ClinCept - A Clinical Studies Mobile App

Participate in Clinical Studies & Earn Rewards

ClinCept - is an innovative mobile application redefining Clinical case studies. The mobile app makes it easy to track and schedule clinical appointments. In-built GPS and driver tracking features enhance the overall experience.

PEI TAXI Challenges

The Challenges

Every mobile app comes with its own unique challenges. The client wants something innovative, integrating features like radio, appointment scheduling, driver tracking, GPS, events, and ongoing and upcoming clinical case studies.

  • Creating a simplified clinical mobile app with a bunch of features.
  • A powerful admin dashboard to manage clinical studies, track drivers, events, appointments, and manage promotions and clinical case studies.
  • Integrating maps, GPS, live tracking, appointment booking, and other important features in one mobile app.
  • Ensuring on-time project completion and delivery.
  • User-friendly interface for drivers and customers.

Advanced Features

  • Driver Tracking

    Driver Tracking

  • Radio


  • Map Navigation

    Map Navigation

  • Rating & Review

    Rating &

  • Push Notification


  • Study Appointment


The Solution

Innovative Solutions

Team Suffescom crafted an innovative app development strategy to overcome challenges and meet the client's unique app requirements.

  • The app development team implemented an agile development methodology to create a simplified mobile application.
  • While designing the admin dashboard, the team's top priority was easy navigation and easy access to vital features.
  • We divided the project into smaller milestones to ensure on-time delivery.
  • We analyzed competitor apps and popular apps with similar features to offer a user-friendly interface.
  • We designed a separate app for drivers and customers with the advanced features.


Founder: Pirate Pets

"I would like to thank the whole Sufffescom team for creating a simplified app solution out of a complex idea. I want to build an app specifically for clinical studies with user-friendly features like ride booking, appointment reminders, live driver tracking, reward systems, etc. The team understood what I was looking for and the app as per my expectations. Highly satisfied!"

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