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Defining Well Being of Your Pets

My Pet Code - A tag defining your pets' medical and dietary status and informing rescuers with a phone, SMS, email, and GPS alert in case of emergency. Platform offering 4 steps quick solution - Register, Build Alert, Tag Choice, and Fasting Tags.


While developing a perfect pets security platform, our experts cope with the challenges of:

  • Choosing a top-notch GPS tracking system fulfilling clients' platform needs.
  • Codes to decide to make it cross-platform like Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows solution.
  • Building 24*7 connection between Rescue Alerts Panel and pet owners.
  • Multiple pets manage the mobile apps.
  • Required to design a system where a complete pets database can be found.


  • Location

  • Digital

  • Pets Trending

  • Coupons

  • History

  • Feedback

Our Solution

For My Pet Code

We made a solution, defining various needs of admin and pet owners. We incorporated:
  • Robust admin panel defining all the activities of pets and pet owners.
  • Owners can create pet profiles and upload pictures with other essential details.
  • Embedded Geo distancing defines pets' total traveling and health conditions.
  • Health tracking defines complete health status like run time, distance, jumps, temperature, sleep, steps, and more.
  • Rescue Alert enables multiple contract strategies like call, SMS, Email, and GPS.
  • Digital wallets allow owners to keep cash in a separate wallet for renewing plans.

Technology Stacks

Here’s how we design a full suite solution with trending tech stacks for our client.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Html 5
  • Css 3
  • Bootstrap
  • PHP
  • Javascript
Advantages For Pet Owners

of My Pet Codes

The platform has become a prominent choice for pet owners by keeping their pets safe and owners stress-free.
  • Pet owners can create a complete pet profile.
  • Pet owners can generate weekly or monthly pets health reports.
  • Design training sessions for pets considering their medical conditions.
  • Real-time data access.
  • Understand pets' health like heart rate, temperatures, stretches, and more!
  • Auto pets detections.

Very responsive team and committed to project delivery deadlines. We are very pleased with Suffescom Solutions development style and project results. I can recommend you to go with Suffescom Solutions. Thank You!!

My Pet Code

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