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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Taxi App?

By Suffescom Solutions

January 30, 2024

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Taxi App?

A million-dollar question everyone wants to know about.

The taxi app development cost ranges from $15k-$50k. To be more precise, this value depends upon the type of platform, integrated features, UI/UX design, etc.

Conventional taxi services are dead and gone. The wonderful emergence of taxi booking apps has set forth a trend for other entrepreneurs to make an investment in this evergreen market and earn massive profits.

In this blog, we have addressed everything related to taxi app costs and given a detailed breakdown. We have mentioned the factors in-depth that are the major contributors to the budget.

Suffescom is a top mobile app development company that has helped entrepreneurs develop taxi apps at cost-effective prices. Contact our team and get a detailed taxi app development cost. But before that, take a glimpse at the key stats;

  1. By 2024, the revenue of the taxi market is expected to reach $165.60bn.
  2. By 2028, user penetration is predicted to grow at a fantastic 24.6%.
  3. Some of the popular taxi apps are Uber, Lyft, Bolt, Grab, Gett, etc.
  4. By 2028, the taxi app market size is estimated to reach $283bn with a CAGR of 4.2% (From 2023 to 2028).
  5. Key countries offering taxi app services are China, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Latin America, Spain, etc

To get started with the taxi app cost breakdown, firstly let’s take a glance at the types of taxi apps.

Taxi Business App Development Cost

The cost of developing a taxi business app varies depending on features, platform (iOS, Android), complexity, and developer rates. Generally, it ranges from $15,000 to $50,000 or more.

Types Of Taxi Apps

Building a taxi booking app categorically depends upon the category it belongs to. Based on that, the business model is created, so essentially there are two major taxi apps;

Aggregator App

Such apps are highly in demand and due credit goes to popular companies like Uber, Lyft, Bolt, inDrive, etc. On this platform, taxi owners register their vehicles to provide seamless services to their customers and pay service charges.

Basic App:

A single server is required because of the presence of a single app. Here taxi drivers showcase their services and allow users to directly make a call for the taxi.

On-Demand App:

It essentially requires a server as there is the inclusion of different apps i.e. one for passengers and another one for drivers. It's comparatively on the expensive side as compared to the basic one but the traction they enjoy is just awesome.

Cab Booking App

These are significant for those who already have an established taxi business but want to take it a step forward to offer online ride-hailing services to their customer base. Moreover, building white label taxi apps tends to open a plethora of opportunities and reach a global audience.

The main advantage of these applications is that no third party is present and the dealing takes place directly between the concerned parties. The passengers just need to enter their pick and drop-off location along with their car preference. On the other hand, the taxi service provider assigns the driver for the ride at an already set price.

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Factors Affecting Taxi App Development Cost Breakdown

There are certain criteria on which development cost depends. Here we have enlisted some of them in an estimated range, check them out;

  • Integrated Features
  • Development Process
  • App Complexity
  • Size Of The Development Firm
  • White Label Or Custom-Fit

Let's discuss them in detail;

Development Process


This phase mainly involves accurate IT consulting where business experts offer absolute guidance to the clients related to their projects.

Research & Planning

During this phase, extensive research and planning are conducted to guarantee a successful and streamlined project.

UI/UX Design

Building a highly intuitive interface and making it easily navigable for the users to capture engagement.


Precisely speaking, the development phase is divided into two categories i.e. front end and back end.

In the front end, the visual components of the app are created through which users engage such as checkboxes, buttons, graphics, etc. The back end ensures the app is functioning effectively along with database handling.


The software testers improve the performance by rectifying the issues present in the app by the implementation of testing techniques.

Launch & Maintenance

After the successful development, the app is deployed to the dedicated server and launched for public usage. We also offer top maintenance services in case any technical glitches appear.


The developed apps are then promoted on various social media platforms to reach broader customers.

Development ProcessCost Estimation
Planning And Research$4500-$5500
Launch And Maintenance$4000-$6000
How Much Does It Cost To Develop Taxi App?

