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Build On Demand House Cleaning App | House Cleaning App Development

By Suffescom Solutions

January 18, 2024

Build On Demand House Cleaning App | House Cleaning App Development

Cleaning your home might sound very simple, but doing it requires a lot of diligence and hard work. It is also due to the people's busy work schedules, which restricts them from doing their job. That's why people are now opting for commercial cleaning services. The cleaning services business is in high demand right now. They have expertise in everything like general house cleaning, vacuuming, carpet cleaning, green cleaning, pressure washing etc. Also, the pandemic has played a massive role in escalating the popularity of cleaning services. Everyone wants their place to be properly sterilized and sanitized. This shows there is a complete dependency of individuals as well as the most prominent organizations that have large workplaces on the cleaning service providers.

From the cleaning business point of view, one thing is very much clear; there is a massive competition in this market industry. It means to be the best among all, one has to deliver astounding results. So, whether you are a neophyte or an already existing cleaning company, everyone requires an extra push to reach towards their potential audience. This additional effort is in the form of an online house cleaning services app where users can access any type of service at any time.

Build On Demand House Cleaning App

Suffescom Solutions delivers on-demand house cleaning app to bridge the gap between house owners and house cleaners. Hire our dedicated developers who can assist you in building a complete house cleaning app.

We, at Suffescom Solutions, offer you complete on-demand Uber For Lawn Mowing Services that include apps for customers, service providers, and the admin.

Today, automation has taken control of everything from ordering food, booking tickets, taxi services, paying bills to net banking, etc. The same goes for the home cleaning services app, where one can select their desired services. After that, the cleaning professionals visit the place and perform their activities with utmost dedication. All of this has been made possible by the on-demand cleaning service that accomplishes the user's essentials in a brief time. There are a lot of elements that a cleaning app can deploy, all that you will know through this article.


  • By 2025, the house cleaning market is presumed to be around $40.38 billion with a 20% of yearly growth rate
  • The household cleaning products market is forecasted to be $320.82 billion in 2028 from $235.76 billion in 2021, with a CAGR of 4.5%
  • It has been estimated that by 2025 the annual house cleaning growth rate will be around 20%, and it is expected to hit nearly $40.38 billion
  • It has been seen that residential house cleaning has become the fastest-moving industry in the US
  • Presently, the sales in the USA are around $20 billion with an annual growth of 20%
  • The data shows that approx. 10% of all US landlords use house cleaning services to clean their homes
  • The most profitable market for cleaning services is the USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany, and India
  • Asia-pacific holds the top most position in household cleaning products globally
  • The home services market is assumed to grow by $1574.86 billion

On-Demand House Cleaning Service

An on-demand cleaning service app has streamlined everything so smoothly that it has become the choice of every customer. It has completely transformed the way the cleaning industry used to function. The contribution of commercial cleaning services contributes to around one-third of the total cleaning services. These service applications are fully reliable in performing daily tasks with the help of gigantic machinery for larger workplaces, areas belonging to schools, colleges, universities, etc. The most significant advantage of having an on-demand service is that it helps in the quick cleaning, thereby saving time.

Moreover, there are a total of three panels:

User Panel

This section is visible for the users where they can create their profiles by filling out every accurate information about themselves. To move forward, the users can choose the service that they want to opt for. Also, from there, they can examine the profile of the cleaning employees and hire them. Users have the option of giving a review or writing feedback in return for the service provided. It helps the other customers to have a look at those ratings and assessments to make their choices on that behalf.

Features Of User Panel

Here are the key features of User Panel:

Single Tap Booking

There are suitable slot timings given to the users from where they can see which period is free. After checking with the timings, the users get the list of the house as well as the commercial cleaning house cleaners. The users can then send requests to the one that they want to hire from the list. This makes the whole process very simple and time-saving. Therefore, every selection is made via a single click, which doesn't lead to any wastage of time. In the end, if there is still an unease that a person feels with the cleaner, then they can subsequently shift towards the other one.

Push Notifications

Whenever the user logs into their account, plenty of notifications start to pop out. These notifications are about promotions, transactions, coupons, updates, etc. Promoting things in the form of notifications and conveying certain useful information in the form of messages leads to appropriate customer engagement.

Payment Gateways

By following the above steps, if the user is satisfied with the cleaning professional, then they can move one step forward by paying the charges. Various secure gateways like credit cards, mobile wallets, debit cards, etc., are useful in performing transactions. There is the availability of ample security being provided by the application. There is every personal detail being fed by the individual; hence proper privacy of data is required.

