Case Study - Blockchain Freight Tracking Software for Comprehensive Shipping Process Visibility


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About iTrack Freight

iTrack Freight is one of the leading shipping companies in the USA. The company started operations in 2016 and has since provided end-to-end shipping and delivery of LTL, truckloads and intermodal shipment.

Alex, the owner of iTrack Freight, reached out to Suffescom Solutions to find a way to integrate blockchain into the tracking processes of her Freight business.

iTrack Freight Business Goals

iTrack Freight Business Goals

Alex presented us with a project brief. Her goals with the blockchain freight tracking software were clear and precise.

  • Empower every stakeholder in the chain. Every phase of the shipping process must have a comprehensive visibility of the goods, from the suppliers and retailers to the carrier and consumer.
  • Reduce expenses by enhancing efficiency.
  • Design software that facilitates the sustainability of the entire freight business ecosystem.
  • Design a seamless dashboard allowing users to make modifications and access shipping updates at every step.

Concept Creation Process

Alex coordinated with our Project Manager and CTO, Gaurav and discussed the action plan. In the subsequent meetings, Suffescom Solutions decided on a few major aspects to help create a roadmap for each team involved in the freight tracking software development process.

Based on the client’s requirement for privacy, the team decided to use the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. It’s a permissioned blockchain allowing access to only designated participants.

Suffescom’s team also worked out a plan to design and develop both the web platform and a mobile application. The application would feature panels for customers, brokers and carriers and will be a cross-platform app for maximum accessibility.

Project Challenges
Project Challenges

For iTrack Freight

The client wanted to add efficiency to the business's processes and remove dependency on high-cost third-party management systems. Our team had to resolve the following challenges:

  • Offers traceability within the system to allow easy tracking of transferred goods.
  • Eliminates all possible reasons for single point failure to improve efficiency.
  • Cuts extra expenses by tracing origins of excess fuel usage.
  • Retains sustainability by tracking emissions of pollutants.
Our Solution

For iTrack Freight

  • We created a dedicated iTrack system integrated with blockchain for the customers, brokers and carriers. Customers can sign in on the iTrack customer panel using their information, select the shippers or carriers and keep track of the progress of the shipments. The users get time-stamped notifications on every new entry about the goods’ location. Upon receiving an invitation from the customers, the brokers can assign the goods to the respective carriers in the broker panel and keep track of the pickups and drop offs using the tracking system. Carriers can further allocate the goods to the drivers and keep track of the location to ensure timely delivery in the carrier panel.
  • The iTrack Mobile App is designed for the drivers who can input the real time location and update about the goods. The app has an easy interface to allow for quick entries and modifications, if necessary.
  • Automate invoicing with smart Bill of Lading generation. With the blockchain BOL system, all details of the goods like type, size, weight and destination are issued electronically. The system works on smart contracts which keeps records secure and tamper proof.
  • Use blockchain with telematics to track the origins of CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions, and fuel consumption.

Results and Benefits

The Blockchain Freight Tracking Software helped the client reach their goal of efficiency and independence in business. The software designed by Suffescom Solutions impacted iTrack Freight in the following ways:

  • Reduced the extra maintenance costs of third party management tools.
  • Blockchain BOL system is paperless and quick which cuts down on cost and time.
  • The blockchain BOL system is immutable eliminating the risk of forged BOL.
  • Blockchain based iTrack system and app allows for real time tracking and updates which prevents delays.

About Suffescom Solutions

Suffescom Solutions is a tech company that believes in creating digital solutions for a better future. Since 2013, the company has expanded in different tech niches and aced every new technology.

For over 6 years, the company has been leading the blockchain development industry. Having worked with several high profile clients, Suffescom maintained a reputation for quality results. In 2021, it was recognized by GoodFirmes as the ‘Number 1 Blockchain development company in the USA.’

Today, the company boasts a team of over 750 tech professionals and a service area of over 95 nations.

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