Michelle Stauffer Productions

Michelle Stauffer Productions is a professional company that takes pride in photography and video production services where the talented and creative minds convey your stories the best way.


Located in San Francisco, California, Michelle Stauffer Productions is dealing in the photography and video production for years. Dedicated to providing its clients the best stills and motions, the production company handles all the different aspects of production whether it is the estimation, permitting or hiring a crew.

The Problem

The previous website of the Michelle Stauffer Productions was having some issues like the high load time and less traffic that was leading to negligible ROI. The client wanted us to redesign the website from the scratch to represent its business in a clear and better way, along with resolving all these issues.


Our Strategy

After analyzing the issues, we determined that how they can be resolved and created the strategy accordingly. We focused on bringing seamless experience to the users, regardless which device they are using, because the user engagement matters a lot for conversions and ROI.

  • UX

The Solution

Decreased load time

We focused on decreasing the load time by minifying the images, customizing Javascript and CSS, and using simple but effective themes. As images are the main content on the website that is used to display the work and completed projects, there was a lot of work to do for decreasing the load time.


Another part of the solution was to make the website responsive. As the users use different devices to find the desired services, it was must to ensure that the website gets loaded and works effectively on all those devices. We implemented special strategies to make the website responsive.

The Result

The website we designed not only helped the client showcase his work in the best way,
but also helped him drive more traffic to the website.

This was made possible by making the website mobile-friendly along with displaying the previous work in the best way. The website loads fast and is designed in an effective way that it gains visitors' attention at the first glance.

Along with displaying all his work to the best, the content management easiness ensured that the website will definitely bring a lot of success to his business. The client is more than happy and satisfied with the final design of the website.

After receiving countless offers, I chose Suffescom Solutions to carry out the work on my website and I couldn’t be more satisfied and happy I did. They are patient and their work is excellent. They really goes above and beyond for providing high-quality service at reasonable price.

Michelle Stauffer,

Michelle Stauffer Productions

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