How to Use Blockchain Technology in Agriculture?

How to Use Blockchain Technology in Agriculture?

By Suffescom Solutions

May 25, 2023

How to Use Blockchain Technology in Agriculture?

As blockchain technology continues gaining traction in business, it's exciting to see how this innovative innovation opens up new opportunities that can help shape and improve existing industries.

With its potential for secure data storage, the immutability of records, and smart contracts with automated transactions, blockchain has become a revolutionary tool for disrupting the traditional way of doing things.

Agriculture is no exception – when it comes to unlocking valuable data and promoting efficient processes, the application of blockchain can drastically revolutionize farming from production through distribution stages.

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In this article, we will discuss the use of blockchain technology in agriculture and how business can increase their revenue with a blockchain-based agriculture platform development:

Implement Blockchain In The Agriculture Supply Chain

Our team of developers offers solutions that leverage blockchain technology that enhances transparency and traceability in the agriculture sector. With our expertise, we can help farmers streamline their operations and improve supply chain management effectively

Use Of Blockchain In Agriculture

The incorporation of blockchain technology in agriculture can bring massive advantages for businesses. One such advantage is the enhanced transparency and traceability it offers. Blockchain records every transaction and every participant involved, creating an immutable ledger that cannot be altered. This allows businesses to easily track their supply chain, ensuring good practices and that ethical standards are followed.

This technology also increases efficiency, reduces costs, and minimizes human errors, thereby increasing business profitability. With its ability to enhance transparency and streamline processes, blockchain can significantly revolutionize the agriculture industry.

How To Implement Blockchain Technology In The Agriculture Sector?

The current agricultural market is dominated by large firms, leaving small businesses with few chances to succeed. Blockchain technology could provide a much-needed solution as it enables direct contact between farmers and clients without the involvement of any intermediaries.

Moreover, blockchain-based smart agriculture can help secure transactions while giving access to deep analysis of data. In this way, businesses can make informed decisions regarding cultivation practices and prices.

Supply Chain Management

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing information management in the agricultural industry by delivering an efficient and secure registry of data across production and supply chains. This game-changing system offers greater transparency, immutability, ease of use, and improved traceability - driving a smoother process for everyone involved.

By utilizing blockchain technology, producers of products can keep an accurate record of origin data, such as date and location. This method guarantees trustworthiness between involved parties, which could be very helpful during the process of export. Additionally, this system offers a reliable solution to quickly handle product recalls due to sanitation issues or track user information for agricultural chemicals and fertilizers- guaranteeing quality assurance.


Finances play a crucial role in the success of the agriculture business, but transparency gaps can lead to late payments and low prices on crops. Fortunately, with blockchain technology, farmers and buyers alike have access to reliable sources of information.

This shared data is stored permanently across blocks that enable auditors' easy verification through ledgers. It makes it both cost-effective and secure for all stakeholders at every stage, from production to payment.

Weather Conditions

The agriculture sector is heavily impacted by the weather, but modern tools and technology have stepped up to meet this challenge. Unfortunately, these efforts are not quite enough - a precise understanding of climate conditions remains elusive for farmers around the world. To ensure good harvest yields, all elements must be in optimal balance, such as rainfall levels and moisture content in air or soil; even seemingly minor changes can compromise crop cultivation success.

As natural phenomena like wind speed or pressure remain out of our control, it's essential to stay at the cutting edge when monitoring climatic information so that crops get every chance they need to flourish.

Blockchain provides unparalleled insight into data and can accurately predict error-free outcomes, helping farmers make smart decisions. The technology is powerful enough to detect and address risk factors from bad weather before it even happens.

This allows them to claim insurance in a speedy fashion that ensures seamless transactions straight into their wallets for quick compensation.

Farming Models

Farm management models are an essential factor of agriculture, but they lack security and are not reliable enough. Blockchain technology can be used to bring modernization to farming models. With blockchain, it will have enhanced security, and the farmers no longer need to worry about cyber hacks.

Sustainable Blockchain-Based Agriculture Platform Development

We specialize in developing blockchain-based agri-platform that can help farmers and businesses to reduce waste, improve sustainability and optimize resource utilization.

Benefits of Blockchain-Based Agriculture Platform Development

Blockchain technology has been making waves in multiple industries, and agriculture is no exception. The advancement of agri-equipments due to blockchain technology has tempted many entrepreneurs to invest their money in developing blockchain-based agriculture platform development. Let's have a look at how dApp development can benefit businesses:

Increased Transparency

In today's world, consumers are eager to know the origin of the products they buy. They want access to information about the production and quality of the product. With blockchain technology, the final consumer can easily have access to information about farming commodities such as beans, rice, or coffee. They will know from whom they are buying and the overall quality of the product.