The cost of developing a taxi app, including features like GPS tracking, payment integration, driver/passenger profiles, and admin dashboard, typically ranges from $15,000 to $50,000 or more.

Technological Stacks

Programming Languages: Coding is the most important part of app development that helps build apps that are interactive, highly scalable, and responsive.

Frameworks: These offer a great foundation while developing mobile apps and offer benefits like optimized security, easy maintenance & integration, testing & debugging, etc.

Cloud Storage: Helps developers store app data corresponding to user, content, and configuration to maintain resilience, scalability, and accessibility.

Backend-Java, Python, Go, Swift

Frontend- React, Angular,Django,Vue

SMS & Phone verification: Nexmo, Twilio

Alerts: Twilio

Analytics: Big Data, Apache, IBM, Hadoop

Cloud: AWS, Azure, Google

Payments: Braintree, PayPal, Stripe

Database: MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Technological StacksTaxi App Development Cost
Programming Languages$6000-$12000
Artificial Intelligence$6000- $15000
Internet Of Things (IoT)$5,000- $20000
Operating system$9000-$14000
Cloud storage$10000-$15000

Integrated Features

Building apps and then integrating features as per the client's requirement is a huge task.

Route Tracking

Help both drivers and track routes while traveling. It helps drivers to remain vigilant and have a detailed traffic view. On the contrary, the passengers can monitor the route to enjoy a safe trip.

Travel History

Saves all the travel destinations visited by the passengers so that they can directly use it the next time when they want.

GPS Tracking

Helps drivers track the location precisely and offers them the shortest route possible free from traffic to reach passenger location on time.

Instant Alerts

Notifications related to the driver details, offers, discounts, and coupons are made available to potential customers. In the same way, drivers get alerts corresponding to the passengers like addresses, and their pick and drop-off locations.

Intuitive Dashboard

All the KPIs and business metrics related to the app performance including sales and customer retention are available through graphical charts. The real-time availability of actionable insights tracking performance and money is accessible in a single place.

Payment Integration

To make swift payments through the apps, various payment modes are integrated into the taxi app. It includes credit/debit cards, wallets, cash payments, etc.

The list is never-ending, as many features can be integrated that are in accordance with the client's preference. The more the attributes, the more will be the development cost.

White Label App Or App From Scratch

White label taxi app development takes less time as the code is already available. This ready-made solution has a lesser scope of customization, making the development cost lower.

Taxi apps built from scratch have 100% scope of customization. Right from the features to the UI/UX design, the client can make as many changes as they want. So, the charges automatically rise up.

Company’s Size

The company’s size matters in the app development process. A larger organization has more employees in comparison to startups or medium-scale companies. So, definitely, the taxi app cost is going to be more than the former one

Size Of The CompanyNo. Of EmployeesTaxi App Cost
Small scale/StartupsAround 50$30000-$40000
Medium scale
Large scale>250>$50000

Based On Complexity

Basic apps are made with simple designs and normal features. In contrast, complex apps are embedded with advanced features, top-notch UX/UI design, and built with ultra-modern frameworks and cutting-edge technologies. Due to the specialized tech expertise, the development time in complex apps is more than the basic and medium ones.

Check out the table to get more clarity;

Design TypeTaxi App Cost

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FAQs Related To Taxi App Development

What are the tips for developing a top taxi booking app?

Start with MVP development, have a unique vision, spot your niche, pick the monetization scheme, include features and you are all set to go.

What is the development time for building taxi apps?

It usually takes 2-5 weeks to build such apps and everything depends upon the level of personalization.

Which features are integrated into taxi apps?

GPS tracking, ride requests, driver/passenger management, reports & analytics, multiple payment options, automatic fare calculation, etc are top features of our app.

What are the advantages of a taxi booking app?

Broad customer reach, boosted sales, high ROI, enhanced brand reputation, etc are some of the key advantages of taxi booking apps.

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