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It’s simple, we’ve embedded a smartphone compatible microchip into a traditional I.D tag, so that you now have a modern form of pet identification. Here are some of the benefits:


Headquartered in Montreal with offices in Canada, the US, and the UK, IsaiX helps clients in the professional services, government, high-technology, pharmaceutical, and financial services sectors in their training and coaching needs by offering unique tools and solutions built on latest technologies.

The Problem

IsaiX approached Net Solutions to redo their flagship web based product Coach Technology® which help managers in training, targeting, planning, tracking, evaluating and encouraging employee performance. IsaiX wanted to redo this whole product from scratch to target mobile devices as well as to change the architecture to make it more scalable and futureproof.


Our Strategy

With mobile device traffic to My Pet Code website increasing on a daily basis, we focused on bringing the most seamless and beautiful experience possible to mobile users. We also wanted to bring Prosperity's personality to the fore with the new redesign.

  • UX

The Solution

Creating a Three Layered Multitenant and Multi version Architecture

Three applications were created and merged to ensure that the multi-tenant feature of the app supported its multi-versions. A common application to check if the user is a registered one, also redirecting it for authentication. The second application to authenticate the user with the database and generation of security token. And finally the third layer to verify the current version of the application being used by the client.

Applying Certificates
for Decryptions

Certificates were used as another layer over the tokens generated for authentication. In this case, one private key is saved with the server meant for login while the private and public combination is present in the other server of the application. Thus any user who logs in is verified using the certificate and redirected respectively.

The Result

This product has got a very positive feedback from the staff of organizations like
banks, pharmaceutical companies and government organizations.

The Coach Technology delivered on iPads and placed in the hands of managers, ensures coaching consistency with a mechanism to follow-up and track the performance on the go and in the real time. It also provides upper management the ability to analyse coaching efforts and correlate their impact on performance.

Action Planning, Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Evaluation tools, the Coach Technology® Suite offers a turnkey performance development platform for organizations – small businesses to multi-national enterprises alike.

The colours and tones embody travel and adventure while embracing our community members’ eco-friendly credentials. The focus is on user friendliness and presenting the key information quickly. This is in line with our mantra that our members should spend less time online and more time offline travelling.

Shay Gleeson Founder,


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