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Starting A Delivery Business App | How Ubereats Works?

The world around us loves to get an easy life for itself, and the era of digitalization is fully-fledged to provide us full access to an easy life. People around us are too busy to enjoy even meal also by taking out time from there work or business, if we will take a close look around us we will see that people prefer to go to restaurants only on a special occasion like a date, the family gets together, friends reunion, etc. but when it comes to running sort of time or having getting a causal meal; people prefer to order it by food delivery application. There was a time when people were not so aware of such an application, but once the food delivery application received the limelight, things changed drastically. Just by looking towards the demand in the market, we can notice that. 

Start Delivery Business By Opting Our Readymade Apps

One of the most famous applications for food delivery is UberEats which is now available in 6000+ cities globally and has more than 66 million active users. When we look at the annual revenues & other stats of the UberEats, we will see the growth every year:

Annual Revenue of UberEats

2017- $0.6 billion

2018- $1.5 billion

2019- 1.9 billion

2020- $4.8 billion

2021- $8.3 billion

UberEats Users Stats

2016- 5 million

2017- 9 million

2018- 15 million

2019- 21 million

2020- 66 million

2021- 81 million

UberEats covers almost 29% of the food delivery market, and there are other such delivery applications. Like Doordash or GrubHub, available for the people, there is still too much gap between the market and the public. People still miss some restaurants or their favorite foods from a particular place. By getting an app for food delivery service, you can build a bridge between the restaurants and the customers. The food delivery service apps market is expected to be more than $13 billion by the end of 2025. One should not miss the opportunity to get into the food delivery service market; it will boost your economy if one runs the application with the correct marketing strategy. 

Why Is Everyone Predicting a Boom In The Market?

Everyone is busy with their work and personal life; nobody bothers about the other things and wants everything at their doorsteps with just a few clicks. 

Apart from the just-food delivery, people want their beauty products, essential items, salon and spa treatments, medicines, and yes, of course, food to be at their doorsteps. 

If you can sense the future, you can realize that the upcoming years will be full of services going online. The market value of the on-demand service applications will boom in the market. 

Suffescom Solutions has done in-depth research of the market. You can get a brief idea about how getting an app for starting a food delivery business can be profitable for you and how you can generate better revenue from an app like UberEats. Apart from the revenues ideas here, we will also discuss tips for starting a takeaway business like ubereats

Let’s Begin – How to Make Your Food Business Profitable?

how to start business

  1. Market Research

Before entering into any of the businesses getting the knowledge about the market, knowing the permissions you will need to get from the government officials, what is the scope to grow in the market, who all are the competitors and how you can tackle the difficulties into the business is the foremost thing that everyone should be ready with. Getting the blueprint is the most important essential thing in any business. 

  1. What Is Trending

The trends are the most important thing every business should have an eye on. If you want to reach maximum customers, you have to look after what better and best you can do from your side to provide more comfort to customers. Dominos accepts orders via Twitter. This type of flexibility will bring your application to the limelight.

This is why keeping an eye on the trend is important before beginning the business.

  1. Choose The Type Of Business Model

The next step for making the business successful is choosing the model you want to go with. Either you can go with just the ordering app in which your platform will add restaurants, will receive orders from the user and will forward them to the related restaurant, or you can choose the model in which your platform will be responsible for receiving the order from the user, forwarding them to the restaurants and after that through your delivery agents you will have to deliver through your platform. The second type of model is the most popular as it helps to make the business more profitable than others. 

  1. Choose Prominent Features For App

The application features will be the base for your business, and the features will only allow the users to understand your platform for placing the order. 

Usually, an app has three/four panels through which the platform controls every activity on the app.  

  1. User Panel: through which the users place the orders.
  2. Delivery Panel: for the delivery executives who will deliver the food to your users.
  3. Restaurant Panel: this panel helps the restaurant owners to receive the orders and manage the order.
  4. Admin Panel: this will be your panel to look around all the activities on the platform either via users, restaurant owners, or from the end of the delivery executive.

How To Generate Revenue Through The Service

The stats above are already the best example of how successful the food delivery service app can be and profit you. 

Here are tips on how you can make money through the service app.

Commission From The Restaurants

With every order from any user, you can charge a commission from the restaurant owner as they are on your platform to run their business.

Delivery Fees For The Delivery Executive 

With the help of the delivery charges for the service joining the platform to make the order, you will have to pay an extra amount for the delivery. Through the delivery fees, you can also generate revenue.

Each restaurant wants to make a maximum sale to make maximum profit. Your platform can show their restaurants by charging them an extra amount apart from normal listing costs. 

how to start business

Know Features Before Developing Food Delivery App

Before starting with the features, it is very important to understand that any of the applications should be user friendly so that the users shouldn’t use 

Easy Signup

Acquiring the signup feature should be the first feature in any application. With the help of the signup feature, your user can easily join the platform by using their details like names, emails, and phone numbers.

Adding the signup feature with the social media platform will be the bonus point for the platform.

Option To Filter

With the help of this feature, the user will get the option to filter the food products at their convenience. The user can easily find their preferred products without entering each restaurant enlisted over the application.

Multiple Payment Option

Each of the customers doesn’t have the same option available for processing the payment, so the feature of processing through multiple payment gateways can be beneficial.

Real-Time Tracking 

With the feature of the real-time tracker, the user can track the orders they have placed from your platform.

Now we will discuss the panel in detail to be more clear about the application.

Features Of Delivery Executive In The Food App


With the help of the registration panel, if a person is willing to join your platform to start their career as a delivery executive, they can easily join your platform with the help of the registration. But for this, you need little customization with the feature like registering to the platform. The delivery option should have all the legal documents.

 Accept/Reject The Orders

They should have the feature to accept or reject the orders coming to them. The platform admin should also have the option to assign the orders.

Location Tracker

With the location tracker feature, your delivery executive will know the location of the user who placed the order.

Income Feature

Your delivery executive can learn about their income/payment through the feature to show income. 

Features Of Admin Panel In Food Delivery Business App

Management Feature

Through the help of the management feature, the platform admin will have access to each of the activities. 

Performance Monitoring And Analytics

The admin can screen the number of deals and appraisals and see insights like deferred, canceled, and undelivered orders. 

Feedback & Support Feature

The admin can move forward the quality of benefit given by always giving back to the clients and restros and executing the recommendations advertised by them.



If you are still thinking that it could be quite risky for you to, you should know that more than 38% of Americans use food delivery services actively; 60% of the Americans had atleast ordered from the food delivery app once.

The market value of the food delivery service application will rise with time, and getting an app like UberEats will be the best decision for you. 

If you are willing to build the bridge between the public and the restaurants and want to make good money from food delivery service applications, then don’t delay your plans & hire a software development company to build an app like UberEats. 

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