For instance, Nestlé has partnered to implement blockchain technology into their business process. Now, consumers can scan a QR code with their smartphone and access traceability information from production to the store. This includes quality control parameters, production date, storage item, warehouse location, and more. In this way, consumers have increased transparency, which helps build loyalty and trust toward your brand.

Robust Security

Blcokchain technology plays an essential role by introducing new and effective forms of security in the agriculture sector. The decentralized nature of blockchain technology helps lower the risk of cyber attacks. Moreover, it allows consumers to safeguard their digital identities when buying farming products and monitor how the company uses their data.

Financial Management

It is hard for firms to maintain and enhance their current systems in the agriculture sector. They are looking to put their money into something that will make their existing procedures more efficient and help them save money. As there are no vendor fees and the central player in blockchain technology, companies can cut costs and save money. Moreover, less engagement is required to authenticate a transaction, which further helps reduce overall costs.

Reducing The Need For Fee-Charging Third Parties

Smart contract development in blockchain technology means that all the terms and conditions mentioned are coded and automatically implemented. These codes cannot be changed or altered when saved on the blockchain. So, if one party breaches the terms, the other person in the agriculture sector receives the product or services back.

It helps remove the need for government officials, lawyers, or any other fee-charging third parties to handle conflicts.

Improved Speed And Efficiency

Blockchain technology helps in automating time-consuming tasks to maximize efficiency. With the help of automation, there are fewer human-based errors. Moreover, it can handle a transaction in seconds or less.

Key Features Of Blockchain-Based Agriculture Platform

Blockchain-based agriculture dApp platforms exhibit special features that ease the workflow. They help in modifying farming practices in the best possible way. Some of the must-have features of such platforms include:


The application must be to support a streamlined and transparent process. It will assist in tracking the origins of food products, ensuring quality and safety standards are met, and reducing overall waste through improved logistics.

Smart Contracts

Deploying smart contracts is an important part of developing decentralized applications in agriculture. It can be used to automate payments between farmers and the consumer. It can help in reducing the time and cost associated with traditional forms of payment such as checks and wire transfers.

Inventory Management

The application helps businesses in handling stocks in real-time. Producers, manufacturers, or farmers can properly record the loading and unloading of the stock on the application.


The blockchain-based agriculture application can record the information from the production to the store. This data can not be altered or changed by the user or any other person. It helps in improved transparency, security, and efficiency in the business process.

The potential benefits are huge, and it's exciting to see blockchain being implemented in such a crucial industry. With all the challenges facing modern agriculture, this innovative use of technology gives entrepreneurs, farmers, and manufacturers hope for a more efficient and secure business.

Ready To Build Your Blockchain-Based Agriculture Platform?

We offer services that provide all the essential resources to bring your vision to life. Our blockchain solutions provide farmers with real-time insights into crop performance, supply chain management, and environmental conditions that help optimize yield and reduce waste.

Why Choose Suffescom For Blockchain-Based Agriculture Platform Development?

In a world where agriculture is an essential industry, there is a growing need for innovative and efficient solutions to help the sector. This is where blockchain-based agriculture platforms come in. These platforms provide a decentralized network that allows farmers, agribusinesses, and consumers to connect and trade seamlessly.

Such platforms are expected to be adopted as more food consumers demand transparency and provenance. As a result, the development of blockchain-based agriculture platforms has become a viable revenue stream for entrepreneurs looking to tap into this growing market. With the potential to cut costs, reduce fraud and connect buyers and sellers directly, these platforms are set to revolutionize the agriculture industry.

Suffescom is a top blockchain dApp development company that can help you build a robust blockchain-based agri-platform. We have been in the industry for over 13 years and have experience in the blockchain for more than 5 years. Here's why we are the best blockchain-based agriculture platform development company:

Blockchain Expertise

We have a pool of blockchain developers are specializes in multiple public and private blockchain networks such as Binance, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Solana, and more.

Post-Launch Support

Our work does not end after developing your agri-platform. We will help you with post-launch support. Our team will follow up with the project and ensure your platform succeeds and brings higher ROI.

Multi-Level Testing

Every project is delivered after it clears our testing process. We conduct various testing at the external or in-house levels.

In case you are still not assured, contact our experts via call or mail. Get a rough estimation of building a blockchain-based agriculture platform for your business

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