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NFT Aggregators Marketplace

US-based next-gen NFT introduces top-rated aggregator’s NFT marketplaces in one place. Powered with blockchain security, smart contract, and cryptocurrency, next-gen NFT is a smart space to buy NFTs at competitive rates.


Next-gen NFT, a top leading NFT aggregators-based platform that engaged in bringing several NFT marketplaces to one spot. They approached Suffescom to remodel the current platform and enhance the customer navigation experience. Next-gen NFT users were issues regarding CTA, pages, and search bar hierarchy on the NFT aggregator platform.


As the company approaches us to get a desirable solution, we take it as an opportunity to prove our excellency in NFT marketplace development services. For us, the real challenge was to bring all CTA in a hierarchy, search bar, filter options, and redesign attractive pages, especially when the site was built in a white-label solution. And the company was looking for easy-to-navigate and buy features on the platform.

Our Strategy


We embark on our research by designing an accurate place for the search bar, from where users can easily navigate through the process. We also created a wireframe for pages on which we started working after clients’ approval. For filer and sorting options, we worked on other plans that enhance users’ experience and make the website more trustworthy.

  • UX

The Solution

Search Bar Alignment

Inappropriate search bars were the major concern of the platform. To reach there, customers need to do mental maths and understand website patterns before reaching there. Hence, customers spend more time dealing with this situation. We bring a search bar in the middle of the platform on the home page. Once users start searching, the search bar automatically moves to the header while navigating on screen and takes place on the top right corner of the page.


To improve user experience, we aligned pages content in blocks and on the middle of the sheet. It helps to engage users and reduce website bounce time. Navigation and CTA while exploring websites makes user interaction poor. So, we worked on the navigation bar and ensured it would disappear while scrolling down. This enhances customer experience and user interaction with the product.

The Result

Suffescome enjoys the leadership in building NFT marketplaces. We feel proud to say we had already built OpenSea and Rarible like marketplaces, and working on the next-gen NFT NFT Aggregator marketplace was a great experience. The client was very cooperative and supported the team throughout the development process.

As we delivered a project 2 weeks ago, the client is very happy with the outcome. The company is observing amazing customer experience. The best thing is next-gen NFT able to cope with website bouncing issues as users can overcome anxiety and poor decision making.

Suffescome offers a powerful suite of tools that every NFT marketplace must-have. And if you are stuck anywhere, the support team is always ready to help you out.

Mark Colgan

next-gen NFT

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