Reviews and Ratings

This section is kept for the users to give a genuine remark about the services that they have been offered. Whatever the user feels about the work performed by the cleaning professionals, they can write it in the review module. One can also rate the services either by giving the stars or giving points on a scale of 10. This benefits the other consumers where they can either go for the well-reviewed cleaner or wholly disregard the poorly rated cleaner.

Create Your Own On-Demand House Cleaning App

Looking to develop your own on-demand house cleaning app? With our well-experienced & creative designing team, we deliver amazing on-demand platforms by working on modern technologies.

House Cleaning Service App Provider Panel

This section is for the service provider where they can register themselves. After registration, every piece of information is scrutinized, and on proper verification, the account is created. Succeeding that, the profile can be set up with the available timing and charges of their choice.

Features Of Service App Panel

Here are the key features of Service App provider Panel:


The primary thing that is involved in the service app panel is the registration of the cleaner on the application. The intricate details of the professional cleaner's name, surname, contact number, address, etc., are filled in.

Profile Management

Other than the personal details, the paramount thing is to fill in information about their professional career. They should include their total years of experience and also mention how many requests they can take at a time.

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Acceptance or Rejection Requests

There are times when the cleaning professionals are super busy in their work and hardly get time to respond to the user's requests. They have frantic working schedules, and it becomes impossible sometimes to accept every request that is being sent. In that case, they can simply reject the request. On the other hand, if they have time, then they can move ahead and accept the user's request.

Ultra-Modern Calendar to Handle Work Requests

With so much going on, everything needs to be managed without any interruption. The house cleaning service app is facilitated with the advanced calendar to be relevant to the current working scenario. Besides being futuristic, the calendar should be trouble-free and practical in usage. To tackle the present, as well as the oncoming work requests, such types of calendars are great to use.Every time slot is arranged in a perfect way, and no confusion takes place. This increases the efficiency and eventually spikes up the sales of the app because of the smooth time management service.

Work Reminders

The home cleaning service app possesses numerous services. So, to keep the cleaning professionals reminded about their tasks, the work reminders just perform exceptionally well. The cleaning services notifications just pop up in short intervals of time. It helps a lot in improving the standard of work by maintaining amazing teamwork.

Payment Receipts

There is the feature to view and download the payment receipt whenever they want. The payment receipt can be one month or a year old and could be as new as a day before or weekly old. There is also the option to look for any pending receipt. Therefore, it makes the total experience extraordinarily convenient and valuable.

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Admin Panel

The admin panel is managed by the individuals who have taken the initiative to establish the app. The primary task of the admin is to take control of all the panels simultaneously with greater effectiveness. If the user is facing any issue, then the overhauling of the app is performed by them. It is also required to keep in check with various tasks and in case of any fault the modification and updation are provided.

Features Of Admin Panel

Here are the key features of Admin Panel:


All insight and statistics related to the application need to be checked by the owner. All the information like the number of app downloads, types of services mostly opted by the individuals, region from where the most of the services are being taken. It also includes the general facts of demographics with respect to the population(country-wise) and on the basis of gender. Based on these attributes, the performance criteria are framed. Various inbuilt tools are utilized to generate an accurate report by analyzing every aspect.

Transaction Particulars

Every payment made by the user in exchange for the services is managed by the admin panel. The confidential invoices are also sent to the users by this dashboard. The salary of the cleaners is paid by the respected body.

Administration of Services and Prices

The various services are susceptible to different prices. This happens every time there is a change in the market trend. To cope up with the needs of the user/customer, all the necessary changes are made by the admin.

Hotel Management Software Development

The hotel provides diverse facilities corresponding to discrete departments. To avoid any kind of mismanagement and mishandling of the services, the hotel management software development consolidates everything. The developers use progressive tools and technologies to keep the user satisfied and content. To learn more about this software, let’s have a look at its features;

Offline Reservations

This software lets the users make a booking for the service both online as well as offline. It manages everything effortlessly.

Swift Check-ins and Check-outs

It ensures smooth check-ins and checkouts for the cleaning professionals

User Roles

This characteristic helps in building many user roles and permits access to them based on the responsibilities that they need to perform

POS Integration

This helps in establishing a link between the POS software and the hotel accounting platform. There is an uninterrupted synchronization between the POS system, the user's request and exercise payment during checkout.

The above-mentioned features are really startling; therefore, one needs to be insistent in this cut-throat competition. To cater to the needs of the users, hotel mobile app development and hospitality app development are equally beneficial.

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Wrapping Up!

House cleaning app development is undoubtedly a lucrative business. The procedure of on-demand mobile app development is unique for every business module. It usually costs around $15000-$20000, but for every project, the budget is different. It depends upon the time duration being specified for every feature like control panel, tracking attribute, payment modes, UI/UX design,push notifications, etc. Every aspect is taken into consideration to build a fantastic application.

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