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January 05, 2022

Does it make sense to utilize property space and vehicles to generate good income? The success of Airbnb brings the huge possibility for the rental businesses to transform and grow in the online world. Airbnb for renting cars and homes is getting more popular than traditional businesses among entrepreneurs. Running a rental business is lucrative if executed well with the market's current needs in place.

Airbnb fuels the excitement of gaining more growth and revenue; rental company owners can grow in the market since being an entrepreneur. If you intend to start a car rental services or need to turn your traditional rental business to Airbnb, this blog is worth reading to you. It covers everything from concepts like how to start a car rental business similar to Airbnb to useful tips that help you expand your rental house and car-sharing business.

How To Start A luxury Car Rental Management Company

Build Concept Of Car Vacation Rental Business

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  2. Select Design & Features
  3. Go Live

What Does Airbnb For Cars Means?

Airbnb has partnered up with Turo to highlight the opportunity of renting both cars and your property space for the traveling season. In the coming years, there are many hosts across the US running car-sharing services on Turo and sharing property space on Airbnb to boost their earnings. Businesses similar to Airbnb for renting cars enable anyone to lend their vehicles to others. In short, it is something that lets car owners make extra bucks by renting their cars while at the same time providing a comfortable and quick way for those who need a vehicle when traveling somewhere. 

Unlike Uber or Lyft, Airbnb is not a ride-hailing system but has a similar concept, offering rides to passengers. This makes Airbnb the perfect-to-go choice for those planning for longer journeys by allowing them to make in advance scheduling. It's the most cost-effective solution compared to conventional car rentals allowing drivers to start offering car rentals just with popper documentation. 

How Airbnb for Cars Works? Steps Explained!

Vacation Rental Management Company Airbnb app Script or software helps link car owners with renters and travelers. The business model of Airbnb depends on the greatest strengths of customers who view the products, make car rental bookings, and travel on confirmation. Airbnb like car rental apps available on the market, such as Turo, works in the following steps:

  • To start with the car rental services, the vehicle owner has to provide vehicle details like vehicle pictures, videos, etc.
  • On the further step, riders have to browse through a selection of cars and use specialized filters to pick the ideal rental car for their adventure. 
  • Once all the detailed requirements match the riders' interests, they can rent the car directly. Based on the rider's requirement, the car rental booking can be either made immediately or scheduled for later. 
  • To deliver the trusted car rental services, the person who drives the car has to list the delivery place and enter the license information.
  • On completing the ride, the traveler can make rental car payments with any of the mentioned options like debit/credit card, e-wallet, etc., in the most secure way. 

Suppose you are on the way to starting a business like Airbnb for car rental services. In that case, it is good to consider all the steps, have a proper analysis of market expectations, and contact the top app development company to develop the app. 

Car Rental Marketplace Like Airbnb Revenue Model

The car rental industry is booming right now. You can see that most rental businesses started to transform their businesses into the online rental marketplace since the success of businesses like Airbnb. Being an entrepreneur, renting is something much better than just earning ownership. This will provide you with profits and utmost convenience in the renting and sharing economy. Below are some of the ways one can earn with Airbnb like an app:

Booking fee commission: The owner can fix the final amount to a renter for products and bookings made in the list of purchases. 

Off-site online ads: To get the bookings from riders, owners can pay some amount to provide the banner and other advertisements for the promotion of the website. 

Car owner subscription deal: Users can use smartphones to access the features like GPS tracking, sensors, and other handsome features to secure car sharing for regular booking or safeguarding car parts based on yearly and monthly subscription plans.

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How Airbnb for Car Rentals Beat The Traditional Businesses

One of the most important reasons the Air-BnB automobile sharing marketplace is overwhelming traditional vehicle rental firms is the peer-to-peer lending network with quick access that allows renters to feed in for personal authentication points. This Air-BnB model for a car has numerous advantages on both sides of the competition, including:

For Travelers

  • Travelers and guests can choose from a variety of automobiles available for rent through the Airbnb-like app and book the one that best meets their needs.
  • Vehicle reservations on Airbnb are quick and easy for all places, and the costs are reasonable.
  • When compared to traditional rental cars, the cost of renting an Airbnb car is 25% less.

For Car Owners

  • An Airbnb-like portal allows riders to quickly advertise their vehicles for rent to make it easier for riders to hire their automobiles.
  • The host will be given liability insurance for coverage depending on the car accident and damage.
  • Roadside help will be available anywhere and at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • All that is required is to share their car and begin earning money every month. Thanks to Airbnb, car drivers can now generate money with their assets parked inside the home.    

