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Revamp The Digital World With The Super App!!

Kontaktem - The super app is designed to offer multi-category service from one place. A leading platform consists of essential services like Deliveries (food, groceries, packages), Mobility, Property Management, and more!


While developing an all-in-one store for a diverse audience, our team faced major challenges:

  • Identifying the target audience’s pain points.
  • Building Minimal viable product (MVP) for testing.
  • Creating an AirBNB-like app offering Property Management, Food Delivery, Groceries Delivery, Car Rental, and more services.
  • Creating one step ahead of competitors' strategy.
  • Product approach making SuperApp.
  • Scope to list more services.
  • SOS Panic Button to reach the emergency contact number
  • Sticking to home turf.
  • Analytical tools to judge performance.
  • End-to-end data encryptions.

Advanced Features

  • Special Offers on Top

  • Real-time data access

  • Robust

  • Rewards for users

  • Product/Property Details

  • Multiple payment modes

Our Solution

For Kontaktem

We crafted cutting-edge featured packed solutions offering an immutable user experience platform.
  • Designed desired services like food, grocery, Restaurant, Delivery Agent, retail stores, car rental, and property management.
  • Crafted MVP product defining platform features and functionalities.
  • Quickly access the user interface from the home page.
  • Robust admin panel with an option to list new services.
  • Best in industry tools to judge the performance of each service.
  • Special tools embedded defining 100% data security

Technology Stacks

Here’s how we design a full suite solution with trending tech stacks for our client.

  • React Native
  • React JS
  • Node.JS
  • MongoDB
  • Figma
  • Firebase
Business Benefits

of Kontaktem

Kontaktem - the super app has the potential to build pressure on several online apps. A one-shot solution packed with multiple services.
  • Embedded all services that make it a super app.
  • Secured apps run on every iPhone & Android Phone.
  • In-app advertisements to generate revenue.
  • Reduce time to market & continuous fraud detection.
  • Multiple-level data protection.
  • Secure storage for passwords, device ID, and Digital Keys.

Working with Suffescom Solutions was really a charm. I love the ease of app development. From design to development, they expressed everything fabulously. We plan to keep on working with Suffescom Solutions on our upcoming projects.

Frantz Germain
Kontaktem - The Super App

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