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Online Grocery Store

Foodbox is an online grocery store that allows customers to shop for the most seasonal groceries. Fresh from the markets every day, they work closely with suppliers to deliver the best possible produce. Everything is sustainably sourced and free-range, with no compromises.

Online Grocery Store


Foodbox is a popular grocer that strives to provide the best value to customers. The store is all about meeting the daily grocery needs by working closely with the suppliers. The client was in the need of a fully functional web solution that delivers a faster shopping experience. They wanted a powerful and convenient online platform for selling groceries. The store was supposed to integrate with a fully functional interface that keeps customers satisfied with easy to find products.

The Problem

Suffescom is approached by Foodbox to simplify the challenge. The web application needed to be designed for online grocery service that was easy, quick, and convenient. Something that could help the client to stand out from the other grocery selling businesses. The primary objectives that our team had to accomplish were – delivery of an appealing user interface, an awesome product catalog, secure payment integration inside the shopping cart, etc.


Our Strategy

To turn the idea into success, we performed deep market research and explored the features that would improve customer experiences. We also had a consultation with the client to better understand the requirements and needs. After deep business analysis, we created a proven strategy to achieve the goal.

    Our Strategy
  • UX
    Our Strategy
    Our Strategy

The Solution

Easy To Navigate Design

In the development of Foodbox, we used high-level programming languages/frameworks and flexible databases. From the visually appealing home page, graphics, to a logo, we constructed the whole platform to ensure it stands out. The website is easy to navigate for shoppers as it allows them to get desired items without hassle. Plus, the loading speed is faster, one can complete the process in minutes.

Impressive Shopping Cart

The shopping cart we developed for Foodbox comprises all the features that the client demanded. When customers sign up and enter the site, they can view various grocery items in segregated categories. The platform enables the customer to browse the products available in the store and easily add them to the cart. The whole customization by us made the checkout less confusing.

The Result

Our continual efforts, expertise, and dedication turned the client dream into reality within deadlines. We created a highly appealing online store that satisfied the client.

The web solution delivered by our team has greatly improved customer satisfaction. With an impressive web design and user-friendly interface, Foodbox is now attracting more and more shoppers who are in the need of fresh groceries. There is a significant increase in the new customers.

Foodbox’s identity is growing day by day as the client delivers more than 1000 orders per day. The incredible features on this platform encourage the customers to shop again and again. There is a boost in customer retention rates and the revenue has increased by 25% as compared to last year.

The Result

The team at Suffescom is superb! Highly experienced, skilled, and extremely responsive. Happy with the quality online grocery store they developed for me. Came up with innovative ideas and provided a solution at a great price. Thanks guys!

Dawid Garcia


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