How Do I Run A Luxury Car Rental Company | Car Rental Business Startup Guide

Kick-starting A Business Using Airbnb Model

With the help of a reputable app development firm, you may use a car booking model, create your own website, and start a car rental like Airbnb, a luxury car rental company. This will assist you in properly implementing your company app concepts. On the Internet, you can examine and increase the requirements to meet the demands of different people renting automobiles. These parameters encourage the incorporation of new entrepreneurs into this trendy sector.

This Airbnb-style solution would also provide a wide range of features to everyone. You may easily customize other programs and incorporate your business concepts with new feature add-ons like, for example.

Customizable Platform: Have a fully customizable framework that is built using open-source software.

Multiple Payment Gateway: To ensure convenience.

Multiple Features and Functionalities: To give your users a hassle-free line coverage experience.

Aside from this, you can connect social media networks into your automobile services application, such as Airbnb or software, to receive updates and feedback from consumers.

How to Start a Luxury Car Rental Business

There are some things that the business must do in order to get off the ground. So, these are the three most important factors of beginning a business. 

Identify a niche: Because this is a diverse market, you'll need to know about specific criteria, target your customers, and assess your competitors.

Choose a platform: To start a rental car-sharing firm, you'll need an online portal (a website or smartphone app), a domain name for your website's URL, and business partners to host your own page.

Examine the features offered by the platform: The primary goal of an entrepreneur should not be to create a website.

The program should have top-notch facilities and conveniences for managing, operating, and supporting the online vehicle rental website.

Unique Features of Airbnb for Cars App Like Turo

Car Reservations: Your consumers should be able to register easily in your car service app, similar to Airbnb, and handle reservations according to their preferences. It can show details such as how to register using an email address, a verification link, a user ID, and contactless check-in options, among other things.

Bookings: This is a feature that is only available to the owners. The rental counter may or may not be part of reservations, as you can display booking status separately with detailed view information of check-in options when the user books the car based on their preferences, such as previous bookings, viewing product details, hosting vehicle types, viewing renter reviews and ratings, and booking changes, among others. As a result, you'll be able to keep track of active and inactive users in a separate list, and you'll be able to promote your business to those inactive people in the background, according to referrals.

Care Facilities: Do you believe that all customers require the same type of vehicle? Clearly not! Every customer has various needs and wants when it comes to booking or renting a car near them. Giving them a choice to choose the vehicle they want to rent will be the icing on the cake for your company in that situation.

Therefore, display information on the application like,

  • Car brand details and hosting vehicle types,
  • Car features, battery life, and specification,
  • Photos of the vehicle for selection and order,
  • Liability insurance cover damage and dust,
  • View parking facilities and availability of passengers, etc.

Along with car details, you also need to gather information like,

  • Exotic location
  • Ride date and time
  • Drop dates and times
  •  Finalized model, etc

This gives a rider the utmost convenience and pleasant experience.

Details of Automobile Renting: In today's world of uncertainty, inflation, and fluctuation, it's hard for car owners to keep the price of vehicle rides constant. One of the main reasons why you need car sharing renting details in the mobile phone application, such as hourly cost, weekly cost, daily cost, monthly cost, and so on, is because this is one of the main reasons why you need car sharing renting details in the mobile phone application.


Document Verification: To hire a car, the owner of the car must have access to the documentation of the car's drivers and passengers, such as driver's licenses, passports, and other identification documents. As a result, rather than collecting physical copies of driver's licenses and passports, you can allow owners to collect the documents simply in an online version within the application. One of the authentications that allows you to trust the individual is this one.

This trust allows you to contact the customer and give additional information.

Account Management: This type of unique feature car services software like Airbnb will help the car renter the most. Users can share the specifics of the travels and places they take using the website or app, which can give them a complete management guide from booking to protection plans to have trouble-free journeys in case of problems. It could include, for example.

  • Password management
  • Insurance policy management
  • Emergency access management
  • Auditing and reporting management
  • History of the road trip
  • Rebooking past book trips
  • Customer support and roadside assistance
  • GPS tracking and notice
  • Reviews, ratings to give and view, etc.

This feature will assist users who feel safe and secure after exchanging their car ride information with the trusted emergency number and management in only one contact.

Concluding Lines!

So Are You Ready to Build App Similar to Airbnb to Provide Rental Car Services

Traditional rental car firms have already embraced the modern world, and with rising demand, the industry has attracted millions of new clients. Now that you've mastered all of the features mentioned above and methods, you're ready to break into the automobile rental sector and start your own dependable and profitable rental car-sharing company.

However, suppose you are a novice to the business. In that case, you may need to introduce a minimum viable product before launching the final product on the market since this will give you a better concept of your vision and long-term strategy. Once you've decided on your car-sharing concept, you can contact an app development company to get started on your Airbnb-style car service business.

If you have any questions, recommendations, or require assistance with your car-sharing app concept for the Android or iOS platform, get in touch with Suffescom. We will help you with the finest Airbnb clone app development solutions. 

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