On-Demand App Development: How Complete Solutions Are Better Than Scripts

In the modern app-friendly world, on-demand applications like Uber and Zomato are an easy and fast way to make money. If you search ‘How to clone an app’, then you get an endless list of resources on Uber clone scripts. Using scripts, you can quickly build an on-demand app, launch it on the app store, and start earning money. But everything about it is not true.

‘Uber clone script’ is the latest buzzword in the app development field. There are companies all around the world that sell scripts to clients claiming that people can quickly launch their own on-demand apps and start making money. As scripts are affordable and easy, many have started to copy big players in the business without thinking of its dire consequences.

Assume that you want to start an Uber-like taxi service. To quickly enter the competition, you may choose Uber clone script. Why people, who have been using Uber for a long time, will ditch the trusted global brand and choose your app? The only way to lure these customers is to offer them more than what they are getting with Uber. For example- You can add more features to your taxi service app or make it securer than existing cab booking apps. Uber clone scripts may be easy to work on, but modifying the app during the development phase is one of the many limitations of scripts.

It has more than 7 years since Uber introduced the world with its scalable business, and mobile app clone scripts have been in the market for the last many years. It means technology, frameworks, platforms, and various other technical aspects will be as per that era. In addition, scripts have several other limitations that you need to address before purchasing clone scripts for your on-demand app.


  • Old Database Structure

As discussed above, scripts were introduced just after Uber business, and they feature ancient technical specifications and database structure. The most advanced database storage format is MYSQLi. Almost all Uber clone scripts in the market have outdated storage formats that result in a slow app.


  • One-time Coding

When you buy scripts for a Uber-clone, you get some codes that you need to amend or adjust in a way that they could serve a purpose to build an app you are looking for. Here, you need to hire a developer or a team to use the scripts or add more functionality to the app. Once a company has sold you scripts, it’s not the seller’s responsibility to ensure that you get an app of your dream.


  • Customization

Scripts may be easy to apply, but not when you want to add more features and functionality to an app. It is because an app developer whom you hire to use scripts for your app needs to understand the scripts, find places in them to make changes, and apply new codes. This could make the app creation process a complex affair that may take a long time to complete the development. It also does not guarantee success.


  • Cheap Copy

Scripts are a cheap copy of coding. Once you receive the script, the provider has no role in applying the script for an app. As it will be an old copy of coding, you are not going to get the latest and updated features in your app. Your Uber clone will be working according to the old version of OS.


  • Compromised Security

Security is one of the most important features to add to an on-demand app. It is because customers give their personal information and use different kinds of online payment methods. As scripts use old technologies, there are high chances that your app security has been compromised. Hackers know how to break through an ancient technology. This makes your app unsafe to use.


  • No Maintenance Services

What if you find a serious bug in your on-demand app a few weeks after getting an Uber clone script? Who will come to the rescue? A script provider will not offer you maintenance services. If there is a maintenance provider, then the professional will be equipped with outdated knowledge.


  • Actions Against App Cloning

There are reports that Google and Apple have been taking strict actions against app cloning. These app stores allow people to remove content that is copied or seems similar to other apps. An app owner can take action against new app submissions that resemble his application.


What’s The Solution?

Instead of scripts, you should get on-demand app solutions to build an app around your idea. An app development solution service provider develops an on-demand app for a customer and manages several things related to it, including maintenance, branding, and adding advanced features to it.

You get a complete application when you choose on-demand app development services. A company offering these services handles everything from the very beginning of an app to its launch on the app store. There is always a team of experienced developers who work closely with you to ensure that they are creating an app that matches your vision. In addition to development, they also handle maintenance and provide you with 24/7 support.

An on-demand app development service provider ensures that you get an app that features the latest technologies and the newest database structure. In addition, you are provided with the maintenance services to ensure that your app has an updated version of the technology.

A complete on-demand app solution assures quality development services. From design and development to maintenance, everything is handled by the app solution service provider. In addition, the company also provides you with advanced features like customer feedback and market analysis to make your app a useful, smart help for people.



Solutions are better than scripts. They allow you to create an app solution in your own way. In addition, it adds lots of useful features like customization, support, and security to your app. In the end, you get an app that contains all those features that you want to have. So whether it’s a taxi-booking app or a food delivery app solution, use app development solutions for better, customized results.