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Allo Taxi provides you the most comfortable and cost-efficient riding experience, thereby letting the drivers to earn and save more on each ride. Riders can ride safely and drivers can keep the whole fare by using Allo Taxi.


Allo Taxi is an app platform for people who want to have ride-sharing services and individuals with cars who want to earn money. In the competitive on-demand industry, Allo Taxi was started with an aim to make ride-sharing a more reliable and secure option for passengers.

The Problem

Allo Taxi contacted us to make their platform better and more reliable than others in the industry. Different from other ride-sharing companies, they wanted to add more safety features to the app and turn it into more beneficial for passengers and drivers. They needed separate app panels for customers, drivers, and the admin.

Our Strategy


Understanding the client’s requirements, we appointed a team of experienced app developers to use the best of technology and create an on-demand app that meets the client’s objectives. We used the most modern technologies and tools to develop different panels of the app. As required, we infused more features to the app.

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The Solution

Selecting the right tools

Instead of using scripts based on old technologies, we created Allo Taxi using advanced solutions. For iOS, we used the latest version of the Swift programming language. On the other hand, Java has been used for Android. In addition, we made the use of cross-platform document-oriented database program MongoDB. Other technologies to make Allo Taxi possible include Node.js and AWS server. Navigation has been done using Google Maps.


As adding more security features than other ride-sharing services was an objective, we suggested the client to equip the app with live video recording and preferred drivers. They liked the features, and we added them to the application. Using live video recording, passengers who booked a ride for someone else can view what’s happening inside the cab.

The Result

In the end, we developed an on-demand app that meets the client’s requirements. The client was satisfied with the positive results and found the app exactly what they expected it to be.

Our team of experienced and skilled developers created the application considering the client’s requirements and expectations from the on-demand platform. We delivered a stunning, easy-to-operate, and useful app panel that customers can use to book rides and drivers to get hired.

We also provided the client with a well-designed landing page and promotion services to ensure that the app gets noticed by people who need it. Our team of expert designers added eye-appealing elements to the landing page to make it more useful for the client.

We had hired Suffescom for Allo Taxi, and they delivered us exactly what we were expecting from them. They were a great team to work with and listened to our all requirements carefully before working on them. Thanks, Suffescom Solutions!


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