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Gaming platform, where players not only play their favourite game but can buy weapons, use special skin characters, earn rewards with a wide range of virtual gaming properties. From action and adventure games to casino & card games, P2E Gaming Treasure is a one-stop destination for the next-gen gaming experts.


P2E Treasure Gaming is a widely popular gaming platform with an every age targeted audience. The online publication of the platform gains exponential growth in less time. From 2018 to 2020, the company has 97% web traffic, and in 2021, P2E Gaming Treasure decided to step into app integration with the latest features integration. This time, the company wants to offer and earn more with modern app integration.


The company wanted to make two additions to the new platform. P2E Gaming Treasure planned to offer rewards to gammers after clearing certain levels and approach to establish secured ad banners and earn more. But the real challenge was to deal with the trouble that the platform was already used by users, and it's hard to change without harming current APIs. The company wants to add an interface that can detect gamers' levels and offer rewards in the form of cash and gift vouchers. And for banners, they want to integrate blockchain technology for secured transactions.

The Strategy We Implemented


Before guiding Gaming Treasure for any solution, we went through an in-depth study of the platform and its needs. We had created MVP on a client's call that defined how the app would look alike. The two-way conversation allows us to finalize the technologies, features, and emerging gamers and promotional platforms needed.

  • Think
  • Deploy
  • Lauch

The Solution

Rewarding Features

We integrated various rewarding features into the platform to boost customer engagement levels. As the platform was developed in Node.js, our experts maintain the same level and design scalable application rewarding features. Now, P2E Gaming Treasure platforms can allow users to enjoy reward points and cash bonuses after reaching a certain level. Also, the wallet history defines previous earned and used points.

Ad Banners

As the client had received banners payment from advertising agencies, but was unable to integrate the desired feature on the platform. Our blockchain experts in the gaming industry not only added easy-to-use features on the admin panel but however also secured data with blockchain technology. Now, clients have complete control to access data without taking assistance from coding. A client can set pop-up ad timing and other details with ease.

The Result

Since launching the new offerings in June 2021, P2E Gaming Treasure has been enabled to boost gamers' numbers on the platform with play and earn reward features. The company feels glad to share an engaging user base that now has more than 1.4M subscribers on the platform. Out of these, 0.85M are paid subscribers from the rest of the company generating revenue via ads.

As the company approached Suffescom Solution in 2021, there were only 85 games registered on the platform. Today, the count has reached 200+, and still, many gaming developers are approaching lucrative opportunities. Besides this, the company is generating stunning profits through ad campaigns by various brands.

It was a wonderful experience while working with Suffescom Solutions on our gaming application. We truly appreciate the team’s efforts & team’s commitment to the project.


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