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King Cubs

KING CUBS is a Solana-based NFT marketplace to enhance the creator's economy and provide support to the fantastic initiative of the Born Free organization that aims to protect and preserve the environment.


Our client Sven, a founder of King Club, plans to start an NFT marketplace with great experience and interest in blockchain technology. First he understands the recent advancements in the NFT marketplace and growing demand for acquiring unique digital assets among enthusiasts, Sven plans to leverage modern technology and donate a certain % of income quarterly for some noble cause. Therefore, Sven approached Suffescom Solutions with an innovative idea that directly transfers a certain percentage of funds to a donation fund account.


We believe in delivering personalized solutions that meet every aspect of clients' requirements and expectations. Therefore, as per clients' requirements, we plan to create a platform from scratch with the ability of 100% users data security & faster transaction speed. To build such technology and the NFT marketplace, we require an in-depth knowledge of the market that keeps records and aligns direct payment to Born Free and Onetreeplanted like organizations after certain intervals. We take pride in our team and their exquisite talent for accepting challenging tasks and delivering on time.

Our Strategy


To create a state-of-the-art platform, we need to understand the market, platform requirements, security measures, promotional techniques, features, functions, and more details that work with Solana Smart Contract. For that, we started a project with MVP and discussed our plans with clients. We also conducted an online market survey where 32+ people responded to our poll and showed their willingness to discuss the project with one-to-one interviews. When we had everything in hand (client's idea + user expectations), we proceeded with the plan.

  • UX

The Solution

Security Measures

Considering the user's confidential data and preventing unauthorized users from registering on the platform, we implemented a three-level staging locking feature. Only users who have completed the first and second registration process are able to proceed and unlock the third level to buy and sell minted NFTs. Importantly, to back the platform and different levels, our experts programmed every transaction in Solana.

Donation Transfer

Generating funds from the platform and transferring them with 100% transparency to charitable organizations is what the company asks us for. To enable this feature and seamless transaction flow, our developers rely on Solana, which enables faster transactions at a lower cost. We linked direct accounts of receivers with the platform and defined a certain percentage that will go to these platforms quarterly.

The Result

Those who said the sky is the only limit to going high, our passionate experts proved them wrong as there is no limit to going high and building new success stories. With 4 months of dedication to a single project by our 3 developers, we finally built a next-gen minting place for users. The platform now involves high-end security, thrilling features, and fantastic images for minting lovers.

Suffescom Solutions helps KING CUBS to showcase their most memorable, interesting, and fascinating models on the platform. Offering donations with decentralized technology is their USP, which again benefits the company for building its reputation and engaging more users on the platform. Finally, we are happy that the company is highly satisfied with the outcomes.

“Suffescom Solutions offers a powerful suite of tools to build modern solutions. We’re very pleased with the outcomes.”


Founder, KING CUBS

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