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SEOs Strong Components for Developing New Effective Business Story

In this part, the focus is on to convert the visitors to the leads and leads to the sales. In the Part -1, the four levels to define the SEO modern marketing methods were described. The first two parts were explained. Now we will be discussing the rest of the two levels. Continue reading

A Succinct Story For SEO Success -Part 1

By going through the Google plays, many companies decided to go by the pay click traffic capturing methods. However, there is no match for the longevity, consistency and quality of the lead flow you’ll experience from SEO.
Continue reading

SEO Service Providers can be Advantageous for Your online business

With the easy availability of software and e-tutorials, people are readily creating their own websites. They have even bought various services online that helps them to achieve their target. However not opting for search engine optimization services offered by experienced and knowledgeable providers available in the industry is one of the biggest mistakes committed by a large number of business owners. Continue reading

Hire an Internet Marketing Professional to Increase Your Online Business

If you are new to the internet world, you may think that internet marketing would not help you to increase your online business or to promote your company. However in this internet world, it has become a necessity to promote your business online so that you can easily reach out to potential clients residing in some other country. If you are not well versed with the internet world, hiring an expert can help you to solve the problem. Here are some reasons that would help you to reach a decision at the earliest. Continue reading

HTTPS/SSL sites will get hike in SERP

Yesterday Google made a new announcement that they will now use SSL and HTTPS websites as a ranking signal in their search algorithm. From now Google will increase the search rankings of sites that constantly use secure encrypted connections to exchange the data and import the pages. This small change is designed to endorse improved online security particularly by recommending developers to put into effect SSL/TLS to encrypt site traffic. Creating web connections more secure by default is a powerful protection against man-in-the-middle attacks along with offering benefit of privacy to web surfer. Quite lots of web giants have already encrypted https by default. Continue reading

Time to get responsive designs to boost the business

Suppose you are somewhere in out with friends and looking for best restaurant to dine, you can’t carry your computer with you so you take out your Smartphone to search online, but you reached a website which is, unfortunately, not a mobile-friendly website. You are continuously attempting to view that site, but you can barely read anything. You are zooming and scrolling the page just to read it. Then you move to click on a link, though click on wrong link and wait for the new link to open to try again. At last, you quit and return to Google to search a new website. Continue reading

Get the best alternative platform

You all might have already heard that Magento Go and ProStores, owned by eBay enterprise will cease to work on 1st February, 2015. Both are online service for enterpriser and small merchants that allow you to create your own e-store to sell your services & products and online. Most of the retails might be wondering where they should migrate or various options to find the alternative platform for their sites? To unriddle all your worries we have come up with the various options to successfully migrate your online store. We understand that it’s not easy for you to relay on other service provider that too after prolong relation with eBay. Continue reading