From using filters on Instagram to live video streaming in Zoom, we all are busy finding new social media trends to spend our day on; and this time, short videos are in trend. Starting with Vine in 2013, short videos platforms have become a great name in the social media world. Our content creation and […]

Right now, the world is shifting towards renting properties and possessions. There is a huge demand and innumerable opportunities in the leasing business market industry. Entrepreneurs should take their best foot forward in exploring the rental business field to the fullest. Kicking off a rental business is definitely a terrific idea. It helps the people […]

“Winter is coming”, this phrase brings a sense of nostalgia. There are still some months left for winter, and we will get to enjoy the most fabulous snowfall ever. As much as we enjoy the serene and cool weather, on the contrary, it causes a lot of road clogging and jamming. This irks people as […]

Every industry is adopting blockchain technology today, and the world is becoming blockchained. Along with cryptocurrency and NFTs, the introduction of Web 3.0 has created quite a stir. The emerging technology is causing a new revolution in the finance sector, accounting for roughly 60% of the blockchain’s global market value. Cryptocurrency is the new thing […]

Blockchain technology has gone a long way. Substantial improvement has been treated transactions from bitcoin, which enabled peer-to-peer value transfers over a decentralized network, to Ethereum, which implemented smart contracts. Projects like Aave, Curve, and Yearn would have caught your interest if you were familiar with the crypto and DeFi worlds. Everyone wants to establish […]

Online grocery shopping has rapidly become an ultimate favorite of customers. The sales through the online mode have skyrocketed. The popularity of online e-commerce stores has shot up to the next level. The online grocery market in the USA generated sales of nearly about $95.8 billion in 2020. It is also expected to reach $187.7 […]

We all have witnessed the incredible transformation brought by the latest technological advancements in every business vertical. And the area that has experienced the maximum reshaping is “money transferring”. The traditional payment methods are replaced by the latest ones, like money transfer wallets.  The e-wallet app makes it possible to execute the transactions in seconds […]

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