionality.

Easy Personalization

In the real world, there is a spacing issue in the case of cinema halls. The multiplex development in the metaverse is completely responsible for providing unlimited sitting seats. As we know, the characteristics and attributes of these platforms are different. So as far as development is concerned, any ideal company has permission to impose its workflow. This results in the integration of flexible functionalities and content-related elements.

Negligible Spacing Constraint

The conventional form of ticket booking comes with long queues that result in mild bumping into one another. In multiplex development in the metaverse, there is no issue with the spacing, and an infinite no. of people can be accommodated. The best part is everyone functioning in the metaverse gets a chance to be standing in the front row, and there is absolutely no chance of being unruly.

Live Entertainment

The perk of the metaverse is to organize the film premiers live. The same has been made possible with the virtual concerts and any type of festivities and celebrations. These events have proven to be amazing and astonishing. The sound systems are fantastic and give the feeling of hearing the music and the audio more clearly. This is possible because of development of AR/VR with a fully-proof sound system.

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Bottom Line !!

Movies have been an integral part of people’s lives. People enjoy watching movies and sometimes take inspiration from them.

Different genres of films range from comedy to romance to thriller to horror based. They play an important part in influencing their opinions by making an impact on their minds. These are also responsible for creating a perspective around specific things.

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The fascinating animations that are in 3D, 5D, or 7D entice movie lovers. There have been a lot of films that are either based on history, war zones, or any novel concept; audiences have enjoyed every bit of it. As the technology evolved, the way of picturization has also changed.

The audience have loved the portrayal of revolutions, rom-coms, adventure, and action-packed movies with amazing visuals. Now, the technology is at its peak because of the integration of web3, which acts as an umbrella for blockchain, and the metaverse. People are greedy for fabulous illustrations. This makes them feel like they are part of the movie.

Metaverse has been extremely advantageous for the film industry, and the multiplexes have benefited from this futuristic technology. It has successfully instilled curiosity among movie enthusiasts to enjoy every sequence to each bit.

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