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NFT Standout Gaming, a blockchain networking-based gaming platform is a hub of rewarding winning gaming content. Users can enjoy a portfolio of content with social media login. Standout Gaming platform also provides solutions to play games without spending bucks.


Launched in 2020, the platform operated with traditional gaming features. The platform allows gamers to stimulate fun while crafting new ones. With 1M users, the platform enjoys 80% everyday organic traffic. But the platform wants to offer services beyond one-time purchases and non-transferable investment opportunities. Users also struggle with the major concern that they cannot resume the game from the same level when they log out. This was affecting users’ experience and brand image. Further, duplicated or tampered contents are another troubleshoot for creators.


The client was looking for a one-stop Fin-Tech solution that can cope with the flaws of the platform without harming current users. The client wants to ensure he should have complete platform access from the admin panel with the latest features. Most importantly, the client was looking to leverage the potential of blockchain technology and the NFT marketplace without building apps from scratch or harming current users’ experience. The CHALLENGE was huge for our expert team, but we take it as OPPORTUNITY!!!

The Strategy We Implemented


We play with patience to understand customer and industry requirements. The two-way conversation allows us to plan a secured platform to store a huge database before remodeling. Then we listed clients’ ideas on paper that match with current industry requirements such as blockchain technology and the right type of token development standard. Now at the developing phase, we are ensuring that the whole database is working on a secured and faster platform.

  • UX

The Solution

Data Transfer

As platform and user data was a major concern, we shifted structured and unstructured databases on MongoDB during the process. The faster query processing ensures increased loading speed and fulfilling system requirements. Therefore, the platform is not losing its potential customers and is able to enjoy the latest features and functionalities simultaneously.

NFT Gaming platform

The client was worried about content duplicacy, unwanted logouts, purchase troubles, and many other. So, we are integrating the platform with the NFT gaming marketplace that will work as a one-shot solution for every issue. As the app development process is under process, we are using EOSIO as a fast, reliable, and highly secure platform for building blockchain applications. A high adaptability of ERC721 to represent ownership of non-fungible tokens for gaming tokenization, is our other choice.

The Result

The gaming platform is under process at the moment. Therefore, in the result section, we cannot give a defined picture and road map to success. But, so far, the client appreciates our efforts we will not deny from mentioning here.

The innovative solution is improving the efficiency of users’ experience. During the app remodeling phase, the platform is enjoying a large number of customers registering on the platform. Many of them are converting into paid conversions.

Always available one call away to answer any questions. Very knowledgeable and experienced company in blockchain and NFT. Would recommend it to anyone!

Sean Jacobs

NFT Standout Gaming

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